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Sex During Periods: Should You Do It?

Menstrual periods must be one of the most complex phases for people with ovaries. The period cramps, the hormone imbalance, and the whole shift in the body function are difficult to deal with. The fact that it must be dealt with 12 times a year for up to 5 days monthly does not make it any better. The physical pain is terrible, and the mental pain is not any better. What is worse, though, is how the menstrual period affects your sex life. The good news is that we have managed to produce several tips to make period sex not only bearable but amazing. Here is how you can do it.

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Your Period?

Contrary to the widespread belief that having sex during your period is wrong and dangerous, the actual truth is that if done right, it can be the best solution to your period. The answer is yes, you should have sex during your period. There is no scientific evidence to prove that doing so can hurt your health or your partner’s health. Research has shown that having sex during your period has several benefits. Shorter periods, intense cramp relief, headache relief, and release of sexual tension are all part of the “period sex” gift pack. The only question you should be asking is how to do “period sex” right. The good news is that we have compiled that to the last dot, and here is how you do it.

Perfect Period Sex: How to Have Sex During Your Period

If you do decide to have some sexual fun during your periods, here are some of the essential steps you should follow to ensure that the experience is exciting for both you and your partner.

Talk About It

Although having sex during menstrual periods is perfectly healthy, not everyone is comfortable with it. That can be because of cultural or religious background and, in some cases, lack of knowledge. It makes it especially important to have a conversation with your partner before delving into “period sex”. If you are going through your periods, be sure to make it clear to your partner before the sex. Explain to your partner why you feel it is a cool idea to do it (there are dozens of reasons), and your partner will understand. If your partner is not comfortable having intimate fun during that time of the month, it is ok. There are many other ways to heal that sexual tension without making your partner uncomfortable.

Clean Up

Most people’s concerns when it comes to period sex have to do with hygiene. The best way to allay this is by cleaning up before you decide to get things sexy. Make sure that all your feminine product is removed before sex. It includes pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and discs. It may seem like a tempting idea to use these to keep things clean during sex, but experience has proven that it does the opposite. To avoid your beading getting spoiled during the fun, make sure you cover it with a dark and thick towel that you can easily throw in the washing machine once you are done with the amazing sex. If done right, “period sex” will just be as clean as regular sex, if not cleaner.

Focus on Missionary

Missionary is one of the most intimate sex positions available on the menu, and if you are planning to have “period sex”, it should be your focal point. During the menstrual periods, the cervix is lower and more sensitive. It means that more penetrative positions can turn out to be quite painful and uncomfortable. Lying on your back also reduces blood flow. If you or your partner are trying to avoid contact with blood during the sex session, missionary is the go-to position. If you are serious about keeping blood interaction at the bare minimum, you should also try to avoid your heavy flow days. Having sex during the light flow days will help avoid blood contact. Combine that with the missionary position, and the chances of your partner getting into contact with blood are minimal if not zero. The intimacy that comes with excessive eye contact during missionary sex is a huge bonus. Keep it clean and missionary.

STIs Do Not Take Breaks

It is important to remember that STIs do not take breaks, and neither should you. Make sure you protect your partner and yourself by wearing a condom if you are not using PREP. Period sex exposes both you and your partner to sexually transmitted illnesses, and there is every reason to protect yourself. The same applies to birth control. Although chances of conceiving are low during your period, it does not mean they are nonexistent. Unless you are planning to come out of your period with a baby bump, be sure to use birth control. Period sex is good – safe period sex is even better.

It Is Ok to Go Oral

Oral sex, now that is a sensitive part when it comes to period sex. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing to worry about. The only difference might be that it is better than regular oral sex due to the heightened sensitivity during your period. For the person that is receiving oral sex, it is all bliss. The person giving oral sex, on the other hand, may be a bit skeptical due to the presence of blood and other fluids during the process. What you should understand is that if thorough cleaning and pre-care have been done, that is something that is not worth worrying about. If the reservations are quite strong, though, your partner can wear a dam or “tongue condom” as it is called in the sex sphere. Yes, you can have the best of oral fun even when you are going through your period.

Having sex during your periods is not only normal, but it is also quite a brilliant idea. There is nothing to worry about if you do it right. Enjoy the healing power of the orgasm during your period and make the worst phase of the month extensively better.

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