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Best Female Masturbation Techniques to Master

Once upon a time, masturbation was regarded as taboo. Boy, we are glad that those dark ages have passed because we would have missed out on one of the best experiences known to humankind. 96 percent of women who masturbate orgasm. That means with masturbation, orgasms are pretty much guaranteed. The main reason why the other 4% are not cumming is that they are doing it wrong. We are about to change that though.

Is It Ok to Masturbate?

Before we teach you how to masturbate the right way, we have to put an age-old question to rest. Is it ok to masturbate? The answer is yes. You don’t have to take our word from it, though. Take Ashley Townes word, who is a Ph.D. holder and a sexual health expert. According to her, “Masturbation is absolutely normal”. There is no reason for you not to pick a favorite masturbation technique from our list and use it.

Best Female Masturbation Techniques

There are several female masturbation techniques. These include the following ones.

Squat Technique

If there was ever a perfect masturbation technique, it has to be the squat technique. The technique, which has gained a lot of appeal over the years, infuses discomfort and pleasure in ways that we have never thought possible. If you are not convinced, we are sure that knowing how it works will tickle your sexual fancy.

How does it work? Well, simply, the most important thing is being in position, the squat position. If you have ever been to the gym a couple of times, you have probably done a bit of squatting. All you have to do is squat in a way that your thighs are in contact with your heels and maintain that position. You must do this on a floor or solid ground.

Squatting on your comfortable bed might prove to be quite a hurdle. Once you are in this position, use one hand to finger yourself. Make it very rapid: the squat position is not the most comfortable you would want to be squatting for a long time. Alternatively, you can use a dildo for penetration. That’s the ideal way to get yourself to cum hard and quick.

Using a dildo will certainly cut it, but we know something that can make it better: combining penetration with clitoral stimulation. You deserve the best in life, and if you don’t know what the best is, this is it. Make sure as you use one hand to penetrate, the other one is stroking your clitoris. What you might not know, though, is that it’s not only the direct clitoris. That is the area that works for sexual stimulation. Rather, the whole area surrounding the clitoris is a landmine of sexual pleasure. Work on it and work on it well. It should be breathtaking.

Why does it work so well? That’s probably what you are asking yourself about the squat position. Well, there are two main reasons why it works. The first one is because you can combine both clitoral stimulation and vaginal stimulation. You can’t beat that at all, you can’t. It has to be something you have never heard before. The vaginal G spot is just about 2 cm into the vagina. It’s that close, but the reason why your partner never seems to reach it is that they are using the wrong position. The squat position is right in every sense of the word. If you do it right, trust us you are assured of an explosion of sexual pleasure. Give it a try.

Depth and Vibration Technique

Just like how the name sounds, the depth and vibration method is deep. The two best female sex toys are without a doubt the two best sex ever. They are wonderful and have made masturbation a whole vibe for females in all parts of the globe. Have you ever imagined how intense a penetration orgasm and a clitoral orgasm all at the same time would be? You don’t have to imagine because that’s exactly what the depth and vibration method brings to the table.

The depth and vibration method uses two sex toys. That is the dildo and the vibrator. There are many variations when it comes to these toys (of course, they are the most popular sex toys ever). You can use any variation. But we recommend you use a silicone dildo and a wand vibrator. These two are the perfect combination. The wand vibrator is intense but also light and easy to maneuver. A silicone dildo is flexible and will stay in place. At the edge of pleasure, it can be difficult to control both, and you need one to stay in place as your maneuverer with the other. That is the answer to this how to squirt question.

Several positions will do justice to the depth and vibration technique, but very few come close to missionary. Touted as one the most basic sex positions out there, missionary still seems to get self-entangled in the top parts of sex pleasure. The reason why it works is that the position is simple and comfortable. The only thing you have to focus on is your pleasure and comfort.

Reflection Technique

This technique has existed for quite a while in BDSM circles. Over the past years, though, the technique has been making strides in the mainstream sex scene, and you must give it a try. The act requires you to go a bit extreme in terms of equipment, but in the end, the orgasms you get will be worth every penny you spent on equipment.

The method, which is also known as the mirror method, uses a full-length mirror to make the masturbation experience worthwhile. If you have ever watched porn, you can agree that there are very few things that compare to it. One thing that comes close, though, is watching yourself enjoy masturbating. That is exactly what the reflection method exploits.

The reflection technique is easy. All you have to do is go in front of the mirror and get your hands all over yourself. We recommend that you incorporate sex toys, though, to make the whole experience edgy just how you would want it.

You must dress up and clean up for this technique. Remember, someone is going to be masturbating to your reflection: that is you. We recommend you wear some sexy lingerie.

Double Penetration

Ok, you probably already know this, but after the clitoris, the anal cavity is the best source of sexual pleasure. Anal penetration with a partner might be something you detest, but anal solo play is a marvel. There is every reason for you to try anal masturbation. It is wonderful, but do you know what’s better than a marathon of anal pleasure? The answer is double penetration.

For this one, you need two dildos or a dildo and a butt plug. We recommend that you get yourself a butt plug, though, to get the premium experience.

All you have to do is insert your butt plug or dildo in your anal cavity. It might be painful for first-timers. But with some female lube, the experience can be quite smooth. Water-based lube is one of the best lubes for women available on the market. Once inserted, make sure you turn it on if it’s a vibrating dildo or plug. The secret to getting that prolonged orgasm lies in the anal penetration to make sure that it is secured.

For your vagina, use a dildo and penetrate. One thing that makes double penetration stand out is that it tends to mix a bit of pain with pleasure. It might be a bit painful, but the orgasm is worth every flicker of pain.


We saved the best for last. Edging is the gold standard when it comes to masturbating techniques. You have probably heard of edging before, and you have probably tried it out. The technique is great and can be used in collaboration with other techniques to give you the ultimate masturbation orgasm.

Edging is a simple technique. All you have to do is masturbate (whatever way you like). We recommend that you use it together with the squatting technique. Once you are near a peak or once you are about to orgasm, stop abruptly. Then start over and stop again right before the pleasure peak. You can do this several times until you feel you have gone all the way and explode sexually. In essence, all you are doing as you are edging is bottling up orgasms and then releasing it all at once. The tsunami of pleasure that comes with edging can be difficult to handle, especially for first-timers, but we can guarantee that you will enjoy it above everything else.

Edging can take quite a while to master. Don’t beat yourself up if you fail to stop the first or second time. With practice, you will eventually get the hang of it.

Nothing comes close to masturbation, especially with the best techniques. Try it today!

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