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Best Anal Toys in 2022

Best Anal Toys

Toys… Our blog is all about them, but not all toys are created equal. Where some people prefer more standard toys like dildos and pocket pussies, others like BDSM or anal toys. Luckily for this last group, this blog post is all about the best anal toys! To start this … Read more

Best Chastity Cages in 2022

Best Chastity Cages

When you’re looking for BDSM toys, then nothing beats a chastity cage. It cranks up the suspension and skyrockets stimulation. This article will help you to find the best chastity cage for your needs. In this post we go into detail about what things you should look out for when … Read more

Best Gay Sex Toys in 2022

Best Gay Sex Toys in 2022

Finding the best gay sex toys should be at the top of any gay man’s to-do list. There’s nothing better than experiencing the stimulation that a good toy provides and sharing it with a partner… forget about it! Very little even comes close. In this article on the best gay … Read more

The Best Sex Machines in 2022

Best Sex Machines

Sex machines might not be the first thing you think about when sex toys. However, they can be quite a bit of fun and offer a unique level of pleasure. Finding the best sex machine for your situation is a little challenging though… That’s where we come in! We’ve created … Read more