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Best Sex Positions While Pregnant

Are you or your partner expecting a baby soon? Most couples tend to see this as a cock-blocking condition, which is a very misguided view! In fact, several surveys and researches show that most women get hornier when pregnant! It’s totally ok to bang it away whenever she’s in the mood, as long as you stick to the recommended pregnant sex positions!

To help you keep your sex life on track, we have compiled a list of the 9 best sex positions while pregnant, three for each trimester! That’s right, you can have sex up until the final days. However, if you’re worried about some health conditions that you feel can affect your sex life, check out this WebMD piece on sex and pregnancy or have a talk with a gynecologist. Not yet pregnant? Try out these great sex positions to get pregnant!

What’s Sex Like?

Having sex while pregnant is actually more pleasurable. All the woman’s body senses will be heightened causing her to have even stronger and better orgasms! Of course, this doesn’t mean pregnant women are horny all the time.

It’s, however, important to note that laying on your back from week 20 of the pregnancy can be harmful to the baby and its mother. This is because that position will squash the vena cava, which is a vital blood vessel for both persons’ body blood circulation.

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scissor straddle sex position
Let’s kick off with the easy one here. As suggested by the name, this position mimics two scissors cutting into each other. It avoids having any pressure on the woman’s belly while simultaneously keeping her on her back. The vagina will, however, probably feel tighter than usual, enhancing the experience for you both!

To pull it off, the woman lays on her back facing the guy, with her right leg between her partner’s legs. The man will need to lean back a bit from the upright sitting position then push forward to penetrate.

Couch Missionary

couch missionary sex position
If you love seeing your partner’s face during sex, then this is easily one of the best sex positions when pregnant. It is super comfortable, intimate, and poses no threat at all to your baby!

Eager to try it out? The woman lies on her back, right at the edge of a comfy surface like a couch. You can place your feet on the ground or a stool depending on the height of the couch seat or any other chosen surface. The man then kneels in front of the couch, grab the thighs, and pounds away!

Hot Seat

hot seat sex position
This position is all about girl power. It gives the woman more, if not total, control of the act, making sure she’s super comfortable yet still enabling easy and super enjoyable penetration.

All the guy has to do is sit down with legs wide open yet firmly on the ground. A low stool or a flat and basic chair is most ideal. The woman then sits on the dong slowly, facing away, and moves up and down. If she gets tired, she can easily rest by sitting on the man’s lap, leaning to one side to allow the man to gyrate and move up and down!

Doggy Style

doggy style sex position
Just because the baby has grown a bit doesn’t mean you stop copulating like bunnies. The Doggy style is a classic that we all enjoy. It can be executed anywhere you want – on the bed or floor! For those that love anal sex, it’s also a great option among several anal sex positions you can try!

The woman gets on her hands and knees, yes, just like a dog! When pregnant, this position is just magic because it provides the perfect penetration angle from behind. For more comfort so that you can both stay on it longer, you can stuff some soft pillows underneath the belly for support. The woman can also rest with her elbows on a pillow if on a hard surface.


spooning sex position
Of all the sex positions while pregnant, this one can be enjoyed throughout the whole pregnancy! It is very comfortable for you both and allows skin-to-skin contact for greater intimacy. It also allows other sexual play like ear nibbling, neck kisses, boob grabs…you name it!

Both of you should lie on your side, facing the same direction, and with the man behind. Gently penetrate while holding onto the thighs. The woman can also lift her upper leg slightly for easier penetration, especially at the beginning.

Reverse Cowgirl

reverse cowgirl sex position
Kick-off your third trimester with this awesome sex position for pregnant women. It’s all about girl power, the woman taking charge of the session! It is a variation of your typical woman-on-top sex. Those familiar with the regular one will love this slightly modified version, which ensures comfort for both parties.

The man lies on his back, and the woman straddles her facing his legs. From there, it’s all about her, she should control the rate of thrusting, but the guy can hold her waist for better stability.

Table Top

table top sex position
As suggested by the name, you’ll need a flat yet high platform for this one, but please don’t get caught doing it at the kitchen table – ha-ha! It’s super safe for the third trimester, but try to limit the sessions to at most 15 minutes to avoid straining the expecting mom.

The woman sits right on the table’s edge propped up by her elbows. The man approaches from the front, supports her by the thighs, and dives in!

Winding Up

Ready to get back on the horse? Don’t let that pregnancy stop you from doing your bit. Experimenting with all these awesome sex positions will surely tighten your bond and help relieve all the pregnancy-related stresses you may be going through. Just remember, all these sex positions for pregnant women are meant to ensure her comfort and the baby’s safety, so always communicate any discomfort or unusual feelings that you experience during sex. If you’re not into the penetrative sex, you can also try out some awesome oral sex positions. Happy humping!

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