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How to Use a Prostate Massager?

If you think that prostate massaging is easy and the only thing you have to do is to stick a massager inside your anus, you would be right! But what if I told you that if you follow some simple rules, your body can orgasm so strong you will never forget it? Now that I have your attention, let’s find out how to use a prostate massager the right way!

Why do you need to massage your prostate in the first place?

The prostate is a sensitive organ in the male body that is situated somewhere between the bladder and the rectum. It is around a walnut-size and even has pretty much the same structure. This little friend is responsible for your well-being and thriving health if treated properly.

If the prostate gets infected, you may suffer from prostatitis, swollen prostate, painful ejaculation, painful urination, erectile dysfunction, and even prostate cancer. To prevent these and other unpleasant conditions, doctors recommend prostate massage therapy.

Before you do that, please, consult with your doctor first. Find a good therapist of this type and get a consultation. Some doctors can even present you with step-by-step recommendations. Remember that self-treatment could be dangerous for your health!

What massager to choose?

You need to know that the best materials for prostate massagers are glass, metal, silicone, and some kinds of hard plastic. I strongly recommend avoiding porous materials like ABS plastic, phthalate, and soft plastic since they capture bacteria.

Even if you boil your sex toy for at least 5 minutes, porous materials can still hold dangerous bacteria on the surface. Besides, porous materials are not only rarely used in sex toys but also in children’s toys. Guess why.

Another recommendation is to opt for massagers with a flat base. Your anus may suck male sex toys like prostate massagers in no time. It’d be great if you could pull it back. So, flat bases are a must since they prevent a massager from going too deep in your butt.

You’ve done everything I asked, now what?

Now, it’s time for the best part – massage. First off, wash your hands and use a disinfectant to kill the remaining nasty bacteria. Bring a pair of gloves, your favorite lubricant, and a condom. Then, relax and take some time for yourself.

It’s awesome if you get hard before the massage. So, think of something horny, ask your partner to arouse you, or watch some porn first. But, don’t push yourself too hard, okay? We don’t need you ejaculating too early. When your penis is up, it’s time to play!

Start with putting one finger at a time in your anus. Put gloves since they will make sure your hands are clean and do things way smoother. Anal stimulation requires some time for preparation. Your butt hole is tight so make it a little bit more approachable with your fingers.

While you’re stimulating the prostate with your fingers don’t forget to play with your penis, as well. It’s hard to focus on two things at a time so ask your partner to either suck the penis or do you a hand job. This way your body will not be so stressed out by doing something new like anal stimulation.

When you feel that the anus has opened up enough, i.e. your fingers can fully come inside, put a condom on your massager and cover it with some lube. If you have a two-ended massager like HUGO by Lelo, you must be wondering what end to stick inside the anus.

Well, you’re lucky to have such a great sex toy since it not only stimulates the prostate from the inside but from the outside, as well. The stimulation is doubled and you get two times more pleasure than usual. Just out the bigger end to the butt.

What else you can use instead of a prostate massager?

Some people put their fingers inside the anus to stimulate the prostate. Others ask their partners to do it for them. Usually, you need to use condoms in order not to get your prostate infected or scratch it with long fingernails. Some couples use gloves to stay 100% clean and safe after anal stimulation.

But, if you’re not comfortable with you or your partner sticking their fingers inside your holy grail, try out male dildos. These sex toys are pretty similar to prostate massagers. They only differ in size. While prostate massagers are usually 4-5 inches in length, dildos for men are generally as long as 6-7 inches. But, you don’t have to put the whole thing inside.

Another great device to use as a prostate massager is a male vibrator. You must be wondering: “How to use a vibrating prostate massager?” Well, it’s not that complicated. Just use some lube and insert the toy in your anus. Then, turn on the magic button and enjoy those sweet pulsations.

How to wash a massager afterward?

When you’re done with stimulation, wash the toy with lukewarm water and soap. Opt for antibacterial soap and apply some disinfectant.

Then, airdry the toy. Don’t use a hairdryer since some materials can fall apart. Put the toy in a safe place like a shelf and let it rest. It deserved it. When it’s time to use it again, sprinkle some sanitizer on the toy again. Just in case.


There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you use a prostate massager. This thing is your helping hand if you suffer from unbearable conditions like swollen prostate. However, is it also a great thing to have if you want to experience a new kind of orgasm.

Follow the simple rules like avoiding porous massagers, getting your toy and hands clean before and after stimulation, using protection for additional safety, and going slow before putting the toy inside the anus. Your prostate will thank you in years, trust me!

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