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How to Milk a Prostate

Milking the prostate may sound funny if you’ve never heard of it. No, you don’t need to pull your penis or testicles, relax. You’re going to play with something way more generous in terms of pleasure – your prostate.

Unlike prostate massage, milking is mostly targeted at P-spot stimulation. This boosts your or your partner’s orgasm and provides both of you with wonderful sensations. Even if it’s not you who is being massaged, you’re likely to feel the pleasure of giving orgasms.

But, first, let’s find out more about the prostate

The prostate is part of the male reproductive system. The prostate is situated somewhere between the penis and the bladder. Its structure and size remain a walnut.

prostate location

What do you get from prostate massaging?

Speaking about the benefits of prostate milking, there a few of them. The study published on NCBI pays attention to the fact that prostate milking or stimulation cures prostatitis. Together with the antibiotic, antimicrobial, and alpha-blocker therapy, prostate milking contributed to enhanced urination in 5 out of 5 tested subjects.

Another study by Harvard Medical School revealed that prostate milking lowers the risk of prostate cancer by around 30%. At least men who ejaculate more than 20 times a month are sure to enjoy this amazing benefit.

If it’s really a thing, then how to milk a prostate?

First, you need to be mentally prepared for this big step in your life. It will never be the same once you’ve powerfully orgasmed after P stimulation. Give it a nice deal of thinking or speak about it with your partner in order not to let milking catch you off guard.

After that, you should probably go and “drop a bomb”, if you know what I mean. Trust me, you don’t need an unexpected chocolate surprise on your or your partner’s hands. After you’ve made sure your stomach is clean, go take a shower.

Wash yourself and your anus carefully to get rid of all the dirt. Stick your finger inside the anus to see if it’s 100% clean down there. If so, try out self-massaging of the P-spot first. P.S. don’t forget to cut your nails!

If your partner doesn’t know how to milk a prostate gland to make you happy, do it yourself the first time. Chill, play some sex music, tune yourself in that erotic vibe, and let your ass loose.

Stick there one finger and move it in and out for some time. When your anus tells you that it is ready for something bigger, stick two fingers at once. I get that it’s uncomfortable which is why you should probably go for a prostate massager.

What is it? A sex toy for men?

Exactly. As for myself, the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think about how to milk a man’s prostate is a male toy. These are the same as sex toys for women like dildos or vibrators. The only difference is that these buddies are adjusted to men’s body needs.

You need a prostate massager to make this whole milking thing work. Your hand may not go as far as you need and find a P-spot. But, a male sex toy does that in most cases. Your spine and neck will not hurt anymore.

When your butt is finally up to no good, use your favorite lube on the toy and slowly penetrate yourself from the back. It would feel way better if your partner did that for you. When your little walnut is spotted and touched by the toy, your body will respond to that.

Taboos in prostate milking

No matter if it’s your first time getting frisky with your prostate, or you’re a regulator “milker”, never do the stimulation without a lube. If you don’t have lube, at least, make sure you use enough spit.

Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-moisturizing. Thus, you won’t get wet from the back from intense movements. Always grab lube before engaging in prostate milking.

You should also remember never to buy porous toys for milking or toys that don’t have a flat base. In the first case, it would be challenging for you to properly clean your massager from bacteria and dirt. As far as a flat base is concerned, this is what prevents the toy from being stuck where it shouldn’t.

Another taboo is too intense and fast penetration. The harder and deeper you stick your toy in the anus, the more chances are you’re gonna inflict yourself injuries. Thus, start slow and go faster only if your anus doesn’t hurt, deal?

Besides, it’s not good if you share your massager with a friend and don’t use condoms meanwhile. Seriously, you can get infected with an STI and live with consequences for the rest of your life depending on the STI type. So, please, keep your toys to yourself.

Last but not least, never leave your toys dirty. Wash your toys after every milking session. The best option is when you clean it with water and antibacterial soap, or boil your massager for at least 5 minutes if the material allows and then put in in a clean and dust-free space to store.

Don’t neglect this rule, otherwise, you’ll find yourself scratching your butt or going to the doctor because something is not right down there. You don’t want it, do you?


Prostate milking is an extremely beneficial and superb fun thing to do when done properly. You must be fully prepared for this pleasure-giving activity both mentally and physically. Always take things slow when it comes to prostate stimulation.

When you’re finally up for milking, make sure you:

  • Don’t have long and pointy fingernails;
  • Use lots of lube;
  • Made sure your stomach is nice and clean;
  • Your anus is not tight and hurting.

Are you sure you didn’t miss anything from this list? If so, the pleasure is already knocking on your door and waiting for you to open it. Good luck!

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