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What is an Onahole? Onahole Types and Everything Else You Need to Know

If you’re a man dreaming of a toy that can suck up your penis so good that your head will spin around, onaholes are for you. Sometimes, it becomes so boring when you’re left alone with yourself and your hand. That is why thousands of men across the world have opted for onaholes.

An onahole is not a type of toy you can forget once you’ve seen it. Besides, these friends from Japan come in different forms, sizes, and types to satisfy any needs and meet everyone’s expectations. But, what exactly an onahole is and how to use it?

What Is Onahole?

An onahole is a sex toy for men that is extremely good at masturbation because it perfectly simulates female genital structure. This wonderful male masturbator is a nice thing to have in hand if you’re a fan of solo masturbation.

This toy was created in Japan, even its name consists of two Japanese words – “hole” and “masturbation”. The Japanese learned how to make men crave for more sex and came up with onaholes.

Why Male Masturbation Is Good Thing?

Statistically speaking, 3 out of 4 men in the US report to have masturbated at least once in life. Among these men are teens, youth, adults, and older people. These results were provided by American researchers.

Another study shows that although masturbation is a taboo topic for discussion in society, it benefits male health in many ways. For example, masturbation boosts sexual development, serves as one of the best relaxation ways, and allows you to achieve pleasure without risking your health.

Is Onahole Soft? Will My Penis Get Hurt?

Yep, it is 100% pleasant to use and soft, and, no, your penis will be alright. Onaholes are made of the same materials as other male masturbating toys like pocket pussies and fleshlights. That is why they don’t give way to their sex competitors in sensations.

Silicone, PVC, Cyberskin, skin-safe plastic, rubber, latex, TPE, and other gentle materials are used to make these highly-stimulating sex toys. Most of the materials used for onahole production are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and easily recyclable.

Are Onaholes Waterproof and How Often do I Need to Clean Them?

First of all, most of them are water-resistant. You can take a shower with your favorite toy and spend hot evenings in the bathtub together. However, it’s better to carefully read the description of the toy you’re about to order to make sure it’s waterproof. Also, note that some materials are afraid of hot water.

In terms of safety, we strongly recommend avoiding porous materials like rubber since your toy is likely to collect dirt and get cleaned more difficult. Avoid sharing a porous toy with your friends because there’s a risk of infection. And wash your toy after every sex interaction.

I’m Thinking to Buy Onahole. Which One Is Best?

You’ve made the right choice. Onaholes are known to be welcome guests and indispensable items in any household. So, you should get one for yourself ASAP! We’re kidding, of course, but let’s get down to types of onaholes right now together:


Compact onaholes are vagina-simulating toys of hand size. There also are oral and anal models. You can grab and use it with one hand effortlessly. These pocket-sized toys are easy to hide, transport, and store. Besides, a nice-quality compact onahole costs less than bigger models.


This type of onaholes is a win-win for those who like to hold the toy with two hands but still want it to be small. Medium onaholes are a little bit bigger than their compact colleagues and could be used both with one or two hands. The cost will also be a bit higher.


These sex devils are super-hot. You grab your toy with two hands as if it’s a girl and have sex with it in any position that you like. It is lightweight and could be stored on a shelf or in a box. The toy’s genitals remind you of a real vagina so much that sometimes you even forget it’s not a real woman.


Here’s for the real fun. Hips are usually heavier than previous types of onaholes, but they are more effective. They create a far more realistic feel when you masturbate and allow you to have rough sex. By the way, hips often have both vaginal and anal holes.

Scaled torsos

This type of onaholes is #1. Apart from having anus and vagina, these toys can also boast of nice boobs. They cost more than previous onaholes, but you get an almost 100% woman-simulating toy. You can go inside of her and touch her gorgeous tits at the same time. Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for?

What Else do You Need to Know about Onaholes?

Onahole tunnels are also of different types, such as realistic, three-dimensional, and ribs & nubs. It’s good to have such a variety of choices. So, if the interior of a sex toy is as important to you as its exterior, good to know that you have different options.

Besides, onahole ‘interior design’ could also have one or two layers. Why does it matter? Because layers contribute to the toy firmness and, thus, affect your orgasms. The more layers your onahole has, the better.

In case you’re thinking about ‘going out’ of your toy, there are through-hole onaholes for you. They simply massage your member on its way out of the tunnel. You can see your penis coming out of the toy during sex. Sealed onaholes are also a thing. It’s totally up to you what to opt for.

Tips and Tricks of Onahole Using

To make your sex maximum pleasant and orgasmic, use a masturbation lubricant. Opt for the water-based lube to make that pussy nice and wet for you.

Besides, don’t forget to warm up your onahole before sex. It makes your masturbating experience a lot better. Also, use a condom if you’re sharing an onahole with your friends to prevent the risk of STIs.

Good luck!

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