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How to Use Dildos

Remember a time when penetrative sex solely required one partner to have a penis? That was a very long time ago, and most people don’t even remember such a time. The sex scene has transformed for the better, and dildos have been at the forefront of the transformation. If you do not agree that the dildo is the best sex toy currently available on the market, chances are you do not know how to use it right. We will change that in this article. Keep reading!

How to Use a Dildo

A dildo is one of the simplest sex toys available. It is modeled around a penis; it does everything the penis does but just better. If you do not know how to properly use a dildo, the experience can be a bit underwhelming. There are several tricks that you can master to make the dildo experience not only exciting but unforgettable. Sex is breathtaking, but knowing how to use a dildo is a masterstroke. If you are looking for a “how to use a dildo for the first time” guide, you are in the right place.

One important thing is to understand that there are several types of dildos available, and every one of those dildos tends to have a bit of a different working principle. In this article, we will be looking at how various dildos work and how you can get the best out of every dildo you decide to go on an orgasm adventure with. Here is how to properly use a dildo.

How to Use an Anal Dildo

beaded black anal dildo with suction cup
Over the years, anal penetration has grown to become quite a huge deal. It is reflected by just how anal dildo sales have been growing currently. The fact that all dildos can be used on all ends of the gender spectrum makes them the perfect sex toy. It is easy to see why people are so fascinated by the anal dildo. One question, though, that comes to mind is whether all these people buying anal dildos know how to get the best out of them. Regardless of the answer to that question, here is how to use an anal dildo.

Using an Anal Dildo

One of the key elements when it comes to using an anal dildo is cleanliness. It is extremely essential if you share the dildo with a partner. Besides sexual pleasure, your anal cavity also serves the role of excretion. It means that there is often a lot of dirt in there. People must focus on cleaning their anal cavity before going down the pleasure road with their anal dildo. There are many solutions to deal with this, and one of the best is douching. Talk to your pharmacist or look it up online and make sure you put it to use.

Once you are cleaned up, the only way to go is down the pleasure road. For first-timers, anal penetration can be a bit painful. You need the best anal dildo for your experience level. It is also where lube comes in. There are different types of lubes available on the market, but for anal dildo pleasure, we recommend that you go for oil-based lube. It will make your experience exciting.

Apply a lot of lubricant to both your dildo and anal cavity. Insert the dildo into your anal cavity. Go slow! You don’t want to rapture your rectum muscles in pursuit of pleasure. Once you have established a rhythm, try to maintain it. It is the perfect how to use a dildo for a men’s guide. It works every time. If you do this, you are guaranteed nothing but an explosive orgasm. Enjoy!

How to Use a Double Dildo with a Partner

the double header dildo
A double dildo brings out the saying ‘sharing is caring’ better than any other tool out there. With a double dildo, couples can get to enjoy penetrative sex using one toy. It means the motions affect your partner.

Using a double dildo as a couple is easy. Find the perfect position for you and your partner and get the end of the dildo in their vagina or anal cavity. Having one partner insert the dildo first allows flexibility and prevents tugging. The last thing you would want would be you and your partner tugging a dildo like a blanket. Situations like that rarely end in orgasms.

Once you are both “penetrated”, get the motion going. It is essential to find a rhythm you and your partner enjoy. Once you have the rhythm going, the next step is to keep to the rhythm. If you do this, an orgasm will come through for both you and your partner.

We recommend that if you decide to go with a double dildo, you find a vibrating double dildo. It can be a bit difficult to maneuver motions and positions if you are not using a vibrating double dildo. If you want to have a double penetration experience with your partner, we recommend you go with a vibrating double dildo. Trust us on this one. If you thought mutual masturbation was fire, then cumming at the same time with your partner will be the solar explosion your sex life has been waiting for. Amazing, right?

How to Use a Double Dildo On Your Own?

A double dildo is not only a preserve for those with a partner. It can offer a better experience for solo partners. If you are a fan of double penetration, it is the dildo made just for you. Most double dildos are flexible. It means that you can fold one end and comfortably place it in your vagina and the other end into your anal cavity. You can then get the motions going back and forth. If you want to push it to the extreme, you can fold the double dildo and place it in your vagina only or your anal cavity alone. Can you handle the wrath of a double dildo? Well, find one.

How to Use a Suction Dildo

lifelike lover ultra realistic suction cup dildo 8 inch
Suction dildos or suction cup dildos are amongst the top-ranking sex toys of the past two years. When the pandemic hit in 2019, sex toy sales shot through the roof, and suction dildos were amongst the leading sex toys. Suction dildos are just normal dildos but with a suction cup at the end where the balls are. The reason for the suction cup is to help users to stick it on surfaces. One thing about most dildos is that you have to move the dildos in and out of your anal cavity or your vagina. If you are looking for a how-to-use dildo for the first-time guide, you should add how to use a suction dildo as a sub-topic.

In the past, most people have complained about how they had to abandon a solo pleasure session because their wrists were cramping. Suction cup dildos have been set out to change this.

With suction cup dildos, the ends of pleasure are limitless. You can stick your suction dildo literally on any solid surface. It means you can go doggy, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and even wheelbarrow on that dildo. One thing that a suction dildo gives you is flexibility. Regardless of your favorite position during sex, you can use your suction cup dildo to deliver and get nothing but orgasms and more orgasms.

We recommend that you stick your suction cup dildo to the floor, wall, or chair. These spots tend to give the best dildo experience when it comes to suction cup dildos. As long as it is firm, it will do just fine as a spot to stick your dildo. The best part is that knowing how to use a suction dildo essentially means knowing how to use a dildo for women and how to use a dildo for men. As a spoiler, this might be the best dildo for men.

How to Use a Big Dildo

king cock ultra realistic girthy suction cup dildo
Now that we have discussed the nitty-gritty of the different dildos available on the market, we must delve in and talk about those few individuals that are enticed by plus-size dildos. Big dildos are complex and require a bit of expertise. Please, do not start your dildo journey with a super-sized dildo. Please, do not! Work your way up the dildo sizes.

If you have made it up the ladder and are ready for super-sized dildos, then here is what you need to do to enjoy the experience. The first thing you will need is lots of lubricants. Apply lube to your anal cavity or vagina and your plus-size dildo. If it’s a suction cup dildo, stick it to a surface and get ready for pleasure. Big dildos tend to be a bit painful; you will need to relax a lot and allow your muscles to take it all in. It is also essential to take things slow. Hurrying can result in some pretty painful injuries. It is especially important if you are using your plus-size dildo for anal penetration.

One tip that can also help is adding a bit of clitoral stimulation. Stimulating your clitoris can help make the big dildo experience a little less painful. If you want to make it all the way, we recommend that you go for double penetration. Use your big dildo for vaginal penetration and have another sex toy in your anal cavity. For double penetration, you won’t go wrong with a butt vibrator and a dildo. That combination is unmatched.

How to Use a Strapless Dildo

desire luxury rechargeable strapless strap-on dildo vibrator
A strapless dildo allows a partner to wear a dildo inside their vagina and use the other end to penetrate a partner. Initially, strapless dildos were a preserve for lesbian couples. But of late, straight couples have been getting quite comfortable with strapless strap-ons.

Using a Strapless Dildo

The first thing you need to do is select the perfect size of the strapless dildo. Do not go too big. That will make the experience uncomfortable and painful. Once you have the perfect sized dildo, what you will need to do is get the female partner to place the bulbous end inside her vagina and ensure that it fits snuggly.

There will be a lot of motion as the dildo is used. The bulbous end must fit perfectly into the vagina. Once the strapless dildo is in place, the next step is to get the pegging going. The best part about strapless dildos is that they pleasure both partners. It is the perfect sex toy for lesbians and even straight couples who want to experiment with pleasure without any partner feeling left out.

How to Use a Squirting Dildo?

big shot silicone vibrating squirting dildo by evolved novelties
It is one dildo that people rarely talk about, but it is as real as dildos get. Squirting dildos have a reservoir of liquid, and once you feel you want the dildo to cum, press a button to release the liquid. If you want the experience to be realistic, we recommend that you use a strap-on squirting dildo with a partner.

Most squirting dildos use water or lubricant as the liquid, but it does not give the actual feel of cum. Do you know what gives? Egg white. If you have egg white, use that. Place it in the reservoir and use your dildo like you would use any other dildo. Once you feel you want your “partner” to cum, release the egg white and feel the cum like liquid nourishing you.

Cleaning up is essential, especially if you go with egg white. The last thing you would want is dirty “cum” making its way to your privates the next time you use your squirting dildo.

How to Use a Glass Dildo?

icicles no 5 sapphire spiral glass dildo
If you have a glass dildo, it will work pretty much the same way as a normal dildo. Glass dildos are essentially the Gucci of dildos. They are made from premium material. Although they work just like all the other dildos, they add a bit of flair to the pleasure pursuit. The only thing you might need to add to your how-to-use glass dildo guide is extra care during use and cleaning.

The dildo experience is unmatched. You need to get yourself one today and enjoy the pleasures that come with penetration. Enjoy responsibly! You do not want your best dildo experience to be your last. Enjoy!

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