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Best Public Places to Have Sex

Once upon a time, everyone has imagined having sex in public places. If your imagination had not conjured the image for you, you have probably come across a scene where it happens in a movie or porn. The fetish is quite common if the number of search hits it gets is anything to go by. Is it possible to have sex in a public place? Well, we will be answering this question and more in this article.

The first thing that we have to make clear is that yes, it is very possible to have sex in a public place. The best part is if it goes well, it can be incredibly mind-blowing. The thrill and the suspense that comes with the experience are enough to quench any amount of fetish thirst. There are certain things, though, we have to list that are important in making your public sex session exciting.

Don’t Get Caught

The first point of call is to ensure that whatever happens, you don’t get caught by law enforcement. In most states, if not all of them, having sex in a public place is regarded as public indecency and is punishable by law. The penalties can get harsh: make sure that as you enjoy your bedroom party in a public space, you watch out for the cops. One thing, though, is that the fact that having sex in public might be illegal tends to make it even more thrilling. The thrill is only enjoyable if you don’t get caught.

Get Consent

We know that in some instances, the urge to get sex going in a public space can be quite strong. It is essential, though, to first get consent from your partner before deciding to devour the “forbidden fruit” in a public place. Pulling out your partner’s penis and inserting it into your privates without permission, worse in a public place, can cause some extreme problems for you and your partner. Bringing up the topic might be difficult, but it is certainly worth the effort. The last thing that you would want is your partner feeling very uncomfortable. It pretty much takes away the thrill and the excitement from the experience.

Choose the Perfect Spot

Not all public places are stable for some kinky genital to genital action. There are several factors that you have to factor in before deciding to set your pants down and get the sex going. The first thing is “privacy”. We know the reason for having public sex is to get rid of privacy, but lots of prying eyes can cause problems, legal problems, to be exact. Choosing not-so-great places to have sex in public can ruin the whole experience for you and your partner. This and several other reasons make your choice of location an integral factor in the outcome of “public sex”.

The Best Public Places to Have sex

If you do decide to go down the public sex pathway, here are some of the good places to have sex in public that will certainly suit your fetish and fancy.

The Beach

couple on the beach
The normal beach is characterized by nudity, fun, sand, and, yeah, sex, lots of it. Nearly everyone has had a fetish for getting banged or banging at a beach. It is mainly because half the people at a beach will be horny as hell. The beach setup makes the idea of public sex quite palatable, even for the most conservative couples. One thing about the beach, though, is that there is barely any cover. And if you do decide to have sex, you are going to be a little incentive.

The first trick for breathtaking beach sex is the blanket trick. If you have a blanket, you can always put it over you and your partner and get banging. People rarely ask questions; this trick will keep people out of your business.

The second trick if you do decide to get the nasty going on a beach is the water method. Getting in the water will give you all the cover you need. The only problem, though, is that the water might be a bit too cold to allow for an erection, but we know you will find a way around that on your own.

Public Toilets

If you have watched a couple of movies, we know for a fact that you have seen a movie scene where people have sex in a public bathroom. The good thing is you can easily pluck out the experience and enjoy it yourself. The main reason why public bathrooms are one of the best places to have public sex is that they are placed in a public setup, but they still provide a bit of privacy.

The surfaces in most public bathrooms are dirty, so it might be a good idea to travel with some wipes to ensure that as you enjoy the sex, you won’t have to worry about germs.

If the doors can locked, it might be a good idea to lock the public bathroom as you enjoy some quality time. If they aren’t available, though (mostly the case), you just have to do it and get the full premium public sex experience. If people walk in, they will just have to do their business, mind it, and leave you and your partner alone. Fancy some standing sex? Well, there is no better place to have it than a public toilet.

The Library

One of the places you would expect to have a collective memory is the library, and you would be right. One thing you might not know is that most people tend to remember libraries for being one of the best places to get mind-blowing orgasms, rather than a place where students quench their thirst for knowledge. The fact that the library is quiet (until your partner or you scream in orgasm) and also is rarely full makes it a prime public location where couples can have exciting sex.

What makes the library so special? Well, the setup for starters is just perfect for sex. The shelves are easily pivoted for your partner if you decide to go with sex styles like doggy. If you are conservative and would want to have “saintly” public sex and go with the missionary position, the library tables and floors will be just perfect.

It is important, though, to make sure that you keep noise to a minimum, and we recommend that you make a plan for gags. As a precautionary note, some libraries are now fixed with cameras to prevent acts like sex from happening. Look out for those!

Parking Spaces

parking lot
Parking spaces are some of the most essential public spots in sex culture. If you have a car, you owe it to yourself to have sex in a parking lot. The parking lot gives you comfort because, for the most part, you are in your car, and you get a chance to keep yourself away from a lot of prying eyes. If your car has tinted windows, you are in luck! You, in a way, have a mobile bedroom. Remember you are paying for parking, and there is no better way to use your parking time than to slot in an explosive sex session into it. Ever heard of a car park blowjob? That right there is a classic. Try it out! People rarely mind if you are having sex in your car, but if you do decide to take it onto the parking lot tarmac, you might have a bit of a problem with people and, of course, the law.

Movie Cinema

couple in cinema
Public sex is something that is plucked right out of a movie. If you want to enjoy a public scene, taking it to a movie cinema will give you a premium experience. Imagine having an orgasm in a full movie theatre. Generally, the best thing about having sex in a movie cinema is that the environment is just serene: from the dim lighting to the noise from the movie. Besides, there are usually comfortable seats. Having penetrative sex in a movie cinema is a bit difficult but not impossible. We believe that the best position to sit if you plan to have sex is at the back of the cinema. Oral sex is a great option for cinema sex, especially first-timers.


empty park
Well, one of the most social places in the community is the park. Over the years, we have learned that one of the most social activities is sex. Imagine having sex in one of the most social areas! Parks offer a serene environment, and the view is spectacular. The fresh air also makes sure that the sex is not musty. The best part is that there are benches and sandboxes in parks. It means that you can enjoy all the sex positions you dream of. As a tip, though, make sure that you go to the park in the early hours or the late hours. Make sure there aren’t any kids around. The last thing you would want would be to be stuck on the sex offenders list over a session of sex.

Public sex is easily one of the fetishes that can make your partner cum fast and hard. Give it a try!

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