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Homemade Anal Lube. What Can You Use as an Alternative?

Thinking of getting a bit frisky and get exploring the forbidden fruit: anal sex? Now, whether you have a pleasant experience or a terrible one depends on how well you prepare, and lube is the key element of your preparation always. It’s, therefore, safe to conclude that the best anal lube makes for the best anal sex experience!

Get Prepared Properly!

Remember, anal sex can be pretty painful without the proper lubrication, more so if it’s your first time doing it. Besides the pain, it can be very damaging if done forcefully, so you better tell your partner to go slow and easy to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. A bit of toy play can also help to loosen up, so getting yourself a nice collection of the best anal toys can make the experience even less of a hustle. Now, in the event that you’re caught a bit unprepared, let’s explore some effective lube alternatives that you can use at home without having to mix up some complex ingredients.

List of the Most Appropriate Alternatives


This is easily the traditional go-to lube alternative. Vaseline has long been established to be harmless when used internally, so it’s a pretty safe choice. However, it tends to increase the friction element a bit and doesn’t stick for very long, so make sure you have plenty of it handy. Using Vaseline as anal lube means you’ll have to take it slow at fast as your partner relaxes more and more, and the friction element decreases.

Baby Oil

The use of baby oil as anal lube is much more popular than you may think. Before all these fancy anal lubricants came around, it was one of the best homemade anal lubes available. Baby oil has just the perfect properties that make it ideal as a lube alternative: a fine oily texture for a slippery effect and natural ingredients that makes it harmless for internal body use.

Coconut Oil

Got some coconut oil close by? It is also a great homemade lube alternative that does the job perfectly fine. Using coconut oil as anal lube also gives you the benefit of the sweet scent. It can easily set the mood for you with that sweet aroma, and the smooth texture ensures that penetration isn’t much of a hustle, even for the first time. To spice it up further, you can mix about 100 ml of coconut oil with four drops each of these essential oils: lavender, geranium, and jasmine. You won’t be disappointed by the result!

Olive Oil

This is another great lube alternative for anal sex. Olive oil is a great natural choice, with pure ingredients that are harmless when used for anal penetration. Its smooth texture is just perfect for creating that slippery surface, which makes it all go smoothly. Of course, the use of olive oil as anal lube isn’t pretty common, with most people reserving its use to the kitchen, but trust me it does the job perfectly! Just make sure it’s unflavored and in its natural state, and you’re good to go.

Aloe Vera Gels

This another great natural anal lube can be used in its original state. Just avoid aloe-vera products and go for pure aloe-vera gel. However, remember that aloe vera gel is rarely sold in its 100% pure form, you can expect to get about 90-98% with some additional elements for preservation, flavorings, or scents. Make sure those additives aren’t something you’re allergic to before using it.

Ready, Set, Go for Pleasure!

As we wind-up, don’t forget to throw in some protection while you’re at it. Just because you can’t get pregnant the back way doesn’t mean you can’t get an STI. Also, with these home-made lube alternatives, take extra care not to rip the condom because some of them tend to dry up a bit faster or affect the condom texture (oils based lubricants shouldn’t be used with latex condoms because they may cause them to break). This is more prominent with mineral oils, according to research by the National Library of Medicine. It’s best to take frequent breaks and reapply it when necessary. You can check out more helpful tips on how best to prepare for anal sex on our blog. Enjoy!

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