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G-Spot Anatomy and How to Find It

The G-spot has been a contradictory topic for many years. The thorough research started back in the 1940s, but only in 1981, this spot was named after German gynecologist Gräfenberg and became the G-spot.

Even if you like many others are still in doubt about its existence, let’s think of millions of women who have experienced that enormous pleasure and are pretty confident about the female G-spot.

What is the G-spot?

So, the G-spot is an erogenous area in the vagina, stimulation of which may bring a powerful orgasm and even ejaculation in some cases.

According to Deborah Sundahl, the G-spot is not simply a “spot” what people imagine, in fact, it is an organ that can be felt and stimulated through the vagina wall. When the G-spot is aroused, there are more chances to feel its swollen bean shape.

As every woman is unique, the same is the G-spot. It varies in size and a sensitivity level. Therefore, even though you cannot “find” the G-spot doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Maybe the reason is that you are looking in the wrong place, or your G-spot might lack sensitivity.

The Anatomy of the G-spot

At first, let’s have a look at the anatomy of the G-spot, in other words, where it approximately is located. Why approximately? Because a woman’s body is one-of-a-kind like fingerprints – you won’t meet the same.

As stated, the G-spot is located at a depth of 5-8 cm that equals 2-3 inches from the entrance to the vagina. Its dimensions are on average only 1-3 cm (0.4-1.2 inches).

g spot location

How to find the G-spot?

So, as you can see, it doesn’t hide far away. And I believe, what interests you most is how to find the G-spot. The best way to do that is lying on a back.

If you decide to do it with your partner, then a man should make you relaxed and aroused, as your G-spot is the most sensitive and becomes swollen at that moment. Of course, long preliminary petting is a plus. Encourage your partner to pay attention to nipples, lips, clitoris.

Yet, if your partner is not into long preludes, you have an opportunity to begin exploring your body on your own and then continue with the G-spot stimulation together. For a better effect, create a relaxed atmosphere and put a pillow under your buttocks.

Then lie on your back and insert two fingers in the vagina with the palm up. Start moving in there the way you would draw circles, slowly and mildly up to assertively, and combine it with in-and-out movements to hit the front wall.

In the beginning, you may feel a slight call for urination. And it is OK! Because later, it will transform into a bright pleasure.

The most important thing is being relaxed and attentive to your body. Don’t give up after a first unsuccessful attempt because discovering this magical spot may take time, and it is worth that.

The Poses and Sex Toys to Help Stimulate the G-Spot

If you find it complicated to explore the G-spot with fingers, then the following strategies are for you. Of course, the G-spot is stimulated most during vaginal intercourse, however, you should know about one of the biggest myths on this topic.

In fact, there are some misconceptions that a big penis will guarantee you the G-spot orgasm. The editors of the Women’s Health Magazine claim size doesn’t matter, but strategic pressure is really important as well as a pose. You and your partner should start experimenting in bed without neglecting petting.

To make the process of finding the G-spot more exciting, you can try out different poses and sex toys. Let’s first have a look at the poses that will help your partner hit the G-spot for maximum.

Although the really powerful poses that help stimulate the female G-spot are limited, luckily, they do exist.

Here is the top of them:

  • Legs Up Missionary – a woman lies on her back with knees on the chest – one of the best ways to enjoy a man for full.
  • Doggy Style – even better when a woman’s legs are close to each other and squeeze the penis from inside.
  • Cowgirl – a time to ride a man and be in control of your feelings.

There are few more poses for amazing G-spot orgasm that you could miss, yet you can check them out here.

The G-spot Vibrators and Dildos

Unlike the clitoris orgasm, the G-spot orgasm requires not only manual stimulation but also vaginal penetration. To achieve the best results, vibrators come in handy. You know that they vary in shapes, sizes, and colors, but which one do you need?

It is important to find the right G-spot vibrator among many others because it can evoke unforgettable feelings and become a great supplement to your sexual preludes and the intimate process itself.

On the other hand, some dildos can stimulate the G-spot not worse than vibrators. Thanks to their curved shapes, dildos easily hit the G-spot. Moreover, you and your partner can stick to an anal dildo. In this way, your vaginal canal narrows down, and both of you will experience exclusive feelings.

The G-spot Orgasm

How will you know that you have found out where the G-spot is? You will feel a strong internal sensation.

It is also worth mentioning that by this point, you should be already sexually aroused. And it doesn’t matter if you are after or in a period of ovulation. If you have found the G-spot, you will definitely feel it.

Besides, a correct stimulation of the G-spot can lead to a woman’s ejaculation. Yes, it is real! Squirting is a so-called visible result of female orgasm. It is a leakage of fluid from a woman’s vagina at the peak of orgasm.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be your main goal because only 10-40% of women can experience squirting orgasms. So, if you don’t ejaculate, it doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong.

Final words

Don’t rush trying to find your G-spot. Take your time to learn your likes and preferences. As you see, there is no exact way how you can find the G-spot, but you can achieve maximum pleasure in the process of looking for it at first.

Experiment with the amplitude and the strength of pressure. Make love in different poses and use sex toys. Also, don’t forget of lubricants that smooth your experience and add extra delight.

Only constant experiments with your body will aid you in discovering new joys of sexual life. So, we wish you inspiration and patience for that!

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