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What Are Nipple Clamps and How Do They Work

When it comes to sex, no two things complement each other like pain and pleasure. All that idea of controlled pain coupled with a dozen other romantic toppings will send you straight into ecstasy! We can’t even describe with words what the actual act will do to you. The secret to making any sex session successful is having the right tools, and one of the tools you need to make sure that your sex session is pleasurable and unforgettable are nipple clamps.

What are nipple clamps

If you are a fan of sex toys, you have probably heard the phrase ‘nipple clamps’ being thrown around. Nipple clamps are a very popular sex toy that is used to stimulate and arouse a unique sexual vibe for both males and females. Nipple clamps consist of two clamps (unsurprisingly) and, in some instances, a chain joining two clamps. They exist in different shapes and designs. They are also made from various materials and can either be plastic or metal. In this article, we are going to talk about how to use nipple clamps perfectly, but first, let’s get to know how nipple clamps work.

Nipple clamps and pleasure

Nipple clamps are the highest standard when it comes to nipple sensation. That is exactly why they are amongst the best BDSM toys. The idea behind nipple clamps is to make the entire experience a little painful to stimulate the body through the nipples. Although they are quite popular with BDSM heads, they are quite easy to use and should be a must-have sex tool for everyone.

Some nipple clamps are attached to pieces of what is termed erotic furniture. These may be posts or any other furniture used during sex sessions. It means that if this toy is clamped to your nipple, and you pull, there is going to be both the sensation of pulling and that of pinching. Mostly, nipple clamps come in pairs. These pairs are attached to a chain. The chain can be attached to another chain on either a clitoris piercing or a cock ring for maximum pleasure.

The clamp restricts blood flow pinching the nipple. Then it lets loose, allowing blood to flow again. This reintroduction of blood flow is the part that the entire sensation is hinged on. The resumption of blood flow is quite something. In most cases, it results in a wave of pleasure. That is the sensation that can be felt right from the tips of your feet up to your hair.

Another thing that makes pleasure from nipple clamps worthwhile is the fact that it allows for multitasking. It means that as you engage in other forms of sex, be it oral, anal, or vaginal, while your nipples are being stimulated. With your nipples being stimulated (nipples are some of the most sensitive parts of the human body), penetration will only heighten your arousal. With this combination, orgasm is all but guaranteed.

Types of nipple clamps

Due to the popularity of nipple clamps, designers have made dozens of variable designs to cater to their wide market base. It allows everyone to get nipple clamps that suit their preferences. Some of the types of nipple clamps include:

Clothespin style clamps

These are the basic type of nipple clamps. They resemble the regular household clothespin. They are made of two lengths made of metal with a spring in between to ensure that the other end is closed. Their design is practically similar to that of a crocodile clip.

The clothespin-style clamp has removable rubber sheaths that are placed on the serrated jaws. These rubber pieces serve the sole purpose of making sure that you are not injured in your quest for pleasure. The other important aspect when it comes to these types of clamps is regulation pressure. The rubber sheaths alone are not enough to prevent all forms of damage. To ensure that these are as safe as possible, they are usually fitted with pressure control screws.

How clothespin clamps work

The Clothespin nipple clamp comes with an adjustable screw. It means that when you get it, it will be slightly loose. The first step is to make sure that your nipples are well exposed and not covered by either item of clothing or any other item to prevent it from getting stuck.

Once your nipple is well aligned with the clothespin nipple clamp, place the clamp on the nipple. Once the nipple clamp is in the palace, you can start tightening the clamp using the screw that is on the nipple clamp. If you are a beginner, do not make it very tight. It will be more uncomfortable than it is pleasurable. It requires you to progressively tighten the clamps. The tightening is essential: if it’s too loose, chances are the clamps will fall off, so it is imperative to ensure that the tightness is at its perfect for you.

Another thing to note is that clothespin clamps come with chains. These chains also come in handy for the stimulation process. One thing you have to note: the heavier the chain, the more painful it is going to be. If you are a beginner, you need to start with lighter chains and progressively get to the heavy ones.

Clover clamps

master series black japanese nipple clamps
If sex always gives you butterflies in your stomach, then these butterfly-shaped nipple clamps will give you more than just butterflies. Clover clamps are quite popular, and it mainly is because the shape allows you to feel the pure wrath of nipple sensation.

The clamp is used by experienced users. It is flat and can range between 5 and 10 centimeters. The clamp is applied to the nipple, and the spring tension will hold it in place. These nipple clamps use the tension principle. The more tension is applied, the more likely they are going to get tighter. Just like clothespin type nipple clamps, the clover clamps have insulating features to ensure that the jaws do not end up cutting or injuring the nipple.

Clover clamps tend to be quite painful when it comes to removing them. The secret to dealing with this is to make sure that they do not get too tight. It is also essential to note that having clover clamps on for an extended period might result in nipple irritation.

How clover clamps work

The first step is to squeeze the sides of the clip. It allows you to open up the clamp. Put the clamp on your nipple and let the pleasure games begin.

The clover clamp is not your conventional nipple clamp, and it is usually a preserve for the experienced people in the pain and pleasure circle. Be careful when using it.

Tweezer clamps

lovehoney tease me adjustable nipple clamps
Just like the name suggests, tweezer clamps are shaped like regular tweezers. They consist of two regular metal pieces, not more than 5 centimeters in size. Those two pieces are closed on one end, and the other end is left open. The open end part is left curved. This curvature is there to improve the tweezer nipple clamp’s ability to grip the nipple.

The tweezer nipple clamp is fixed with a small ring, wrapped around both metal pieces. This ring serves the purpose of adjusting the tension of the nipple. Sliding it along the clamp will either reduce the tension or increase it. The effect of the ring depends on the direction you are pushing the ring towards.

Another safety advantage that comes with the tweezer nipple clamp is the rubber-end feature. The metal pieces have rubber sheaths at the ends. These sheaths are pretty small. They ensure that there is no injury to the nipple. The other reason these rubber sheaths are there is for the nipple clamps to tightly grip the nipple. The clamp sliding of your nipple in the middle of a pleasure session is the last thing you would want to experience.

How tweezer clamps work

Tweezer nipple clamps are probably the easiest to use on the market, and that might be the primary reason why it is the most popular nipple clamp.

The first step is to clean up the tweezer nipple clamp: you do not want to get your nipples dirty. After that is done, the next step is aligning the rubber sheaths on the ends of the tweezer nipple clamp with your nipples. Once you feel they are properly aligned, hold the ring wrapped around the two metal pieces and push it towards the two open ends.

Once the ring reaches a point where the clamp is tightly gripping your nipple, you can stop pushing. If you are still a beginner, you do not need to make the clamp grip you a little too tight. You can start with a loose grip and make the grip tighter as you progress.

The tweezer nipple clamp comes with a chain, and you have a choice to choose the type of chain you want on your tweezer nipple clamps. Lighter chains are more advisable for beginners. If you want to attach your nipples to your cock ring, you should make sure that the chains are long enough to avoid injury.

Nipple clamps are one of the best sex toys on the market, and the fact that they are priced reasonably makes them even more attractive. If you follow this guide properly, we can assure you that you are going to get the elusive “nipplegasm”.

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