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How to Make Your Vagina Smell and Taste Good

Oral sex is breathtaking. One thing that can dampen it all down, though, is the opaque smell and musty taste. A combination of these two can make oral sex for both partners a living hell. The main reason is people with vaginas tend to be conscious of how their vagina smells, and that on its own can be a reason that reduces confidence and makes the whole oral sex game lackluster.

It makes it essential to ensure that before oral sex, your vagina exudes a refreshing scent, and it tastes quite good.

How to Make Your Vagina Taste Better

We will go down the road that tastebuds often go through. If you have had oral sex before, you can agree that normally a vagina has somewhat a natural taste. Saying the taste is good in its natural state, though, might be a bit of a stretch. The good news, though, is that it can be improved, and here is how.

How Does the Vagina Taste Like?

Before we get to how to improve the taste of the vagina, it is imperative that we first highlight how a vagina should normally taste like. One thing we have already highlighted is that a vagina is not in the section where we would say it tastes good. It has a natural taste, though. Naturally, a vagina has a metallic taste that is somewhat slightly bitter. It is not unbearable, though, and it’s quite something once you get used to it.

The reason for the bitter taste can be attributed to the pH of the vagina. The vagina is somewhat acidic. It is because there is bound to be a lot of bacteria going through the vaginal area. The low pH is the body’s defense system. These tips will help you maintain or essentially improve the taste of the vagina when your partner decides to go down the oral path with you.

Go For Alkaline Foods

You might not have ever thought that there was a correlation between what you eat and how your vagina tastes like, but there is. Remember, the vagina is a living organ, and, well, what you eat always gets to the vagina. Some food can have quite an impact on how your vagina tastes during oral sex. One thing we have to make clear, though, is that eating these foods on their own won’t immediately and effectively change the taste of your vagina.

Cinnamon is one of the best foods available that can help change the taste of the vagina. Cinnamon is alkaline, and as we have already highlighted that the vagina is acidic, a bit of cinnamon can help neutralize the vagina and maintain the normal pH balance. The best part is that cinnamon is said to be an antibiotic, so it will also help deal with infections. Yeast infection is one of the infections that are rumored to be dealt with by cinnamon. The best part is that cinnamon tastes great. If you are not a fan of cinnamon, though, you can always try lemon.

Cranberries and cranberry juice are quite a treat if you want to use food to make your vagina taste good. Cranberries are alkaline and have always been known to help in preventing urinary tract infections. Cranberries and cranberry juice will help you have a more balanced pH down there.

Focus on Your Inner Labia

One source of the musty taste that might come from your vagina might be dead cells. The vagina is huge, and cells are constantly dying. Most of these cells tend to collect at the point where your inner labia meets the clitoris. The point of collection is quite obscure. Chances are if you had no idea there was a collection where you are likely going to miss it.

The dead cells can form a sticky white substance. This substance is most likely going to give out a pretty annoying odor. It means you have to effectively clean up that part. When you are bathing, you can pull apart the labia and get a lot of water around the area. By pulling apart the labia, you can effectively clean the collection point of the dead cells. It will make oral sex a lot more comfortable for you and your partner.

We know after a long day, things might get messy down at that point. Damp wipe cloth will do the trick. Just before oral sex, use a damp white cloth to clean out that area, and you will be good to go. In essence, hygiene will go a long way in ensuring that your vagina tastes great. It means hygiene is essential if you are trying to get your vagina to taste a bit better. The white sticky substance is also quite unappealing to the eye. You won’t like your partner having to face that.

There are several other things that you can also undertake to make your vagina taste better. Some habits like smoking and excessive drinking will make your vagina more acidic and result in a more than normal butter taste. Laying low on alcohol and smoking might be a blessing for your health and the taste of your vagina.

How to Make Your Vagina Smell Good?

Vagina odor is one of the worst things that one can encounter during oral sex. Vagina odor can make your partner’s oral sex experience terrible and can also make you uneasy and a little less comfortable during the pleasure session. The good news, though, is that you can easily deal with vagina odor.

Use Deodorizers

We know most people are skeptical about using chemicals on their vaginas, and we understand their concern. The last thing you would want is your vagina getting burned out. The good news, though, is that, over the years, pharmaceutical experts have come up with some “safe” vagina odor products. Vagina deodorizers work well.

One thing you are going to note, though, as you use vagina deodorizers is that inside the labia is out of bounce. Use your deodorizer only outside the labia. Spraying or applying deodorizers inside your labia can cause a lot of problems that you won’t like. There is a lot of chemistry that happens inside the vagina, and it should not be disturbed. If you want to go a step further, you can always use lube. Flavored lubes can be great for your vagina smell.

Cotton Underwear All the Way!

Cotton underwear might not be the sexiest out there, but it can easily be the best for your vagina. Cotton is a breathable material and allows moisture to exit the vagina area. Excess moisture has a lot of effects on the functionality of the vagina, and one manifestation of this is vaginal odor. If you have not already made the switch, we recommend that you go out there and get yourself 100% cotton underwear.

Douches and Scrubs Are a No!

Most people might think that douching will do the work and deal with the smell that might be coming out of your vagina. Douches and scrubs are advertised to be the best thing against odor-causing bacteria. It is somewhat true. Douching and scrubbing will remove a lot of bacteria from your vagina. The bad news, though, is they tend to remove both the bad and the good bacteria. It means after scrubbing and douching, you will have a distorted bacteria balance, and you would not want that. Just try to stick to natural bathing and other natural methods of dealing with vagina odor.

Visit a Gynecologist

In other instances, your vagina taste and smell might not be a result of poor hygiene and your choice of panties. It might be a bigger problem. It means at some point, it becomes imperative to visit a doctor to help deal with it. Gynecologists will help identify and deal with the issue. Vaginal infections are quite common, and, in some instances, they are not serious or sexually transmitted. There is no need to get cold feet.

It’s All About Confidence

One thing that we have to make clear, though, is that oral sex is exciting, and one thing that bolsters it should always be that way. Vagina odor and the musty taste can somehow take away. These two problems can be dealt with by using the tips highlighted in this article. One thing, though, that is essential to understand is that enjoying the other sex is all about confidence. Some infections can result in unpleasant taste and odor in the vaginal area, and it is a good idea to always get them checked out before they turn into a bigger problem.

The reason why most people tend to have lackluster oral sex experiences is that they can’t stop thinking about how their vagina tastes or smells. In most instances, they are wrong. If you want to be confident during the oral sex experience, we recommend that you clean up just before sex and use deodorizers if you feel you smell a little off down there. Changing oral sex positions can also be a good idea. Confidence is everything, remember!

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