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Best Standing Sex Positions for Screaming Orgasms

Casual sex isn’t working for you? Don’t tell me you have no clue about how to reach powerful orgasmic sensations with your partner! Wait, are you serious? Don’t be afraid, dear, you’re not alone.

Yeah, who else has my problem then?

For the record, around 82% of women don’t reach orgasms during penetration, according to the study conducted by American researchers. 82%, Carl! 8 out of 10 women don’t know what it’s like to fly over the moon and get electrified with sweet spasms during sex. Needless to say, men have the opposite situation. A study conducted among college students has shown that 91% of men climax during sex.

What to do to solve this problem?

To tip the balance in favor of women and make both of the partners happy, one needs to be open for changes and up for something dirty. Yeah, we’re talking about standing sex. This type of sex is pretty common. Yet, it’s nothing short of simple, especially compared to lying or sitting sex positions.

If you’ve never tried any standing sex poses, start from adding at least 1-2 of them to your sex routine. It’s also great to mix your casual sex and conduct standing sex evenings to make way for new feelings and experiences. Nothing is better than experiments in sex.

What can I get from standing sex?

Moreover, standing sex positions allow for deeper penetration. A penis or a sex toy comes right where it’s supposed to without missing any erogenous zones. Famous G-spots are triggered more often since both of the partners are putting a little effort to achieve orgasms.

Another benefit of standing sex is that it involves almost all of your muscles. It feels as if you’ve been in a gym after you’re done with standing sex. Even if you’re not a fan of sports, rough sex can help you a lot with keeping yourself fit and your body toned. Bear this cool lifehack in mind.

Don’t forget about your health!

Before you engage in standing sex, use proper protection and enough lubricant. This is recommended to do not only during standing sex but also during other sex positions. Your health must be a priority for you and your partner!

7 Positions to Try if You Have a Poor Imagination

You might think that it’s hard to enjoy sex in this weird and uncomfortable way. To prove you wrong, we’ve made a list of 7 best standing sex positions that are easy to repeat and hard to live without once you’ve tried them.

P. S. We decided not to include complex positions like Standing 69 since it hardly possible to perform if you’re not a gymnast. All of the positions in our top are exotic and pretty simple. Or so we hope.

Shall we?

Standing Doggy Style

standing doggy style sex position
Being one of the most desired sex positions to perform in a shower, Standing Doggy also makes it to the top as the best pose for anal. To make this fantasy a reality, one partner should bend against the wall, while another is penetrating the former from the back. If you want to try it somewhere else, use a chair to lean against it for better comfort. So hot and spicy!

Standing Rear Entry

standing rear entry sex position
The standing up sex position Rear Entry is about you and your partner standing and hooking up. The one who is penetrating can hold the other one by the hands to help the latter keep standing. The partner who is getting penetrated is usually standing at an angle of about 30º-45º faced down. The penetration in this miraculously horny pose is the deepest.

Three-Legged Dog

three-legged dog sex position
Although it sounds funny, the pose is extremely porn-looking in reality. The partners are standing face-to-face. A leg of one of the partners is up and held by another partner. Three-Legged Dog is great for vaginal intercourse and requires little physical strength.

Up Against the Wall

up against the wall sex position
Mind-blowing as it is, Up Against the Wall is your golden ticket to the kingdom of pleasure. By ‘you’ we mean women since this pose is one of the best for women in this list. Again, this one here is best suited for shower sex since the walls there are warm and have enough moisture for sliding. However, not everyone can perform it since, WARNING, the partner who is the penetrator here must be incredibly strong.

Fire Hydrant

kneeling oral sex position
Fire Hydrant is recognized as one of the most popular standing oral sex positions. No matter who is standing, man or woman, both of the partners can achieve the highest level of pleasure while performing this orgasm-stimulating pose. To do it, one has to stand while another is sitting on the floor or knees and performing oral. A good thing about this hot pose is that you can hold the head of your partner and move it the way you want. A little domination has never hurt anyone, right?

The Butterfly

table top sex position
Butterflies are usually associated with something pleasant, beautiful and elusive. Thus, most of you may be surprised to find out that they can also mean a great man standing sex position. To perform the Butterfly, one partner is lying on the table or bed or any other horizontal object, while another one is in the penetration process. The Butterfly is probably the easiest position in this list and requires minimum if no physical strength.

The Dolphin

the dolphin sex position
The last but not the least comes the Dolphin. This position is performed while both the partners are standing. One of the partners who is getting penetrated is standing on one leg while the other one is up and bent. Another partner is also standing on one leg, while another leg is bent so that the legs of both partners form a cross. The pose fits both for anal and vaginal sex.

If you’re still thinking that standing sex is hard for you, start from the Butterfly and Fire Hydrant. Master these two positions and move to more difficult ones. You’re sure to see how easy it is to perform other standing sex positions once you’ve tried at least one of them!

Enough theory, get down to practice!

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