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Can You Masturbate on A Period? And How to Do It Right?

The “red season” can be quite overwhelming for most people. There are a lot of things you cannot do, and that could result in a lot of physical problems: menstrual cramps can make life unpleasant. The biggest turn-off, though, during menstruation is that it tends to deny people sexual pleasure. Does it? Well, that is a question we know you would like to get answered. Can you masturbate during your periods? We know you would want to, but is it a good idea? We will be looking at this issue in greater detail in this article.

Can You Masturbate During Your Periods?

The answer to this question is pretty broad. There are many different opinions on the issue, and we have to look at all of them to give you a comprehensive answer. Can you masturbate during your periods? Well, the simple answer to this question is yes, you can. The problem, though, is that rather than bring clarity, the answer raises another question. Is it ok to masturbate during your periods?

Is It Ok to Masturbate During Your Periods?

This question is also quite pertinent. We will answer it in three parts, that is medically, socially, and, well, personally.

Medically, masturbating during your periods is not a bad idea. In an article that was approved by Dr. Nwadike on the WebMD site, they made it clear that there are no medical conditions associated with masturbating during your periods. If you feel the urge to masturbate during your periods, it is completely normal, and there is no need to go out looking for medical assistance. There is also medical evidence that proves that masturbating during your periods might be beneficial.

What is the benefit of masturbating during your period? Masturbating on your periods helps with period cramps. It is a benefit that is caused by the release of endorphin hormones. If you were asking, “does masturbation help with period cramps?”, we guess you have been answered.

Medically, we have established that it is OK to masturbate during your periods, but where does the habit stand socially? Well, the answer to this question is that it is, in a way, subjective. Depending on your culture and religion, masturbating during your periods can range from being OK to being borderline taboo. There seems to be an association of menstruation blood with uncleanliness. According to science, though, as long as there are no blood-borne illnesses in the blood, it is just as good as regular blood. If your social standing on personal pleasure during your periods is based on the fact that period blood is dirty, we hate to break it to you, but your assertion is false.

In our personal opinion, we feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong with masturbating during your periods. We recommend that you give it a try. The problem, though, is that there tends to be a lot of cleaning that is involved if you do choose to masturbate during your periods, and that is why some people might be a bit skeptical about the whole situation. The good news is that we will teach you how to do it right. Let us go!

How to Masturbate During Your Periods

Masturbating during your periods is a great idea, that is if you do it right. If you do not do it right, however, it can go downhill pretty quickly and will easily turn borderline gross. There are several things that you can incorporate into your technique to keep the pleasure session clean and pleasurable. If you follow these steps, we can assure you that your masturbation session, as well as your periods, will go on smoothly.

Clean Up

One of the main things that you need to consider if you do decide to masturbate on your periods is hygiene. Periodic blood, although not dirty, can cause some really ugly stains in your bedding or clothes, and it is especially important to have a strict clean-up routine. Here are some tricks that can help you enjoy masturbating and maintain a clean environment.

Shower before and after Masturbation

The best way to ensure maximum hygiene during masturbation is to shower and wash up before masturbating. It is important to use warm water to wash your vulva and the clitoral area. These should be as clean as possible as they are essential and are the most affected during the periods. Try to be a bit gentle as you clean up because during the masturbation period the vaginal area is most likely to be hypersensitive. Use warm water and a soft cloth to avoid discomfort.

Masturbate as You Shower

An alternative to showering before and after masturbation is masturbating as you shower. It is one of the cleanest ways to masturbate during your periods. If you do not want to risk staining your bedding, especially during heavy flows, it is one of the best ways to go. The best part is you can also use the showerhead to spray a water jet towards your clitoris.

It is one of the most stimulating means available. It is important to regulate the pressure of the water jet from the showerhead to avoid the experience getting painful. It is also essential to avoid directing the water jet towards your vaginal opening. Give this a try and enjoy period masturbation as you have never had before.

It’s Not Always About the Vagina

The biggest misconception most people have about masturbation is the assertion that it should always involve the vagina. Well, this assertion is wrong. And if you didn’t know, you might be glad to note that there are dozens of other erogenous zones that can give you orgasms equally as intense as a vaginal orgasm. Masturbation means self-stimulation, and if you understand your body, you can play around with a dozen other parts and get an orgasm. You might be a bit reluctant to get some vaginal or clitoral play due to the blood. But that does not mean you have to stay without an orgasm. Some of the other erogenous zones include the following ones.

The Anus

Over the years, anal play has been getting a lot of buzz, and the reason for this is because it is exciting. If you haven’t experimented with anal play, then it might be the best alternative during the “red season”. The anal cavity has more nerve endings than the vagina. It means that it has more potential to give pleasure than the vagina. Yes, the anal cavity is the next best thing to the clitoris in terms of sexual pleasure. There are dozens of sex toys out there to get you that anal pleasure if you do not want to finger yourself. It is essential to take it slow, though, with the anal play. You do not want to hurt yourself in the pursuit of pleasure. It is also important to clean up before and after the action.


Nipple play can lead to orgasms. It might take a while, but it has been known as an alternative to clitoral masturbation. The nipples are essentially erogenous zones, and if nipple play is done right, it can lead to quite an explosive orgasm. We recommend that you incorporate sex toys like nipple clamps into the nipple play. Hands alone might not cut it.

Use Sex Toys

We have already discussed the need to use sex toys as you masturbate. It cannot be emphasized enough, and we hope you take heed. During your periods, your vaginal area might be a bit bloody, and you might not want your hands to come into contact with the area. It is where sex toys come in. Sex toys allow you to have a hands-free orgasm, but we won’t be talking about those in this part. We are going to be talking about clitoral vibrators.

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones, and during the menstruation period, this area is most likely going to experience hypersensitivity. It might make hand stimulation a bit uncomfortable. For this, you have to use a clitoral vibrator. Clitoral vibrators are compact and allow you full control to ensure that the masturbation remains pleasurable and does not result in discomfort. It is important, though, to know how to use the clitoral vibrator to get the best experience. Another sex toy that you might need to incorporate in your solo play is the rabbit vibrator. It is breathtaking, to say the least.

There is no rigid method of masturbation during your periods, rather it all comes down to personal preference. One main thing, though, that has to be maintained, even though you will stick to your preference, is personal hygiene. If you do decide to use sex toys, make sure that you clean them up thoroughly after you are done. Menstruation should never be a red flag to sexual pleasure. Get ready to make periods a lot better with these masturbation tips. Enjoy!

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