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What Is a Penis Sleeve and How to Use It

Sex toys are becoming more and more versatile. Designers make sure that there is something for everybody on the sex toy market. Some toys have been really good, and others are, well, let us just say a little too ahead of their time. But when it comes to the penis sleeve, we can all agree that sex toy developers made a masterstroke – pun intended!

What Is Penis Sleeve?

A penis sleeve or an external penile prosthesis (that is how medical personnel calls it) is a hollow penis-shaped sex toy. The device is placed over the penis in most cases for pleasure purposes. The penis extenders are usually made of silicone or rubber and, in some instances, a mixture of both. The penis sleeve material is top-tier to avoid allergy and unwanted reactions to the materials. The quality of the material is one thing that you do not have to worry about.

How Does It Look Like


Penis sleeves vary in size, and there is quite a huge number of variable-sized penis sleeves on the market. It helps people with different size preferences to get a match that will serve their sexual needs perfectly; they are sized perfectly for arousal. The sizes range from really small to insanely huge, and one thing we can promise is that there is a perfect sized penis sleeve for you.


Penis sleeves come in different colors. There are so many colors that we won’t even begin to list down. The most popular colors are those that correspond to skin tones. Picking a color similar to your skin tone is a good idea as it ensures that during sex, your penis sleeve does not stand out a little too much. If you like to push it to the extremes, you might like some wild color designs, like camouflage, and some penis sleeves are transparent, giving them that glassy appearance.


Penis sleeves come in a variety of textures. We know people have different sexual preferences, and nobody understands that better than the manufacturers of penis sleeves. For the wild ones, you can get yourself a spiked or studded penis sleeve.


When it comes to the structure of penis sleeves, there are various types. Some penis sleeves cover the entire penis, and some cover a small section only. The most popular ones are flexible and adjustable, meaning you can place them at any point on your penis to achieve your desired size.

Some penis sleeves are open-ended. They are for those that are ok with the length of their penis but are just trying to get more girth. These open-ended penis sleeves are adjustable to ensure that they fit perfectly around the penis.

As we have already alluded to, there are a lot of varieties on the penis sleeve market. The most popular penis sleeves have holes where testicles are placed. Putting the testicles in there prevents slippage and, most importantly, holds the penis in place. The last thing you would want is your penis slipping from the sleeve mid-stroke, and that is exactly why these holes are essential.

The other thing you need to note is that some penis sleeves come equipped with vibrators to increase sensitivity and pleasure during your sexual endeavors. These vibrators are especially important for complete sheath penis sleeves, which, to a certain extent, reduce sensitivity. We can safely say that the vibrating penis sleeve is probably the most complete sex toy on the market, and after using it, we know you will agree.

Why Use a Penis Sleeve

The main reason for using a penis sleeve is certainly to make sex more enjoyable, and, yes, it serves the purpose very well. The penis sleeve is worn for a variety of purposes for different reasons. Some of the main reasons why people use penis sleeves include:

To Increase Thrust

If you and your partner believe that bigger is better, then a penis sleeve is exactly what you need. Using a penis sleeve ensures that you penetrate and thrust as much as you want to. The availability of many sizes means that you can choose one that will satisfy you two. No matter how big your appetite is, a penis sleeve can help deal with it. This sex toy coupled with the perfect sex position for small penises will give you all the pleasure in the world.

To Counter Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is probably one of the most common sex-related issues in the world. Nothing is as disappointing as failing to conjure up an erection when you need it the most. Well, with the right penis sleeve, if you have no erection, no problem. This sex toy can allow you to penetrate your partner even when you have no erection. It means that instead of using erection enhancement drugs that might have some side effects, you can just use a penis sleeve safely.

To Counter Premature Ejaculation

Most sleeves cover the glans (penis head) – the most sensitive part of the penis. With this part covered, sensitivity is decreased to a certain degree. It means that you are going to last longer in bed. If you are looking for a way to deal with premature ejaculation, then the penis sleeve is a must-have. With dozens of designs on the market, you can get a penis sleeve with the right thickness to ensure you last as long as you want to.

Types of Penis Sleeves and How to Use Them

There are dozens of penis sleeves on the market, and the secret to getting a pleasant sex experience is choosing one that fits well. Some of the available options include:

The Classic Penis Sleeve

vixen holster silicone penis extender
If you and your partner are obsessed with size, you need to consider this kind of penis sleeves. The classic one is the perfect beginner’s pick, too. The classic penis sleeve does not have a lot of extras, but it serves its purpose right.

It is pretty sleek and easy to use with a hollow shaft that you can place your penis into. The external sheath can either be silicone or rubber. The material ensures that they are flexible and can easily give your partner that real penis feel. The availability of different size ranges gives a whole new dimension to the sex toy game.

If you and your partner want to get the full-size experience, the classic penis sleeve provides you with just that. There are several colors available on the market, and these include brown, black, and, for the wild ones, pink. Depending on your preference, you can get a color that will easily blend in with your other sex apparel.

How to Use the Penis Sleeve

The classic sleeve has a hole in the shaft. You should place your penis inside the shaft hole: it will give you a snugly fit and must be comfortable. The first step, though, is to insert your testicles inside the ball strap (if it has one): it keeps the penis sleeve in place. The next step is aligning your penis to the hole in the shaft and inserting it inside. After you are strapped up, you are ready to go.

It is important to note that the insert-able length of classic penis sleeves ranges from 4 inches to about 6.75 inches. And for those with a testicle strap, you cannot trim the length. It is essential to get the perfect fit from the get-go. Another thing is that classic penis sleeves do not have vibrations. It means the pleasure comes entirely as a result of its size and your ability to thrust.

Textured Penis Sleeves

adonis textured 2 extra inch penis extender
It is one of the most innovative types of sex penis sleeves on the market. The rugged exterior is the highlight of this type of penis sleeves. The texture helps the penis sleeve to hit those hard-to-reach places, giving them that extensive and sexy rub. The textured sleeves are bound to give your partner all the satisfaction they need. It is probably the most accommodative type of penis sleeves on the market, with a variable insertion length of between 4.5 inches to 7 inches. It means that if you are average-sized, and you want to maximize in terms of size, it is the penis extender for you.

Another amazing thing about this type of penis sleeve is that it provides additional penile pleasure. Some variations of this textured type of penis sleeves have a rugged interior, so you do not have to worry about the lowered sensitivity because the penis sleeve has that covered.

How to Use the Textured Penis Sleeve

Most textured penis sleeves do not come with a testicle strap, and it makes them quite easy to use. It has a long shaft with a hollow for you to insert your penis. Not all textured penis sleeves are rubbery, some are plastic, but all of them should fit tightly on your penis. Once you have worn it, and the fit is comfy, you can begin to stroke, thrust, and get the best sex can give.

Open-Ended Penis Sleeves

bad dragon crackers sheath sleeve
Open-ended models of penis sleeves are an intriguing type. With two open ends, it allows you to get an improved sex experience without compromising on the contact between a glans and vagina. The double-ended penis sleeve will do the job just right, ensuring that both you and your partner get the best of penetrative sex regardless of your penis size.

This open-ended thick penis sleeve is the epitome of girth if you aim for your partner to orgasm through penetration. The expanded girth and uncompromised sensitivity are the perfect combinations for unmatched sexual pleasure. The fact that it is open-ended means that both you and your partner will be in for a treat, sexually, of course.

How to Use Clear Textured Penis Sleeve

As it is open-ended, the penis goes through the hole. First, make sure the testicle latch is open. Insert your penis inside the shaft hole and clip the testicle latch.

The open-ended penis sleeves are often 4.5 inches thick, and it might be really difficult for your partner to get it all in one go. So, be gentle: it will make it pleasurable rather than painful for your partner. Ask your partner how they feel as you thrust and make sure they are comfortable and get a pleasant experience.

Vibrating Penis Sleeve

basics vibrating penis sleeve with clitoral rabbit vibrator
The vibrating penis sleeve is at the top of sexual pleasure. If you are familiar with vibrators, you are sure how much pleasure they add to sex. Now, imagine combining them with an actual penis and extended length. Vibrating penis sleeves are great for clitoral stimulation, and the vibrations also pleasure the penis, which is a double pleasure for both you and your partner.

How to Use Vibrating Penis Sleeve

It is very easy to use. The fact that it has an extra vibrator means you have to be a little more careful. The first thing is to insert your penis in the shaft hole. The vibrating penis sleeves might not stretch, and it means that your penis should fit perfectly inside it.

There is also a testicle cupping at the end of the penis sleeve. Pull your sleeve backward a little and place your testicles inside the cupping. It is an essential step to avoid the sleeve falling out of place due to vibrations. The fit is not too tight to ensure that your testicles are not constricted. There is a switch for the vibrations to start and buttons for speed control.

Penis sleeves are one of the most innovative sex toys on the market. Although they do not come cheap, one thing we can assure you that they are worth every penny you will spend on them. If you buy one, get ready for the pleasure both you and your partner can never imagine before, and, to add to that, they are pretty easy to use. Go ahead, look for the best penis sleeve, and be sure to find one that is perfect for you.

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