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LELO MIA Review – Your New Purse Accessory

On the website, they have a picture of the LELO MIA looking very sassy sitting inside of a hot little evening bag full of glamorous accouterments for a girl on the go, and I’m thinking, really?

Who keeps a vibrator in her purse??

I don’t know one single person who does that and maybe it’s the crowd I run with, but can I just say that I want the kind of life where I actually have a need for a vibrator like the LELO MIA that fits into my purse.

Seriously, I think I’m just going to carry the LELO MIA around in my purse, just so I can say I have it, and if my kid happens to dump the entire contents of my bag out in a shopping cart in the middle of Target, maybe I can make an old lady or two blush.

But I digress…

The LELO MIA is a cute little thing, a little bigger than a lipstick, and the name actually suits it nicely. Mine is pink, but it comes in purple, too. It’s made of hard, phthalate-free plastic, which I do not really prefer. I actually like phthalates. They make everything feel a little more dangerous like I could get sick any time I use my vibrator.

lelo mia with the box

It’s rechargeable, and it takes 2 hours to charge for 3.5 hours of use and the beautiful thing is that all you need is a USB port and you’re golden! Just pop the little “lipstick” cap off to reveal the USB plug and hook this bad girl up to your laptop, wait a couple of hours, and you’re ready to rumble!

After using it a few times, I think having a built-in rechargeable battery is one of my favorite new trends in vibrators, and who doesn’t have a USB port around? Don’t worry about whipping it out at the critical moment and having a giant FAIL, because there’s a charge indicator light on it right near the controls.

lelo mia package

Also preventing a FAIL moment, are the easy to operate controls with just a plus and minus sign to adjust the four vibrating modes. There’s also a way to lock the controls so it doesn’t turn on in your purse by accident, not that you’d notice if it did.

It’s so quiet that if you close your hand around it, you can’t even hear it. Needless to say that when it reaches its destination, it will be even quieter. You could conceivably whip it out and use it just about anywhere, actually. Not that I really condone public masturbation, but you know. Whatever rings your bell, chica.

And being a clit girl, I was kind of excited to give the little LELO MIA a whirl. I admit that I was a little skeptical though. You look at it and it’s really quite small and just doesn’t seem powerful enough to do the job.

Not that I require like, a jackhammer or anything, but you know. It’s frustrating when the toy you’re using doesn’t quite get you there, but I’m happy to report that the little LELO MIA didn’t disappoint or frustrate. It does quite nicely and is even more impressive when you consider its size.

lelo mia side view

Although I don’t think it’s going to become my go-to vibe, so to speak, it’s perfect for what it’s meant to be – a portable, no-nonsense, quiet little vibe for a girl on the go.

Now, if I can just find someplace more exciting than Target to go to…


Colors: deep rose/petal pink
Materials: ABS/body safe silicone
Finish: glossy/crisp pearl finish
Size: 22 x 111 mm
Weight: 32 grams
Battery: Li-ion 70 mAh 3.7 V
Charging: 1 h at 5.0 V 70 mA
User time: up to 1.5 hours
Standby: up to 90 days

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