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How to Make Her Squirt

Sexual pleasure is one of the most intriguing feelings that our body can ever experience. There are countless ways to achieve it. Depending on preference, all of them can make you smash the pleasure scale. For men, ejaculation signals climax, and for women, the true extent of pleasure is signaled by squirting. What is squirting? How do you make a woman squirt? That’s exactly what we will be talking about in this article.

What Is Squirting?

Before we talk about how to make a female squirt, we have to first look at exactly what squirting means. There are dozens of squirt videos on the internet, and we don’t want to lie to you: porn can pretty much warp your idea of squirting. What is shown in porn is squirting, yes, but it’s a little different in real life. How does squirting look like in real life?

Squirting is the expulsion of a mixture of fluids, which includes urine and secretions from the “female prostate”. The fluid gushed out during squirting is mostly urine. The expulsion of the fluid is involuntary, and women usually have no control over it. Squirting is as real as it can get, and you need to know how to get a girl to squirt.

How to Make Her Squirt

Several ways can ensure that your partner goes to the height of pleasure that will allow them to squirt. We know it’s a fantasy that nearly everyone has set their sights on over the years. We know you are starving to get your partner sexually satisfied and probably to make her squirt too. Everyone deserves to squirt during sex, and we are going to help you get your partner to squirt. The good thing is there are dozens of ways to achieve an “explosive orgasm”. It means you have all the freedom to choose the one that best suits you.

Tips on How to Make Woman Squirt

Before we get to the nitty bits of how you can make your partner squirt, we are going to give you some tips on how to get it done.

It Is All in Your Head

The first thing you have to know is that the journey to squirting is fueled by your mindset. It is very important to understand. If you want to achieve it, both you and your partner have to focus entirely on achieving it, and we can guarantee that the journey will be seamless, and the reward will be pleasing. Squirting is as much mental as it is physical; it means you have to try to entirely focus on making her squirt for you to get her to that point. Try also to make sure that your partner is not distracted during the act – distractions can make the entire process lengthy and, well, a little tiring.

Arousal Is Everything

One thing that most people do is head straight to the sex. If you do this, the chances that you will get her to squirt are quite diminished. Foreplay is an integral part of the squirting game, and it is very important. Getting your partner aroused will make the whole process easier. Try to start with the kissing. Kissing all the erogenous zones will do you a lot of good. These are in between the thighs, the ears, the lips, and the vagina.

Make sure you focus on the nipples too. It will get your partner aroused. If you want to get it as premium as it can get, you can throw in a bit of drama in terms of the scenery. Throw in some candles and also a bit of rose and some slow music. It will get your partner sexually high enough to eventually squirt. If your partner has certain foreplay preferences, make sure you do those, and if you can, stretch them a little bit.

How do you know arousal is complete? Well, the labia will get darker, and if you pay attention, you can eventually see the clitoris swell and become “erect”. We know the final destination is getting your partner to squirt: the sign that you are getting there is a wet vagina. If the vagina is wet, then trust us, you are halfway to getting her to squirt. Make sure you sustain the arousal though, there is no going back from here, and you have to make sure that you take it to the next step.

Make Oral Focal Point

Certain people tend to shy away from the oral pleasures that come with sex. If you are apprehensive about the oral nitty batteries that come with “eating her out”, then you can always skip it. If you want to get her to squirt with very little work, make sure that you get your oral game on point. Clockwise licking and counterclockwise licking will both do a great job, and try to ask what she likes during oral sex. That will make the job a whole lot easier for you and your partner. Oral sex is amazing! When you do it, just try to reinforce the fact that you are doing it for yourself and not her. Oral sex will give you a chance to surprise your partner with the penis. She will squirt, trust us.


The most important part about getting your partner to squirt is the sex. Sex can get a woman to orgasm. Good sex, on the other hand, will make her squirt. You have to make sure that whatever happens, your sex game lives up to the foreplay. Here are some elements that are very important if the sex is going to make your woman squirt.


The first thing that you need to focus on is the positions you use during sex. Certain positions make it easy for you to access the G-Spot. Some positions make it quite easy. The G-Spot is essential to get your partner to squirt. We are going to briefly get to the g-spot positions that will make it easy for you.

Doggy Style

doggy style sex position
Well, this is the go-to position for everyone that means their partner squirt. The best part about doggy style is it is easy. Everybody knows what happens during doggy, and that is why it is a go-to position for people seeking a little bit of squirting in their sex lives. Try it out, and we can guarantee it will go easy on you.

Reverse Cowgirl

reverse cowgirl sex position
If you want to get it a little extreme, and you have the strength to get it done – it is the position you need to try. It is a little physically demanding on your partner, but the pleasure of squirting is worth the physical strain. Just try to find out how to do it (you might need to get some tutorials, it is not the easiest position to go by).


missionary sex position
We know what you are thinking. How can the most common and conservative position be a go-to position for squirting? Missionary is the bomb. The reason why it is the most popular position is that it works. The good thing is there are different variations when it comes to missionaries. Try to find the variation that does it best for you.

Use Sex Toys!

Sex toys were made to enhance sexual pleasure. Use them! Sex toys will get your partner to squirt. There are dozens of sex toys, and you can easily get one that suits both your preference and your wallet. Some of the best sex toys to get your partner to squirt include.


Clitoral stimulation is very important. That coupled up with G spot stimulation can put your partner into a squirt-sponsored delirium. There are a lot of vibrators on the market. The best vibrator you can use is a G-spot vibrator. You need to know how to use a G-spot vibrator to make it work.


Well, if you have a penis, you are probably wondering why you need a dildo. You need it. The double penetration technique has been known to deliver results in the squirting department. With a dildo and a penis, you can penetrate both the anal cavity and the vagina at the same time. If neither one of you has a penis, then it is genuinely a must-have. It is because penetration is quite essential to get you, partner, to squirt.

Try Anal

The Anal cavity has a huge number of nerve endings. Anal sex is quite intense and vigorously stimulating. These are the ingredients you need to make your partner squirt. Some people are a little reluctant to try it out. But if you want to make your partner squirt, it might be the best way to get it done.

That is how you make a girl squirt.

Sexual pleasure is exciting. Getting to see your partner squirt can bring just as much pleasure as yourself orgasming. We know if you follow this guide, you will know how to make a pussy squirt, and we just hope you enjoy it as much as you can. Enjoy the experience, and make sure you repeat it.

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