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How to Spice Up Your Relations Using Vibrating Panties in Public?

Vibrating panties are magic wands of women willing to burst with strong and powerful orgasms. You wear these little devils under your clothes at work, in a meeting, or in a restaurant. Why should you do it? How is it connected with orgasms? Read up to find out more.

Hell, yeah! The peak of the sex toy mania was in 2018 when its market share skyrocketed. By the way, in 2019 it was estimated at almost $30 billion. Isn’t that exciting to find out that you’re not alone out there looking to refresh your daily sex routine?

Why do people buy vibrating panties?

Well, to begin with, this kind of sex toys is pretty new and exotic. It makes people desire to find out what are the effects of wearing vibrating panties in public and what does it feel like to put those unusual things on.

Besides, high-quality sex that presupposes orgasms enhances your emotional and physical health. According to the study, an orgasm fights social phobias, lowers the risk of cancer, contributes to regular menstruation, boosts fertility rates, and improves your immune system.

In some cases, sex toys, including vibro-panties, even help with pain-relieving and help people be more concentrated at work. Long story short, apart from the pleasure, you receive hundreds of health benefits that prolong your life and make you happier.

Last but not least, this kind of panties warm up your libido and perfectly prepare your body for sex afterward. You feel those pleasant sensations down there and can’t stop thinking about relaxation and diving deeper into this heavenly state. This way you’ll cum 100%.

But, how to use vibrating panties in public?

I know what you’re thinking about. What would people think? Well, if you’re a good girl, you won’t tell them about it, right? But, seriously speaking, people won’t hear anything since most vibrating panties don’t produce sounds.

Another thing about vibrating panties is that they are not only mute like other toys but also invisible. You just wear them under your clothes. Trust me, they take up the same space as your regular underwear does. Thus, you can wear those pleasure-givers with anything and go anywhere you want.

Basically, you just take on your panties and either turn them on or put your vibrator in the pocket of the panties and then turn them on. It depends on the functionality of your panties since they come in different forms.

Okay, how do I control vibrations and stuff?

Have you ever heard about remote control vibrating panties in public? I suppose, no. Let me break it down for you. This is a vibrating panty that can be controlled from the distance by you or your partner. This is exactly what makes these sex toys so exciting.

Imagine yourself wearing your brand-new vibrating panties in a restaurant. You sit there with your partner and wait for your order. At this moment, your loved one turns on the button, and let the magic begin!

At first, you make this “oh” sounds because you’re surprised. Then, you cross your legs because you’re no longer comfortable in the position that you’ve been sitting in. It sounds a little like the scene from 50 shades of grey. Oops!

Your chicks are red and you notice embarrassment on your face. You look at your partner and see them seductively smiling at you since it’s them who’s responsible for all of this. This is how it works with vibro-panties.

Are vibrating panties enough to receive orgasms?

Pretty much. These sex toys have different vibration speeds and patterns. That is why increasing the intensity of vibrations can make you cum in no time. But, do everything slowly to make vibrations as pleasant as possible.

Besides, if you wear them all day at slow or medium speed, your vagina will be wet enough in the evening to start penetration sex right now. Your partner will be horny as well if they took their time to control the vibrations in your pussy.

However, if you’re playful so much that it feels like it’s not enough for your needs, make use of other kinky toys for couples such as vibrators, cock rings, and strap-ons. Do everything you can to turn your sex life into a fantasy that you’ve been dreaming of your whole life.

Can I use vibro-panties at home?

Of course. It’s totally up to your imagination. If you want to play alone, the panties would serve you well to make your vagina wet before masturbation. Then, use your fingers or special sex toys for masturbation to reach the peak.

But, if you’re not alone and thinking about how to spend the evening having hot sex together, vibrating panties are your choice. Pretend you’re a sex slave or a captive. Your partner cuffs you to the bed and makes you wear this sex toy.

Then, watch them sit in the other corner of the room and control the panties with remote control. You moan and scream from pleasure, but they won’t stop until you’re almost there. Then, they suddenly stop, take off the panties, and go inside you. You two orgasm and everyone’s happy.


There are so many ways to spice up your relationships and sex life that bring about many health benefits. Vibrating panties are one of those things. They can help with reaching orgasms even those women who think they’re hopeless in this field.

It’s good to know that vibro-panties work not only when you want to orgasm as powerful as possible but also if you need to mend relations with your partner. After all, it’s them who control your orgasms which makes you two closer to one another.

That is why opt for the best vibrating panties out there on the market and enjoy your sex life to the fullest. Mix it up with other sex toys and forget about not getting orgasms in bed once and for all. Good luck!

Iva Vichrová

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