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How to Use an Anal Douche the Right Way

Anal sex has long ceased to be the taboo act that it seemed to be way back. And yes, the correct word is ‘seemed’ because, while many were not so eager to admit their anal shenanigans in public, many were very much familiar with plowing these backfields behind closed doors…wink! Unsurprisingly, the mechanics of how to use an anal douche the right way have become a necessity to enjoy a pleasant session with your naughty partner (or partners!). Here’s a simple rundown of how to douche for anal sex.

First things first – what is douching?

As you may already have guessed, douching is the process of prepping for anal sex i.e cleaning out the passage for the joystick that’s coming right? It’s no secret what the anus’ function mainly is. But don’t be fooled – it is not just a one-way passage!

Ok, and what is a douche?

Since douching is cleaning out your passage, water works best for the job. The only question now is – how do you get water up there in the first place? Now, this is where the ‘douche’ comes in. It’s a tool that allows you to put water in your anus gently so that it can flush out any remnant waste in your passage, which then equals a mess-free encounter/experience!

Who needs an anal douche?

Funny enough, public perception seems to think that using an anal douche is mainly confined to the male gay community. for obvious reasons. However, douching is practiced more often by straight couples!

That’s right! Anal play has become a common and quite enjoyable bedroom adventure that can be enjoyed by people of all genders and sexual orientations. It goes from women who want to experiment or avoid pregnancy, straight men who want their prostrate stimulated, to full-on gay guys!

Of course, anal sex isn’t always about 2 or more people looking to get frisky! These ‘how to anal douche’ tips also come in handy with toy play. You don’t want your toys to get messy, even if it’s just you in the room indulging in anal stimulation! Speaking of, finding the best anal toys on the market is also key in ensuring that you keep your toy play clean as the right quality will be easy to clean, stain-free, and pretty much impossible to taint!

So, how do I douche?

Remember, the objective here is to clear out any waste in your butt, so what better way to start than by taking a dumb? Simply go to the bathroom and allow yourself to relax and empty your bowels as much as you can – don’t rush it!

Once done, take your douche and fill it up with slightly warm water, then lubricate the insertion point as well as the anus a bit. Many people find that massaging your anus first helps a bit as it helps you relax and allows the douche’s tip to penetrate without any discomfort. Oh, and by massaging, I simply mean gently poke in and out a lubricated finger for a while (make sure there’s no protruding fingernail on that finger!).

Once the tip of the douche is comfortably inserted, gently squeeze the bulb to push water in. If you choose a quality douche, you will have clear markings on the tool showing you just how much water to squeeze in. If yours is not marked, don’t sweat it, simply squeeze in a small amount that doesn’t cause discomfort, which should be between 100 and 200 milliliters depending on your body size and anatomy.

Now, clamp down on your anal muscles as you gently pull out the douche tip to keep the water in. Hold the water in for about 5 seconds and release. For the best water uptake and best flush-out, get into a full-squat position like Pinocchio’s cousin pictured below. Ideally, do this in the shower stall.

squating position
Image Credits: Ignore Limits

You will notice that the first water you eject will be murky. Now, repeat the process until the water becomes clear, which is your sign that you’re ready for penetration!

Is it safe to douche?

This question is just as common as how to use anal douche! When it comes to stuffing things into your body, safety concerns should always be addressed. Now, as mentioned earlier, the anal passage is not a strictly one-way passage. However, you do have to be careful about how you do it and the risks involved. Here are a few points to ponder:

The inner lining of the anus is very soft and easy to tear. This is why the word ‘gentle’ has appeared pretty often in this short guide. Don’t rush any part of the process, and don’t use brute force at any time, even when it comes to penetration time!

Besides being soft, the anus is also pretty sensitive to temperature, so avoid using cold water and NEVER use hot water, but rather go for a comfortable lukewarm temperature. Any damage can cause health complications as noted by Dr. Crouch in his popular piece about douching safety tips to observe.

Anal sex-friendly foods and eating habits

As we wind up, the main factor that determines the effectiveness of your douching attempts is food. After all, douching is all about removing food waste from the body, right?

The goal is to steer clear of any foods that typically cause gas, feeling bloated, or an upset tummy. Rather, you need to lean more towards foods that promote a healthy bowel movement – food loaded with insoluble fiber such as the dreaded vegetables and whole grains. Now, this diet doesn’t necessarily need to be a lifestyle. Otherwise, some of us who love fast food would never have anal sex! Rather, stick to it at least a day before the occasion.

Since our bowels process food that has been eaten, it follows that if no food has been eaten, then there’s no waste to clean! As such, it’s always ideal to avoid eating at least 4 hours before you douche and drink plenty of water instead. It minimizes the amount of food in your system.


Feeling ready? Go for it! Anal sex is a unique experience not to be missed. Just remember that we’re humans, and accidents may occur at times. If something goes wrong, simply stop, clean up, and laugh it off! You can also dig a little deeper on how to prepare for anal sex so that you’re better prepared for the occasion, especially if you’re going to have company. Good luck!

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