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Toy Care and Why It’s Important

I am a researcher at heart. Give me a topic and I will Google the shit out of it! Give me a topic that involves sex, sex toys and vaginas and you have pretty much dropped me into vixen heaven!

When I am doing my home parties, I always ask my clients if they have adult toy cleanser. I don’t ask them to upsell, I ask them because it is monumentally important to care for your sex toys. After all, you are inserting them into your body, shouldn’t you want your sex toys to be as healthy as possible?

Often women respond to me “Ya, I’m good.” I ask them what they are using…antibacterial soap…ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? Seriously, you wouldn’t shove a bar of soap up your vagina, why the hell are you using that to clean your sex toys??? For the love of all things orgasmic, here are three reasons to use adult toy cleanser on your sex toys.

Shower Scum

I double dog dare you to go look at your shower. Go ahead, take a peek. See that lovely white SCUM that covers just about everything? The walls, the curtain or shower doors? The taps? Yes, that my lovelies is SOAP SCUM. That coats everything. Even with water constantly running over these areas, it still forms! Now, lie back, sex toy in hand after you have just cleaned that bad boy off with your favorite bar of Dial soap, and yes, you are essentially thrusting that scum up into your vagina, over and over and over again. It’s disgusting. Stop it.


The Vagina is a like a self-cleaning oven. It is regulated by body temperature and “good” bacteria. Adult toy cleanser is pH balanced to ensure the healthy bacteria isn’t upset in the vagina and the “bad” bacteria is eliminated. An overabundance of bad bacteria in the vagina is like dumping double the yeast into your bread mixture and expecting the bread to be “normal.” Adult toy cleanser is the best investment you can make, next to a kick-ass vibrator.


Vibrators are expensive. You wouldn’t clean a Ferrari with a paper towel, why would you clean a vibrator with cheap soap? Soap is harsh on our skin, forget the delicate coatings of vibrators. As science gets better and better at making our vibrators feel like real people, you need to take better care of them. Silicone coatings, future flesh coatings, will dry out with soap and water leading to tiny cracks and fissures where bacteria can go and hide. When you insert them into a warm, moist vagina it encourages them to grow… A LOT…which then leads to a lovely bacterial infection or yeast infection. Nobody wants a bread basket below the waist.

I can’t say it enough! BUY TOY CLEANSER! Give a hoot about your hoo-ha! The average bottle of toy cleanser will last you YEARS!!! Don’t be a cheap date for your vibrator! Buy yourself some flowers, some chocolate and give your toy a good scrub down before you have the sexy time with yourself!

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