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How to Make Him Cum Faster and Harder

Does your man have difficulties getting aroused? Or maybe you feel like you’re doing something wrong in bed? Don’t tell me that you even googled “how to use a strap-on” and decided to become a professional strap player for the rest of your life. Whatever your problem is, you’ve come to the right place.

A research posted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information has shown that not only women pretend to have orgasms. 25% out of 180 of the surveyed male participants said that they had faked their orgasms now and then.

Some of them had done it not only during casual (penile-vaginal intercourse) but also oral sex, masturbation, and phone sex. The main reasons for pretending were to please or not hurt the feelings of the partner. At least, that’s what they said. So what to do if you’re this deceived partner and how to make him cum?

Be Supportive and Attentive

First off, if he can’t get aroused or doesn’t want to have sex with you, you should talk with him. Forget about your grudges for some time and listen to what he says. He may have some problems at work, feel depressed, or too stressed out after daily routine. Help him relax, make him a massage, and cook his favorite dish.

When you see that he is feeling better, ask him what he likes and dislikes in sex. Now he should feel safe to share with you how to make him cum hard. Ask him about his wildest sexual fantasies and what position he likes the most. If you are still convinced that he is hiding something, ask him to spill it out.

A therapeutic effect after such a heart-to-heart conversation may help you two deal with most of your problems in bed. However, if something is still wrong, get out of your comfort zone and use the tips described below.

Don’t Kill His Libido

FYI, libido is the sexual energy or drive. It is an instinct; a wild and head-spinning urge to have sex right now. To make his libido as high as possible, you need to assist him. Your help is essential if you’re wondering how to make him cum.

Men feel maximum aroused when they also feel good, handsome, and positive about themselves. Be hot – wear thongs and lacy underwear. It will be much better if you also say a few compliments to your significant other.

Some men from the focus group in the research said: “I feel like whenever I have accomplished something, and especially when I have accomplished something significant to me, I have a swell of endorphins or something, and I want to have sex”.

Take the Bull by the Horns

It’s not surprising that your partner can’t cum if you have never initiated sex yourself. So, once you’ve said how good, strong, successful and powerful he is, move to step 2.

Stop thinking about how to make him cum quick. Let go of all your fears and go wild! Men love bold women who know what they want and go for it. So if you want to have sex with him right now on the kitchen table, go ahead! Don’t ask for permission, you’re not a little girl. Show him that you’re a strong and hot woman.

Come to him, sit on his laps, touch his penis, and kiss his neck. This way, you can even make him cum in his pants, especially if you’ve never been a dominator. Take off his clothes first, put his hands on your body, and perform oral sex. Be initiative and dominant sometimes. Men need to feel attractive as much as women do.

Try Out Something New

When your sex life consists of a little foreplay, casual sex in a missionary (sometimes cowgirl) position, and oral sex from time to time, it gets boring. That is why pegging, prostate stimulation, and male vibrators are what you need to make him cum fast.

If you two are pretty conservative and get frightened whenever you hear the word “vibrator”, try using delay condoms. How do they work? Condoms for longer sex slightly numb the penis of your partner with the help of special agents such as benzocaine and lidocaine. They are safe and don’t hurt.

Another thing for good-old-time lovers is delay sprays and creams. These little helpers work the same as delay condoms and extend your intercourse a bit. They contain the same ingredients. The only difference is that you use them like lubricants.

For those of you who are ready for a sex rodeo, there are magical cock rings. These small sex toys vibrate around the aroused penis and make him cum hard. Male vibrating rings help to deal with erectile dysfunction and receive orgasmic sensations.

Stimulate His Prostate

Warning! Take the kids off the screen because it’s time to talk about the big sex players. Prostate massagers and pegging dildos can make him cum twice. Penile orgasm and anal orgasm are different. Like women, men can enjoy anal stimulation and even reach the sex peak.

Massagers are smaller than dildos. Both toys treat health issues such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, hemorrhoids, and unpleasant prostate swelling. Apart from their medical benefits, male sex toys are also used for sex games.

Some people believe that prostate orgasms are more powerful than usual ones. Why so? Men feel increased awareness in their genitals and recode their brains to focus not only on the penis but on the prostate. Thus, when prostate muscles are stimulated, the ejaculation can’t be delayed as well.

Don’t confuse the notions of ejaculation and male orgasm! The first one happens every time the penis gets hard. The function of ejaculation is to deliver the sperm right into your uterus to make a baby. A male orgasm, on the other hand, is pleasant sensations that last longer and feel like heaven.

Don’t mistake these two things. If your man cums, it doesn’t mean that he has experienced an orgasm. But if you want him to, focus on his needs and try out different methods for male arousal and stimulation listed above. Good luck!

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