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What’s a Butt Plug & How to Use It?

What is a butt plug?

The short answer is simply a sex toy that works for absolutely everyone, an explosion of pleasure regardless of orientation or gender. Sounds like just a figment of imagination, right? Well, despite not being popular like our beloved dildos and vibrators, the butt plug is truly one universal sex toy that can satisfy you in a way that you never imagined, exploring aspects of our sexuality that we never rarely consider!

A butt plug does essentially what is described in the name: it plugs your butt, literally! Don’t get the wrong idea: it isn’t just a bit crazy, it’s also super pleasurable! The butt plug focuses on anal pleasure, which is something that everyone is talking about lately. There’s no denying the unique experience and feeling associated with the butt plug. Feeling curious about the proper usage of this unique sex toy? Join us in this brief piece and discover the very basics that you need to know before indulging!

The butt plug

The butt plug is usually made of silicon (a pretty comfortable material) and comes in different shapes. Some plugs are flexible; some are quite rigid. That is just how variable these items of pleasure are.

A butt plug has a shape that is tailored to ensure that once it’s inside your butthole, it provides both pleasure and comfort. With a thin neck for easy removal when the pleasure session is done, a tapered end for easy entry and a flared base to prevent the toy from being swallowed up by the anus (you would not want that).

Why use a butt plug?

Your anus has millions of nerves, and the sensation that it can produce is mind-blowing. You need to make sure that your anal cavity is, by all means, a part of your sex menu. The pleasure that comes with penetration of the anal cavity is explosive, and the fact that the butt plug is comfortable makes it all worthwhile.

The butt plug also allows you to engage in other forms of sex at the same time getting your anus plugged. The vagina and the anal cavity are neighbours, and a plugged anal cavity can make the vagina tighter. And it means more pleasurable penetration. The butt plug ensures that you get two amazing sensations for the price of one.

The butt plug orgasm

Anal orgasms are real. With the number of nerves that the anal cavity has, you can imagine how strong, powerful, and passionate they are. As long as you have an anus, you are assured to have an anal orgasm, which means both you and your partner can enjoy this phenomenon that is anal orgasm.

Why a butt plug and not a dildo

One thing that makes a butt plug stand out from the other toys is the flared bottom. You might be thinking that I already have a dildo, why then should I get a butt plug? Well, the main reason is with a butt plug, swallowing up your sex toy is something that you do not have to worry about.

Using the butt plug

A butt plug is not your conventional sex toy, and there are certain things that you should know before trying out one, and that is exactly what this article is about.

Choosing the right butt plug

The first thing is probably choosing the butt plug that is best for you. We can agree that not all anal cavities are the same, and it means there are bound to be differences in preferences when it comes to choosing a butt plug. The main factor you should consider is experience with anal penetration.

The more you penetrate your anal cavity, the more comfortable it gets. If you and your partner are planning to explore anal sex, then a butt plug is the perfect point to start at. Depending on your level of experience, you can find a perfect butt plug. If you’d like to get a butt plug, but you are an anal penetration beginner, you have to start with a small one to ensure there isn’t a lot of discomforts.


Most butt plugs are made of silicon, but there are also those of plastic, metal and glass. If you are allergic to some materials, then you should make sure that the components of your butt plug will not result in medical emergencies.

Electric or manual

Sex toy makers are probably some of the most innovative people out there. They realized that for some people, just plugging the butt won’t be enough. So, they came up with vibrating butt plugs. When choosing a butt plug if you feel you can go a little overboard, then definitely the vibrating butt plug is for you.

There are dozens of top of the range butt plugs, and we can assure you there is a perfect butt plug for you, no matter your gender or experience with anal penetration.

After choosing your butt plug, the next step is getting down and dirty.

The ‘plugging’ process

Using the butt plug is quite easy. Let’s take a quick look at the basic guide to a seamless experience:

Clean up

Nothing makes any experience sexier than a clean environment, which rings true for butt plug use. You certainly do not want to have some unpleasant dirt on your butt plug. Ensure that you take a shower or just use wet wipes to clean your anus first before inserting it. It is very important; you do not want your anal cavity to get an infection.

How to insert a butt plug

Well, your anal cavity might be used to penetration, but it is always a good idea to insert your butt plug slowly. You do not want to tear something in the quest for pleasure, so slowly is the way to go. Once the thick part is inside, you can push it until you reach the perfect position.

Lube it up

Unlike the vagina, the anal cavity doesn’t self-lubricate. It means it’s probably going to be dry, and, well, shoving a plug without lube can be painful. Make sure you use as much lube as possible to ensure that the insertion is flawless. Lube also ensures that having a plug in your anal cavity is more comfortable and, more importantly, pleasurable.

There are a dozen varieties of lube, but here is an overview of some of the best anal lubes for a butt plug.

The pleasure part

The good thing about butt plugs is the fact that you can have them plugged in as you do other things. You can just plug it in and go ahead and watch a movie. Or better, you can plug it in and go on and have the best sex of your life. With your anal nerves being worked on with the butt plug and you engaging in sex, we can assure you that there is going to be a burst of pleasure.

How long should you keep your butt plug in

To prevent excessive gaping, you should keep your butt plug in for not more than 3 hours. Here are 2 basic etiquette practices to keep in mind:

Removing the plug

Thanks to the flared bottom, removing the plug is relatively easy. Just hold the flared bottom and pull it out. This part might turn out to be pleasurable, and you might end up putting the plug back.

Cleaning up the butt plug

The anal cavity has quite some bacteria, and although your butt plug might come out looking clean, it might be infected. It becomes important to thoroughly disinfect it to ensure that the next time you use it, you do not end up getting infections. After washing and disinfecting, be sure to dry it and store it in a dry place.

Misconceptions. Keep that thing away from me!

It is very painful

Wrong! It might be the most common misconception about butt plugs out there. Inserting a butt plug is not as painful as most people might claim, rather it can be quite pleasurable. The key to ensuring that using a butt plug is nice lies in your ability to pick the perfect-sized butt plug for yourself.

Handling is also a factor that can make sure you do not experience pain when you use your butt plug. It’s not entirely true that using a butt plug is painful. With a perfect size of the butt plug, proper handling, and a lot of lube, the worst feeling can probably be mild discomfort.

The sh**t question

To make it very clear, feces are not stored in the anal cavity. You do not have to worry about your butt plug coming out with fecal toppings. There has been quite a huge misconception about this. However, you’ll need to practice good hygiene, such as douching before the session and avoiding heavy meals for at least 4 hours before the act just to make the experience super pleasant!

Winding Up

There is often a temptation to use some other alternatives to butt plugs. Although there is a slight chance it might work fine, we totally discourage you from doing so. Rather, just buy a proper butt plug and do it the right way! All in all, butt plugs are amazing, and if used right, you will never have second thoughts about anal penetration ever, regardless of your gender!

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