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How to Cum More: Ways to Produce More Cum

Male orgasms are so ecstatic that we can authoritatively say that it is one of the most exciting feelings on this planet. We can’t even describe how pleasurable male orgasm is, but rather, it takes one who has experienced it to agree that nothing rivals it. The only downside to it is that orgasms are not long enough, well, for some people. For others, it is long and pleasurable, and we will explore why that is so in this brief piece on how to cum more.

Most people might not know it, but there is a strong correlation between the ejaculate/cum you produce, and how pleasurable the orgasm is. The bigger the load, the more pleasurable the orgasm is most likely going to be. There are a lot of factors that affect the amount of cum. We will be looking at some of them and teach you how to make yourself cum more.

What You Need to Know About Cum

You already know that cum is scientifically the male discharge that is produced during sexual arousal and orgasm. In most instances, it is produced after orgasming, but there are other rare cases. Men over the years have become more concerned with the amount of cum. It is probably mainly due to the popularity that porn has gained over the years. You have probably seen porn stars shooting a huge rope-like load, and most people want to know how to produce more cum.

What Is the Normal Amount of Cum Produced by Men

On average, males produce between 1ml and 5ml of cum when they ejaculate. If you are not familiar with the metric system, then you would be surprised to know that 5ml is only the size of a teaspoon. That is the average, but several men can produce way more than that, and we will tell you how to have more cum.

Why does the Amount of Cum Produced by Men Differ

The difference in the ejaculation volume of men can be attributed to several factors. The main of them are genetics, age, and the size of the seminal vesicles. The seminal vesicles are generally the source of the ejaculate, and their size has a lot of effect on the amount of semen you produce. Age is also another essential factor: men reach their peak ejaculation volume around thirty and begin to drop from 50 going upwards.

Is the Amount of Cum Produced Important?

In terms of fertility, medical doctors have proved that the amount of cum does not correlate with fertility. It means that more cum does not signal that you are more fertile. In many instances, doctors have also mentioned that people that have vasectomies can produce just as much ejaculate as people that have not had vasectomies. It means that as a measure of fertility, the amount of cum is somewhat insignificant.

The fact that the amount of cum you produce is not a measure of fertility does not render it unimportant. If you have ever ejaculated, you can agree with us that ejaculation is an exciting experience. There is no way that we can describe and put the euphoria to paper, but it’s breathtaking. It means that the more you cum, the more exciting it certainly will be. As a source of pleasure, the amount of cum you produce is quite essential, and you need to know how to make more cum.

Some studies have also shown that people unsatisfied with the amount of cum they produce tend to suffer from anxiety regarding their sexual performance, fear of failing to satisfy their partners, and relationship distress. If all these problems persist, they may lead to some serious mental health issues. It then becomes essential to make sure that you are satisfied with the amount of cum you produce.

Can You Produce More Cum?

Well, yes. It is possible to increase the size of your load. Countless tips can help you produce that load you have always dreamt of, and most of them are inexpensive. The great news is that we will be talking about some of the best methods out there for how to cum more.

How to Produce More Cum (The Dos)

Increasing the size of your load might not be a one-day process, and that is why it is important to note that you have to be patient. Now we can look at some of the best tips that will give you a bigger load.

Eat Healthily

Remember the adage that said “You are what you eat”. Well, they were also talking about the size of your load. Eating healthy will help increase the amount of cum you produce when you ejaculate. By eating healthy, we do not mean just buying some unpalatable food from Wholefoods. There are certain nutrients and food types that you should ensure you consume.


Antioxidants are essential in ensuring that your body maintains balance and keeps fit. Antioxidants increase your sperm count, which is also correlated to the total amount of cum produced. Antioxidants also tend to improve the quality of your sperms, which is also another point for fertility. The main sources of antioxidants are fruits and vegetables, broccoli and cabbages being some of the leading sources.


Meat might not be the best thing for somebody’s health or wellbeing, but the story is quite different when it comes to increasing the size of your load. Red meat has been known to increase the amount of Zinc, which is an essential mineral in terms of ejaculation. Getting a decent supply of Zinc will help make sure that you increase the amount of cum you produce. Some of the other foods that are also rich in Zinc include turkey and oysters.


Nearly the entire notion of your body care is in a way related to your physical fitness. Being physically fit will help you ensure that your body is in great shape. It will also assist in allowing you to have the best sex that will lead to a better orgasm. You have to understand that the more intense the sex, the more likely you will produce a huge amount of cum. You can try some of the following exercises.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises have been known to increase muscle strength over the years. If you know that your penis is a muscle, you will find out why Kegel exercises are handy. They will make you produce a bigger load, and, on top of that, they help your penis to shoot longer semen ropes. If you are already on an exercising routine, it can be a very good idea to shift focus to Kegel exercises.

NB: If you are already on an exercise routine, talk to your trainer on how to effectively exercise to increase your load.

Use Supplements

We have already established that there is a correlation between nutrients and the amount of cum you produce. One thing that might get you to increase the amount of cum is using supplements. Certain studies have shown that if used correctly, supplements can indeed increase the amount of ejaculate.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin C is one of the main constituent minerals in semen, and supplementing it might be a perfect pathway in increasing the amount of cum you produce. The best part about vitamin supplements is that they usually come in as a package with several vitamins rather than just one.

Sex Supplements

There are a dozen of supplements that help in ensuring that you have great sex. Some of these sex supplements help in avoiding erectile dysfunctions, and some could delay ejaculation. There is evidence that some of them might also help in ensuring that your load is huge. Black Maca and Gokshura are some of the examples that have been proven to increase ejaculate.

Use Sex Toys

Sex toy developers have managed to create an array of sex toys to deal with some sex issues. You might also be glad to know that certain sex toys will help increase your load. The best part about adding sex toys to your game is that they are usually easy to use and are not too demanding (compared to the other tips here). The best example is certainly a cock ring.

Cock Ring

The cock ring is mainly known for its super-sized erection abilities, but that is not the only thing that it does. Most people that use cock rings have confirmed that they have significantly increased the amount of cum they produce when they ejaculate. The best part about a cock ring is that it is easy to use and not very expensive. As a bonus, the cock ring will also increase the intensity of your orgasm.

How to Shoot More Cum (The Don’ts)

We have talked plenty about things you should do. Yet, there are also certain things that you should avoid to ensure that you get that mammoth load.

Do Not Smoke!

Smoking will do nothing but affect both your erections and the amount of ejaculate you produce. Scientists have warned that smoking will result in you producing less cum because smoking damages the nerves. Another thing that medical practitioners have warned about is that smoking also tends to affect the prostate’s ability to produce secretions. If you needed a reason to stop smoking, it is certainly a serious reason to call it quits.

Do Not Have Sex When You Are Drunk

Alcohol is a depressant. Having sex under the influence means your brain and muscles might be a little depressed. We have already mentioned how muscles are involved in ejaculation, and you probably also know that sex is mental. It means that to have the best results, both your mental state and your muscles should be great. It is quite the opposite when you are drunk. If you care about the amount of cum you produce, try to have sex when you are sober.

Avoid Frequent Ejaculations

The more frequently you ejaculate, the more likely you will cum a reduced amount of cum. Constant cumming will lead to your cum reserves decreasing. It means that you are most likely going to cum more in the first round than the second. It is just how science works. If you want to increase the amount of cum you produce, try to keep your ejaculations at a minimum.

Science has proved that men that ejaculate after longer periods of abstinence tend to produce a bigger load than men that ejaculate frequently. If you want to increase the amount of cum, it might be a good idea to avoid having sex or jerking off for a day or three. It will certainly increase your cum reserves and inevitably result in you producing a larger load.

Of course, there is no certain science when it comes to the amount of cum you produce. Following these tips, however, will certainly give you an edge in terms of the size of your load. Also, remember that no medication should be used to increase ejaculate that comes without a prescription – happy cumming!

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