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Shower Sex Positions

Shower sex should be on your bucket list. If it isn’t, it’s okay; it surely will be after you are done reading this! You absolutely need to experience that stimulating, orgasmic rush of hitting it with those droplets of water wildly splashing on your skin and trickling down your joined bodies. Shower sex is a delicate yet satisfying experience that will guarantee you the orgasm and the fireworks climax you crave. Of course, if you do decide to practice it, you should apply the right skills and knowledge, or you risk tripping and falling. If done right, with the right positions, you will surely have your mind blown – guaranteed!

In this little piece, we are going to go over a few positions that you need to have up your sleeve to make your shower sex encounters breath-taking, always. Remember, while shower sex is the extreme sport of sex that delivers a lot of thrill, pleasure, and memorable climaxes, if done recklessly, it may lead to pretty serious injury. As such, it’s always recommended to ensure you have a bathroom rug for a safer experience.

Best Shower Sex Positions

The Ballet Dancer

ballet dancer sex position
It arguably is the most popular of all sex positions in the shower you can do. The ballet dancer requires both of you to be standing right up facing each other under the shower. The one being penetrated then lifts their thigh to waist height or higher, and the one penetrating inserts the penis while holding their partner’s thigh.

Ideally, it should be done while the one being penetrated has their back against the wall to ensure that all the energy and attention goes into the pounding and not to focus on balancing. This position is bound to give you a unique blend of passion and kink when done under a shower, which you will truly not forget.

Upstanding Citizen

upstanding citizens sex position
The upstanding citizen or up against the wall is a silent yet immensely intimate shower sexual position. It is one of the ideal positions for creatively making love. You (the one being penetrated) straddle your partner or simply wrap your legs around their waist as your partner holds you by the thighs and gently places you against the wall.

The slowly timed strokes will surely spark a rush of neurons that will erupt in a volcanic orgasm. This shower sex position is ideal for those rare but golden intimate sexual moments that need a slow but soul-binding and body-connecting tempo.

The Stand and Deliver

stand and deliver sex position
Now, this one is a sure way to O land. The stand and deliver will unlock gates of pleasure that are deep within you, especially when accentuated with the shower. This position is easy to master and helps couples to reach new heights of pleasure.

To do it, both of you need to have your feet on the ground while facing the same side. The woman then bends face down while being supported by perfectly gripping man’s arms while pounding and holding on to whatever they can on you with water hits both your skins. This position is surely going to be a quicker way to have a climax in the shower.

Underwater Doggy Style

doggy style sex position
You are used to doing back shots, but you can level it up by doing it while standing in your shower, with the water hitting your bodies urgently to prompt more action.

With underwater doggy style, both people need to be standing up facing the same direction, with the one being penetrated at the front and the partner at the back. If you are being penetrated, you slightly bend your knees while leaning forward along with your partner at the right angle to penetrate you. The water hitting your backs will surely give you more pleasure as the thrusting begins.

Wet Cowgirl

cowgirl sex position
Wet cowgirl is the wet version of the good old cowgirl. Cowgirl is one of the most popular and easiest sexual positions out there. Now imagine how stimulating it can be if done underwater. If you are up for a wet cowgirl, it can be ideal also for anal penetration. The heavy breathing is just the perfect sound for a proper and pleasure-filled sexual encounter.

To do it, the penetrating partner sits on the floor of the bathroom, either leg straight or cross-legged. The one being penetrated then sits on their partner, perfectly aligned to ensure penetration under the shower. It is a perfectly safe position because you don’t have to endure the risk of slipping as both of you will be down the ground.

The Caboose

caboose sex position
It is another cautious position you need to try under the shower. With the caboose, you won’t fall but enjoy the intimate moment with maxed out pleasure. When doing it, either adjust your shower head or make it the stationary move to a point where the water will hit your bodies, not your faces.

The one penetrating sits on the floor, while the partner comes and sits on their lap slightly in front of them so that the whole penis gets inside the orifice. The caboose is one of the best shower sex positions known because of the safety and pleasure it offers. We recommend that the one being penetrated resort to circular grinding when doing it. It simply maximizes pleasure.

The Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow sex position
If you want to have a spicy shower sex encounter, then this will be one of your best shower sex options. Though requiring you to be a bit sportier, if you pull it off while being cooled or warmed by shower water, you will see why this position is held in such high regard. The wheelbarrow is going to offer you deeper unhindered penetration into your partner while you are in a position to see their body.

To do the wheelbarrow, the one being penetrated touches the floor with their hands while the partner holds their legs up from behind while between them. If the one being entered is sporty enough, they can cross their legs around their partner’s waist. If you do this under the shower, you will have that Hollywood movie style eruption of a climax.

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