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How to Have Hot Sex in a Car with Your Lover

If you want to know how to have sex in a car to enjoy it, buckle your seatbelt because we have a lot to talk about!

First of all, I want you to know that almost 60% of Americans have had car sex and enjoyed it, according to the Journal of Sex Research. Men have orgasms in a car more often than women but we’re here to make the situation better for both.

Also, it’s not a secret that cars are usually places where the majority of first sex among the U.S. youth happens. For this reason, it’s even more essential to get a grasp of all the ins and outs of car sex now!

The Top Tips on How to Have Sex in Car

Get comfy

You need to get yourself and your partner comfortable to have enjoyable sex in a car. To do this, discover the best car sex positions that people often use. For example, start with a seated rear entry position where one partner must sit in a reclined seat, while the other partner sits on top of the first person’s penis/strap-on.

The classical pose for oral car sex is when one person is sitting in a driver’s seat, and another one is sucking the penis of the driver. You can move to the back seats to do it, as well. Giving a nice blowjob is pure art but everyone can master it.

Make sure no one’s watching you

How to have sex in the car and not get sued by anyone? Don’t do it in public places! I know that it’s so horny to have sex in unexpected places where you two can be discovered by other people but, please, keep it a fantasy. Not everyone wants to see strangers having sex in a parking lot.

What you can do about it, though, is either wait for the night to come or “have some fun” with your partner where no one can see you (in the countryside, for example). Besides, you can use incredible vibrating panties in public places to receive pleasure so that no one finds out.

Use protection

A condom is a magical pill if you’re looking forward to finding out how to have sex in your car safely. If you have sex with a condom, you not only prevent unwanted pregnancy but protect yourself from STIs and other diseases. It may sound cliché but you can’t be too careful with sex.

Did you know that some condoms can make men last longer in sex? These little things are called delay condoms and can be enjoyed everywhere, including a car. So, if you happen to have a quick cumming problem in your couple, give delay condoms a go!

Making use of these tips and tricks is beneficial, even if you need to learn how to have sex in a small car. If you use the best poses for car sex, choose a proper place and time for it, and always use protection, you’ll have a hell of a sex experience in the car!

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