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How to Get Hard Fast: Tips and Tricks

For some people, getting an erection is light work, but certainly not for all of us. In fact, for most sexually-active men, getting that raging boner is a lit bit more difficult than they would like to admit. The truth, therefore, is that most guys struggle to get an erection. And while it might not be easy to admit, it kind of weighs down on your sex life. In this article, we will quickly explore how best to get an erection – and get it fast!

Why It Might Be Difficult to Get Hard

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Struggling to get an erection is quite a common problem. There are dozens of causes; let’s talk about some of the most frequent ones.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a complex problem. Most medical experts define erectile dysfunction as a medical condition when a male fails to get an erection; or when they get hard, it won’t be strong enough to sustain a session of sexual intercourse.

In simpler terms, erectile dysfunction is when you fail to get hard at all or not enough to have some good sex. Erectile dysfunction can result in mental health problems emanating from low self-esteem. Several causes provoke erectile dysfunction:

High Blood Pressure

It is one of the most common physical reasons for erectile dysfunction. People with relatively high blood pressure are most likely going to experience this condition. The correlation between the two has been proven by medical researches.

Several other physical health conditions have been known to cause erectile dysfunction. These include heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and sleep disorders. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, chances are there might be a primary cause, which will most likely be one of these physical conditions.

Psychological Causes

It is essential to realize that getting an erection is both a physical and mental process. If your mental psyche is not in a good shape, getting hard quickly might be difficult. It is mainly because you will struggle to completely concentrate on the pleasure at hand.

There are dozens of mental conditions that might result in erectile dysfunction. Depression and anxiety can make you fail to get an erection. If you experience this, you must get checked out for erectile dysfunction. Visit a doctor who can help you determine the root cause of erectile dysfunction and get it solved.


Sex is wonderful! It alone can raise the excitement to the level that we can barely explain. The problem is that it can dampen the whole sex experience. Excitement can result in you failing to get hard, and that can be quite embarrassing.

Excitement can raise your blood pressure. High blood pressure has many effects on your physiology and can result in you failing to get hard.


As already alluded to, getting an erection is as much mental as it is physical. Your mind should be relaxed here if you are to get hard fast. Being stressed out will make it difficult for you to get an erection. Just like depression and anxiety, stress affects your mental psyche.

How to Get Hard Fast

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We have highlighted some of the things that might be making it difficult for you to get hard fast. We are going to give a complete package of tips and tricks to ensure that getting hard isn’t hard.

Dos of Getting Hard Fast

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, the first thing you need to do is to quit it. Heart health is an essential factor when it comes to optimum erectile function. Smoking impedes your heart health and can result in other complications. Smoking causes atherosclerosis, which is a condition when plaque blocks arteries. It leads to heart illnesses, and, in turn, results in erectile dysfunction.

For starters, the nicotine in cigarettes blocks vessels. It will reduce the amount of blood getting to your flaccid penis when you are sexually aroused. The less the blood getting to your penis, the weaker and slower the erection is. Even if you get an erection, if you have low blood flow, you are likely to lose the erection midway through sexual intercourse.


The odd sleeping pattern can result in you failing to achieve optimal sexual prowess. Sleep is essential in maintaining your metabolism, which is related to your sexual health. It is important to get enough sleep. The recommended sleeping duration for an adult is 7 hours. Failing to sleep enough will result in myriad health problems, which include erectile dysfunction.

Sleeping disorder reduces testosterone levels. And it is a proven biological fact that low testosterone levels are correlated to erectile dysfunction. Medical scientists have also proved that sleep deprivation can cause loss of libido.

Use Lube

One of the main reasons why you need to buy a lube is that some kinds of lubes do not just make sex smoother. Stimulating lube is the perfect ingredient to add to the arousal table. If you want an instant hard-on, you need to get it. The best stimulation and warming lube will help you get an instant hard-on effortlessly.

Diet Right

We have already established that heart disease causes erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction hinders the process of getting a boner. One of the easiest tricks to ensure that you get hard instantly is to eat right.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to eating right. It does not necessarily mean you have to adopt a vegan diet or weigh every meal and count calories. The best thing to get to know what foods will do your sex life a lot of good is to visit a nutritionist. They will choose a diet that is completely tailored to you. Dietary requirements that make your sex life explosive might differ, so be sure to select a qualified nutritionist.

Another thing you need to consider is alcohol intake. A few drinks here and there will not do your boner any harm. But scientists have suggested that excessive alcohol consumption can affect your ability to quickly get an erection.

Use Sex Toys

The advent of technology has given us sex toys. Vibrating cock rings can get you an erection in no time, and the best part is you can adjust the vibrations, talk about living in the future now. Vibrating cock rings are also easy to wear, and if you no longer want them, you can remove them during sex.

Use Medication

Lifestyle changes can help you get a boner fast. We understand that old habits die hard, and it might be difficult to get rid of some of your habits. Even for the most focused individuals, getting rid of some things they like might take time to show results. The good news is there is a shortcut that works.

Medication can be used to boost your sexual abilities and ensure that you get rock hard instantly. There are varieties of sex enhancing drugs that can boost your sex life. These medication options that will help you get that quick boner include:

Viagra (Sildenafil)

If there was ever a drug that has kept hopes up (pun intended) for a long time, it is Viagra. Viagra is a sex enhancer that makes it relatively easier to get an instant hard-on and keep it for a very long time. The best part about Viagra is that it is FDA approved. Regardless of where you are, there is always a pharmacy selling Viagra.

Take the Viagra, wait for an hour or so, and get ready to last for 5-6 hours. That is enough time to deliver you that sexual satisfaction you and your partner crave.


It is how to get rock hard instantly without hassle. The drug’s effect can last for up to 36 hours. It means that you can enjoy sex for a longer time without having to worry about losing an erection or failing to get one fast enough.

Cialis is efficient, and according to some sources, the side effects are not that pronounced. It does not mean, however, that you have to overdose. The effects of overdosing can be adverse and may differ from person to person. But it is always a good idea to stick to the doctor’s instructions.

Using medication to enhance your boners works, but there is a strong need to make sure that you constantly consult with your physician. If there is anyone who knows your health better, it is your doctor.

Don’ts of Getting Hard Fast

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Doing all the above mentioned can only work if you also drop certain habits. Some of the things you should not do if you want to enjoy sex and make sure that you get that erection quickly include:

Do Not Watch Porn

Porn tends to reduce your sensitivity to seduction. Of late, there has been an emerging phenomenon that has been referred to as Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction. The main cause of this type of erectile dysfunction is excess porn watching.

Porn hurts what is called the reward sensitivity on the brain. The effects of this are quite adverse and might result in advanced levels of erectile dysfunction. It can become really difficult to get aroused if you watch porn a lot.

Make sure that you avoid getting addicted to porn. You do not want virtual sex to ruin real-life sensations. Leaving porn can be difficult, but the good thing is that it can be succeeded.

Do Not Be Afraid

One thing that results in men failing to get hard quickly is the fear of failing to get hard quickly. Most men are excessively self-conscious when it comes to their sexual ability issues. You do not have to fret over it – that is the first step to mastering sex. Stressing will do nothing but make it more difficult for you to get a boner.

Do Not Use Sex Enhancement Drugs without a Prescription

Using drugs on your own can have adverse effects not only on your sex life but on your entire health. Some medications have side effects that might be life-threatening in the worst-case scenarios. It becomes essential to only use sex-enhancing drugs under the supervision of a medical practitioner. Another reason to only use medical sex-enhancing drugs under supervision is that certain medications might react differently for different individuals.

Getting hard fast is very important. It helps you avoid that awkward pause in between sex and foreplay. If you want to enjoy sex without the limitations of erection, you need to make sure that you follow these tips and tricks. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and make sex not just breathtaking but unforgettable!

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