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What Are Anal Beads and How to Use Them

From being a shame-whispered fantasy to a modern trend nowadays, anal sex has definitely taken the sex world by storm! Both men and women have taken up an interest in this forbidden act of pleasure as the sex scenes become more diverse and inventive in the modern era. Sex toy manufacturers have managed to capitalize on the hype with a wide array of anal centric sex toys. Amongst the long list of anal toys that we have seen over the years, anal sex beads seem to be taking the spotlight!

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are quite a popular sex toy that is used for anal stimulation. The toy contains spherical objects stringed together. The beads or balls often differ in size to enable users to select those they prefer. Experienced users prefer bigger anal beads. The diameter of the spherical components of anal beads ranges from 25 to 125 millimeters. The number of beads in one chain also varies: they could have up to 20 beads on one chain, depending on the user’s preferences.

Materials of Anal Beads

njoy fun wand stainless steel dildo
Rubber, silicone, and plastic are the most popular materials used for anal beads. The best part about silicone beads is that they are smooth and usually flexible. Plastic is quite durable and can last a lifetime, a lifetime of pleasure. Rubber is also quite popular due to its flexibility and lightweight.

There are two main types of rubber beads when it comes to texture and feels. There are rigid and flexible anal beads. The rigid beads are hard; they are made of a tough plastic material. The flexible beads are a little soft, and, in most instances, they are made of rubber. For those that might struggle to choose between the two, there is an in-between. You can go for semi-rigid anal beads. These are not too hard and are neither too soft: they are the perfect pick for beginners.

Anal Beads Safety Ring

fifty shades of grey pleasure intensified silicone anal beads
Anal beads come with a ring at one end to provide safety. It ensures that the anal beads do not get entirely in your rectum. After use, you can easily pull them out using the ring. The ring is usually rigid, even with soft anal beads, to make it easy to pull the anal beads out. It also acts as a safety feature to protect beads from getting fully inside.

Colors of Anal Beads

jawbreaker gemstones extra large silicone anal beads
Another thing that makes anal beads stand out is their availability in different colors. Anal beads exist in a wide array of colors, which include but are not limited to rosegold, purple, cherry, and pink. There are also custom colored beads that have become quite popular. Anal beads now exist in numerous patterns that include camo and tropical patterns. If you are particular about your colors, you do not have to worry about them being left out of your favorite fetish.

How Do These Anal Beads Work?

how to use anal beads

Anal beads are used for a variety of purposes, but all of them stem from pleasure. These beads serve their purposes quite well, and because of that, they have become really popular.

1. Anal Sex

It is actually the main use of anal beads. They are used to penetrate the anal cavity: from the anus, through the sphincter, to the rectum. The sensation that comes as the beads pass through the sphincter is the highlight of using anal beads for penetration. Depending on the experience, you can place the entire string inside your rectum, but for most beginners, a couple of beads will do just fine.

How to Insert Anal Beads

Using beads for anal sex is not that difficult, and you must follow these simple steps:

Pick Perfect Size

If you are a beginner, you must pick a set of anal beads. There are many size variants, but the best choice would be to buy beads that gradually increase in size. For beginners, be sure to pick one where the smallest bead is not bigger than your index fingertip.

NB: Anal bead size is very important; do take it seriously!

Use Lube

Before placing the beads into your anal area, you need to lubricate both the beads and your anus. The anus is not self-lubricating, and the friction might be a little painful without proper lubrication. Using dry anal beads can result in getting some bruises on your anus. It will pretty much take away the pleasure part of the whole experience.

The best lube to use for penetration using anal beads is water-based lube. It works well with diverse materials, so it means that whether your anal beads are made from plastic, metal, or silicone, you won’t have to worry about a reaction to the lube. Lube up and enjoy penetration!

Insert the First Few Beads and See Where It Leads

Lodging the beads into your anal area is easy if you have lubed up. Start with the first few beads and do it slowly. Remember, the lodging is part of the pleasure; you do not have to hurry. Start with the first few beads, and if it gets painful, pull it out and start over.

For penetration, make sure that the ring is not gotten into your anus with the rest of the anal beads. You do not want your pursuit of pleasure to lead you to the emergency room.

2. Spanking

Spanking used to be a preserve for the BDSM fans, but of late, nearly everyone has been incorporating it into sex. Nothing can make spanking better than using beads to do it. Anal beads can inflict pain, and if you believe the pathway to pleasure needs a little pain, then using anal beads for spanking might be the perfect fetish for you.

How to Do It

Spanking with anal beads is pretty much the same as spanking with a whip. The only difference is that anal beads may be shorter. With spanking, be sure that you are attentive to your partner and stop when they request. You would not want to end up hurting them.

3. Double Penetration

Fancy some double penetration, but you can’t get a third partner to get the deal going. Well, anal beads can be the perfect third wheel in your sexual escapades. Get a partner that is penetrating your vagina, place your beads inside your anus, and get the best of double penetration.

The fact that anal beads can be used for a variety of sexual escapades makes them quite a great sex toy. Even if you are not a fan of anal penetration, you can still try anal beads and check the experience – it should be thrilling!

Types of Anal Beads

Vibrating Beads

b-vibe cinco remote control vibrating anal beads
Imagine the pleasure that comes with anal penetration. The feeling that comes with your sphincter muscle when the anal beads are pulled up. Now, imagine the breathtaking sensation of the ever-popular vibrator: those rhythmic throbs. Well, sex toy developers have doubled the pleasure and presented anal beads that vibrate. Most anal sex toys are either too small to provide the required sensation or too big to be pleasurable. With vibrating anal beads, no matter how small they are, they can provide the best of pleasure.

Vibrating beads are a little pricey, but they are worth every penny. They come in different types; some can be adjusted in terms of vibration intensity. If you are a beginner, and you have adjustable intensity vibrating sex beads, starting with the low settings is a good idea. The vibrating sex beads have a control interface at one end of the beads. It allows you to turn them on or off, and for some of them, you could also adjust and control the vibrations.

Studded Anal Beads

If you love your pleasure wild and kinky, then the studded anal beads are for you. The studs on beads appear like small bumps, but their impact in terms of pleasure is quite big. Studded anal beads are available in a variety of materials: rubber, plastic, and metal. They work pretty much the same as other beads. There are also variants of studded anal beads that vibrate, and these are quite pricey.

Classic Anal Beads

performance 12 inch silicone anal beads by blush novelties
Classic anal beads are a set toy that consists of spherical beads that can be either soft or hard-linked to one another. The beads can be made of plastic, metal, silicone, or rubber. The classic anal beads do quite a great job when it comes to stimulation. If you want to experience an explosive orgasm at a reasonable price, these anal beads are the way to go.

Tips to Make Your Anal Beads Experience Amazing

Do Not Use Beads for Both Anal and Vaginal Penetration

There is a common temptation to use your anal beads for vaginal penetration. It is quite dangerous, mainly because certain vaginal infections can cause a lot of damage to your anal area and vice versa. It also means that although you are using your beads for your anus only, you still need to keep them as clean as possible. There are dozens of disinfectants available on the market to clean your anal beads.

Do Not Use It as Butt Plug

Most people tend to use anal beads similarly to a butt plug, but these two are quite different. Anal beads are more pleasurable as they are pulled and pushed through the anal sphincter whereas the sensation of butt plugs is derived from the plug effect. It means that using the anal beads just as you would use a butt plug kind of discounts the pleasure effect of anal beads.

Do Not Fall Asleep with Them

There is a temptation to sleep with your beads inside your anus. It is very dangerous, please, avoid doing it. Sleeping with your beads placed inside your anus will mess up your physical health and might end up causing a lot of infections. Anal infections are complicated to deal with, and they might result in serious health problems.

Do Not Go Cheap

There are a lot of discount anal beads, especially on the internet. These anal beads usually do not work as promised and might end up causing problems. Anal beads go inside sensitive places, and it is not a good idea to just go with any material due to the vulnerability of these areas. Make sure that when you choose anal beads, you get a trusted brand.

Winding Up

There were cases when anal beads have broken when being pulled out. These are just signs of poor quality. Make sure that you do not go cheap when you chose your anal beads.

If you are a sucker for orgasms ad sexual pleasure, you need to invest in anal beads. This sex toy is easy to use, and the best part is there are different types to allow you to get the best anal beads for you, so go ahead and give them a try!

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