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Mutual Masturbation Guide

Having a partner means you get to share emotional support, sometimes financial burdens, but most importantly, sexual pleasure. Having an orgasm is breathtaking on its own. It opens up areas of your brain you never felt in your entire consciousness. We agree that an orgasm is exciting, right? I know, we do. Now imagine getting to have an orgasm with your partner at the same time. Well, as part of the mutual masturbation package, you get that. That is not all the niceties that come with the package. There is more… And we will be unpacking it in this article.

What Is Mutual Masturbation?

Well, if you have never heard of mutual masturbation before, then you are in luck. We will be talking about everything mutual masturbation. In simple terms, mutual masturbation is when masturbation happens in the presence of your partner or multiple partners. It does not have to be one partner. The more, the merrier.

If you are masturbating in the presence of your partner, that is mutual masturbation. The same applies if it’s multiple partners. There is no number cap when it comes to pleasure. If someone is masturbating, and another person is willingly participating either by watching, masturbating, or helping with the strokes or rubs, then that is mutual masturbation.

Why Do It?

We have highlighted what mutual masturbation is, and, well, some of you have unknowingly gone down that road. We know for a fact that the experience was unrivaled. If you have not tried mutual masturbation before, you are probably thinking: if my partner is there, why not just go full-blown and have some passionate sex? Or if there are multiple partners available why not just fancy a “gangbang”, then watch each other jerk off? We know you need a reason to go down the mutual masturbation road. Well, we will give you three!

It Is Safe!

If you have ever had an STI, then we can agree on one thing: it is unpleasant. The mere thought that you are suffering because you dipped your stick in the wrong honey jar or being sick because you let a wrong stick dip into your honey jar is a bit unsettling. Over the years, several methods have been developed to prevent the stress of STIs. Some are more effective than others, but there seems to be a bit of reluctance to effectively use these methods by some partners you will come across. Scientists have recommended that people abstain from sex if they want to be safe from STIs. We know you don’t want to do that. It then makes mutual masturbation the next best thing.

Barring the sharing of sex toys during the mutual masturbation session, spreading STI is essentially impossible. Imagine getting the best orgasm and still not having to worry about waking up with a virus infestation in your body. With mutual masturbation, all you have to worry about is how many rounds you can go “safely”. Orgasms are exciting, safe orgasms are just priceless. Give it a try!

Gives Your Partner a Chance to Know What You Like

In most instances, sex lasts way less than 5 minutes, and understanding just how your partner likes doing the business can take years. It is complicated to comprehend or extrapolate during sex. No2: with mutual masturbation, you get a chance to see which erogenous zones of your partner are the most responsive and which touch gives them the most sensation. Getting to see how your partner touches themselves can launch your sex game to astronomic levels, and we know that is exactly what everyone is looking for. The number of male masturbation techniques and female masturbation techniques that come out of mutual masturbation sessions is borderline perfect. That is another reason for you to give it a try.

Great for Long Distance Relationships

Remember when the pandemic broke out, and everyone was buzzing about how they were using Zoom for business meetings? Well, some smart couples who were in long-distance relationships were using the platform for an equally productive act. Being in a long-distance relationship sucks on the sexual part. With mutual masturbation, though, you can lift your hopes. Rather than wanking off to porn stars that are probably dead or spending a fortune on Onlyfans, you can use mutual masturbation to be your partner’s “only fan”. There is nothing as exciting as watching your partner crumble under the force of sexual pleasure from a toy or for their hands. It is one thing that will make long-distance relationships bearable.

With the introduction of VR headsets, the experience can be more real than you thought. With the correct optimization, you can get the “near flesh” experience of watching your partner jerk off or get your partner to watch you jerk off. The possibilities are endless.

How to Mutually Masturbate

The main reason why most people feel that mutual masturbation is just not a perfect sexual experience is that they are doing it wrong. The good news is in this article we will teach you how to get around mutual masturbation the right way.

Talk about it

Whipping up your penis and starting to jerk off in front of your partner without prior warning can come off as either borderline offensive or, in most cases, can result in the end of the relationship. Surprise mutual masturbation is not a thing, please, don’t do it.

It is essential to first discuss the subject with your partner before going down that course. Mutual masturbation is, in a way, kinky. And, as a result, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It might be a bit awkward to bring the subject up with your partner, but do you know what’s more awkward than that? The look they are going to give you when you start masturbating in front of them without prior warning.

If we were to choose an “awkward”, we would certainly go with the former. If you are a bit skeptical about bringing the subject up directly, just try to skirt around the subject casually. Bring up blogs about the whole concept and get, for now, how they feel about mutual masturbation first.

Setting Is Everything

Once you and your partner agree that face-to-face jerking off is the next step your sexual relationship needs to take, the next step is setting up the room or the “mood” for the act. If you and your partner are into BDSM, you can get the whole Fifty Shades of Grey theme in your bedroom (it is available online). If you and your partner are the super romantic type, make sure you flood that floor with roses and get all the scented candles you can. There can be contact during mutual masturbation. It means you have to make the most out of the entire setup to quickly and effectively stimulate your mind.

If you and your partner are open to having other partners during the act, please, do get it done. During mutual masturbation, there is rarely contact. It means that you can get as many partners as you can without the risk of getting STIs. We can call it a “hands-free” orgy, but with a lot of handwork.

Use toys, please!

Some people have a feeling that sex toys were made to perform better for their partners than them. That is a wrong perception; toys were made to make you give your partner a better sex experience. All you have to do is understand how to use them, and nothing gives you a better chance to learn this than a mutual masturbation session.

Butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, and fleshlights are some of the best sex toys you can use during mutual masturbation. If you have any other toy that you feel will make your masturbation experience a highlight, you can add it to the itinerary. The best part is there are vibrators with remote control. Get your partner to control the pleasure dosage, and trust us, the experience will become unrivaled from there onwards. If you are using toys along with handjob, be sure to use some handjob lube.

Positions, Everybody!

Well, just like sex, the position you decide to go with during mutual masturbation has a significant effect on how the sex session will rank. Just like sex, there are hundreds of positions, and depending on who you are, some will be more comfortable than others. What positions do we recommend? Well, for those who are starting, we recommend the “Faceoff”. This position requires partners to sit facing each other and do the business. Masturbating whilst your partner watches might be a little uneasy, but going straight into it and doing it with eye contact might be the best solution.

If you plan on going down the freaky road, the “Chest chair” will do the magic for you and your partner. For the “chest chair”, a partner sits just above the belly of one partner allowing them to masturbate. The “chest chair” might be a bit uncomfortable after doing it for a while, but we know before it gets painful, the pleasure clarion call would have come through.

One thing that is essential during mutual masturbation is to try and relax. If you do that, trust us, the orgasms will keep coming and coming (pun intended).

Iva Vichrová

Author: Iva Vichrová

Iva spent her early 20th working in a sex shop so you can be sure that her recommendations are backed by serious scientific research. Well, maybe not scientific but definitely thorough. Now, after using tens (or even hundreds) of various sex toys, Iva is happy to share her experience.

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