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Top 5 Sex Swing Positions

Sex on a swing…is that even possible? Hell, yeah! With sturdy, superbly strong, and soft sex swings, you’re the king of the sex mountain. Although swings are among the best BDSM toys, it doesn’t mean all people can’t enjoy them! Sex swings allow your phantasies to come true in ways you could never imagine!

Are all swings the same?

Nope. That is why you need to decide what sex swing to purchase first. Does it have to stay in your room all the time or need to be removed right after sex? If you’re up for the first option, take a look at ceiling-mounted swings. If a sex swing has to be removed, go for door-mounted swings!

Choose the swing that is the most comfortable to sit in and hold. It means that you need to use the swing with a wide seat and soft handles or straps. You don’t need the grip to be sharp and your hand to hurt.

Should I fasten belts when I’m up for some swinging?

Before going all kinky, make sure you have done all the necessary preparations. That is the proper setting of the swing, checking its weight limit, and stabilizing positions of a swing for you to safely climb it. Try out solo masturbation in a swing first. If everything goes smoothly, call your partner.

How to have sex on this thing?

That’s the question I have been waiting for all this time! There are so many sex swing positions out there that you will never get bored with this sex toy. It does require a little effort to have sex on a swing but you don’t need to be a gymnast, trust me.


sex swing missionary
While being the most popular and simple poses for sex, missionary is also one of the best sex swing positions. The thing with the missionary is that the partner who is penetrating must stand (or lie on the floor/bed) and swing the partner who is being penetrated. The latter should comfortably sit on a swing, that’s it.

However, you’ll see that this type of missionary is something out of ordinary because it looks so much different from the usual M. This way you are likely to have more powerful orgasms.

Doggy Style

swing doggy style
To perform this hot sex pose for swings, lie on your stomach on the swing and hold onto one of the straps. Your hips, breasts, and feet should be placed on other straps. Your partner can go inside you from the back while having your feet wrapped around their waist.

This swinging movement cannot be described. You must feel it yourself! Thus, don’t be afraid to try out something non-cliche and reach out to new opportunities in swing sex.

Swinging Oral

swinging oral
Swinging Oral is the best among door sex swing positions. Why? Because it’s comfy to lean on the door while one of the partners goes down or gives a blowjob to another and vice versa.

It’d be perfect if the partner on the bottom could sit on a couch, chair, or a big bean bag. This way, sex would be highly enjoyable for both of you. Always opt for the best sex swings to forget about the discomfort.


swing cowgirl
Spicy hot this buddy is! All you need to do is occupy your usual position for cowgirl but on a swing. The partner on the bottom has to lie on the straps, while the upper partner sits on top of their penis/strap-on. Watch your ceiling, friends!

You two are floating in the air during sex and are not restricted in movements. Sex gets hotter each time you swing more and more until both of you cum right here! Damn, it’s horny!

Lotus Sex Swing

lotus sex swing
Lotus position suits best if you’re into yoga swing sex positions. The partner who is being penetrated must spread their legs on a swing and hold onto the straps to keep balance. The partner who is penetrating has to sit or stand and do their thing.

Not only do your muscles stretch during sex in this pose but also your bodies get intense. Not in a bad way. The sex energy moves from one body to another and back right until you reach this sweet peak.

The flip side of sex swings

No, we’re not trying to talk you out of buying this amazing toy. It’s just that you need to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of sex swings. First of all, make sure the door for your door-mounted swing is durable. If it’s not, chances are you can slip and bang yourself against the floor. Not sexy, huh?

Secondly, never climb the swing with your partner simultaneously unless you’re 100% sure it won’t break. We don’t need injured butts and broken ankles after sex, do we?

Another thing to remember is to keep the swing as far from children as possible. If your little ones like to lurk around the house in search of something curious, better hide your favorite toys for sex in a safe. Otherwise, your kids may get too interested in these things and use them when they shouldn’t.


The sex swing is a cool toy to own if you’re fed up with dildos and strap-ons. It comes in three main variations – wall-mounted, door-mounted, and ceiling-mounted. There are so many options in the market that it’s totally up to you what swing to purchase.

In addition to being exotic and superb fun to use, a sex swing substitutes a full work-out session since you put physical effort to reach orgasms. However, many sex positions from our list are not as difficult as they might seem from the first sight.

Even if you’re not a fan of sex toys, you can try using sex swings for fun. There are so many ways to apply this incredible device for sex that you won’t be able to sleep. This sex toy is the one that will change sex with your partner once and for all. Good luck!

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