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How to Cum Twice: Men’s Edition

Do you want to surprise your partner by making him cum more than once in one night? Or maybe you’re a guy who wouldn’t mind the double sexual pleasure? In this guide, we’re going to share with you more about the male orgasm and look at ways to reach multiple sex peaks for men. Are you ready?

You didn’t know this about the sexual function in men…

We’re talking about the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. Yep, these are two separate things, and one doesn’t necessarily mean the other. The National Center for Biotechnology Information studied the two concepts and concluded that orgasm is “an intense transient peak sensation of intense pleasure”, while ejaculation is “a complex physiological process composed of emission (sperm creation) and expulsion (sperm release)”.

After men orgasm, they go through the “refractory period”. This is when the body rests after it releases lots of sexual energy. Most guys can’t go for another round since they’re exhausted after sex. And, this is why multiple orgasms seem so out of your grasp.

Another interesting thing about orgasms is that only 1 out of 10 men aged 20-30 can cum several times at once. This number is even smaller for those aged 30+ and reaches up to 7% of men. So, if you thought that young dudes can orgasm as much as they want, you were wrong.

Can you do something about it?

It doesn’t hurt to try! We’d say you must try if your partner’s sexual well-being is at stake. So, this is how to make him cum twice without stress:

Give him a blowjob

This is probably the easiest and the most effective way to bring x2 pleasure to your loved one. If you’ve never done it, watch some porn to get useful insights and follow this step-by-step guide. But, if you already have experience in this field – well, you know what to do.

We recommend giving your partner a blowjob before penetrative sex because he will both receive tons of pleasure and last longer during the second act. Besides, to boost the pleasure, use male sex toys like a blowjob masturbator, a bullet vibrator, or nipple clamps.

Play with his G spot

If you’re wondering how to make a guy cum twice, make your research on the male G spot. Yes, men also have it, and it is called the prostate. It is an organ of the male reproductive system that is located around 2 inches inside the rectum. The prostate is of a walnut size but it tends to increase as you age.

The scientists say that prostate orgasms are considered to be more intense than penile orgasms, and thus they’re worth your attention. To stimulate the prostate and let him orgasm multiple times, you may use your finger. Use some lubricant on the anus, wear a condom on a finger, and gently move it around and in and out of the anus. Another way to do it is through prostate massagers or other sex toys for men.

Increase sexual stamina

Stamina in sex is the ability to last longer until you cum. In most cases, males have low stamina and can have sex for around 2-5 minutes before they ejaculate. They can control neither the sperm releases nor the orgasms. Thus, they suffer from a decreased self-esteem and poorly perform in bed.

This impacts the way they orgasm. So, if you want to know how to cum twice – increase sex stamina. The best way to do it by physical exercises, especially pelvic floor ones. Use Kegels to help you through this. Active lifestyle, a normal 8-hour sleeping schedule, and healthy eating habits will not only boost your stamina but improve your overall life quality.

Summing things up

So, how to cum twice in a row? For example, by trying something new like blowjobs, prostate stimulation, and Kegels. We get that it may look overwhelming to do everything at once, so pick one of those activities for starts. Besides, if your partner or you can’t cum several times in one night, you’re not alone.

First and foremost, relax and treat sex as a fun game, not some kind of exam. After that, adopt a healthy lifestyle and enjoy its benefits (which are usually long-term). Finally, experiment in bed and don’t be afraid to use different toys. You’ll do great!

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