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Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?

If you have ever had sex, one thing you might agree with us is that the urge to fall right into sleep after ejaculation is inevitable. Most men fall asleep immediately after ejaculating. For first-timers, it might come off as odd, especially if the other partner feels that the action was a bit insufficient. Why does it happen? It is a pertinent question. Chances are you have to find a conclusive answer to the question. The good news is we have the answer to that question, but first, we will answer that question in this article.

Before we look at why it happens, it might be beneficial to dispel the most contentious question that arises on this topic. Some people tend to describe post-sex slumbers as a weakness, and some dismiss it as outright weird. Well, the truth is the condition is quite normal. There is a scientific explanation for the whole thing. We will be delving into the finer details of why it happens. If you were of the mindset that it is a sickness, trust us, it is not. It is perfectly normal to feel the urge to sleep after sex, and here is why.

Reasons to Falling Asleep After Sex

There are several reasons why men sleep after sex. One thing that you might be glad to know is that it is never because of their partner. If you were a bit worried that your sexual performance was sending your man straight to sleep, you would be glad to know that you were wrong. You are happy, right? Now that we have that out of the way, here are the main reasons why guys fall sleep after sex.

Hormonal Changes

The whole sex act is centered on hormones. Yes, as much as it is physical, there is lots of chemistry behind the whole thing. We will go a bit technical right here – hold on tight. During sex, a cocktail of hormones is released; the same applies to post-sex. One of the most abundant hormones during this phase is prolactin. Primarily prolactin is a hormone that signals sexual satisfaction. So yes, post-sex, a male body will release prolactin to signal satisfaction. Prolactin is also quite prevalent in the body during sleep. It means prolactin is a sleep-inducing hormone. I hope you can easily do the math.

During intercourse, males tend to dispense a lot of prolactin, and hence that is the main reason why they essentially fall asleep post intercourse. Factor in how physically demanding sex can be, then you can easily understand why sleeping after sex is so common for men.

To put this explanation into practical terms, we have to make it quite clear that the more sexually satisfying the sex, the more likely your partner will doze off. If you were biting yourself, self-thinking your partner slept because your performance was underwhelming, you were wrong.

The Physical Demand of Sex

Sex is physically demanding. Five minutes of sex can burn more calories than the same period of cardiovascular exercise. If your male partner is extreme and is willing to push boundaries during sex, they certainly are exhausted after the whole experience. One clear thing is that your partner falling asleep is not this fault. Yes, besides the hormones, the physical nature of the sex act can result in consistent post intercourse slumber.

Can It Be Fixed?

Now that we have highlighted the reason why it happens, you are probably asking if there is anything that can be done to avoid it. Sleeping after sex might be a big turn-off, and there might be a need to try at least to trick biology. There is no foolproof way to ensure that you are awake post-sex, but these tricks will help you get a better chance at it.

Use Less Physically Demanding Sex Positions

The first thing that you can easily combat during sex is the physical demand of the act. By doing this, you cancel out fatigue, and you have a better chance of staying awake. The least physically demanding position has to be a missionary. The missionary position is wonderful and gives you amazing penetration whilst saving energy. Other horizontal body positions would also do just fine. Find a horizontal position that does it for you and your partner. The most essential part is enjoying the sex.

Keep the Lights On

It has to be the easiest trick. Turning on the lights will keep you alert and reduce the likelihood of falling straight into dreamland after orgasm.

Take a Nap Before Sex

Just like jerking off before sex makes your first round longer, sleeping before sex will also increase your likelihood of being awake post-sex. Take a short nap before sex or longer as long as you wake up for the sex act. That way, you won’t have to struggle with prolactin and fatigue.

Why It Is Ok to Sleep Post Sex

We know that you will want to go all the way and add multiple rounds after orgasm, but it might be a good idea to sleep post-orgasm. The main reason is you would not want to prove to work your body during sex. Another reason is that having sex after orgasm without sleeping is that the sex is underwhelming. You might be trying to prove a point-buy going straight back into sex after an orgasm, but chances are you will do the opposite. You would not want that, would you? If your partner gives you some slack because you are sleeping post-sex, do them a favor and show them this article.

Sex is breathtaking! Sleeping in between rounds can make sex better. Enjoy!

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