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Top Sex Positions Not to Get Pregnant

Sex is an incredible way to spend time with your partner, isn’t it? But, let’s face it, things sometimes get not that warm and fuzzy when your period is late. Nothing is worse than getting pregnant out of the blue when you’re far from being ready for a baby.

That’s how many girls get pregnant against their will.

Probably every girl thought at least once in life that she was pregnant due to some reasons. According to the research on NIH, 50% of pregnancies in the US are undesirable. Can you believe it? Imagine how many women are having those maternity-related issues this very second somewhere in the world?

What else happens when you get pregnant with an unwanted baby?

Of course, when you find out that you’re pregnant when you least expected it, your mental state may change. A study published on NCBI revealed that among the side effects of undesirable pregnancy are an embarrassment, negative affections, concerns about the future, lack of support from close people, anxiety, and social problems.

Besides, as you might assume, unwanted pregnancy leads to higher abortion rates. Although abortion is a right of every woman, it can damage a woman’s health. Apart from that, if you can’t trust your partner in case of pregnancy, it’s better to stay away from ideas to get pregnant from them.

What to do?

First of all, make sure you use reliable protection. It’s recommended to consult with the doctor before taking any oral contraceptives. Use condoms to be safe and sound and make sure you choose the best ones.

Decent protection doesn’t only help to avoid undesirable pregnancy but also be saved from various STIs. The stakes are high in terms of infection when it comes to unprotected sex. You never know if your partner is 100% healthy unless you ask them to take the test.

Secondly, use the pull-out method or adjust your sex to the menstrual calendar. Everyone knows that the most dangerous time for sex, if you don’t want to have a baby, is in the middle of the menstrual cycle, i.e. in times of ovulation.

Also, you can go through some sex positions to get pregnant and be careful with them from now on. To these poses belong rear-entry, missionary, doggy style, wheelbarrow, and spooning. Some of them are also a part of the best positions for pregnant women.

Do I need to stop making love at all?

Nope, don’t worry about it. All you need to do is learn some of the best sex positions to not get pregnant. That’s it! Promise that you’ll do it since we’ve prepared a list of safe yet horny sex poses for you to try in case you’re not ready for a baby. Shall we?


cowgirl sex position
Are you surprised to see this one here? Well, this buddy seems to hit all the top ratings of sex positions. Even the ones that prevent from getting pregnant. Why so?

It’s physics, to be honest. When you’re on top of the partner, it becomes harder for the sperm to get from your vagina to the uterus. All the sperm is sure to get into the uterus when you’re lying on the back with your hips a little lifted.

Reverse cowgirl

reverse cowgirl sex position
It works the same for the reverse cowgirl. This super-hot and thrilling position not only saves you from millions of babies in your life but also contributes to better quality sex.

However, even if it’s complicated for the sperm to get into the uterus, it doesn’t mean that it can’t do it at all. That is why either use good protection or at least don’t forget to pull the penis out of the vagina during ejaculation.

Standing doggy style

standing doggy style sex position
Standing positions are the most challenging for the sperm to live through. It strives to spill out of the vagina. Besides, these little sex devils are also not that easy to perform.

But, once you’ve mastered standing doggie style, you’ll know how good it feels to have sex in this position. Being the hottest on the sex scene is not easy but it’s totally worth it.

The face-off

the face-off position
This one is one of the easiest positions to do on this list. Both partners are sitting, no one must hold anyone, and everyone receives tons of pleasure from sex. What could be better?

Only knowing that this one here is one of the best sex positions not to get pregnant. Yep, that’s true. The sperm can’t just fly into the uterus and create a new life. It must try really hard to do it.

The chairman

chairman sex position
This one is a pretty exotic pose compared to others in our top. Not many people like experimenting in bed and getting their sex somewhere else in the house. But, don’t do it in front of other people, please.

But, when your sex becomes dull and boring, bring some new sensations to your life by trying out the chairman. Let your partner sit on the chair in the kitchen and dance a little bit for him. Then sit on top and have the best pregnancy-preventing sex in your life!

Other tips and tricks not to get pregnant.

Even if you had sex in the missionary or other pregnancy-friendly position, don’t worry and learn about what you can do to reduce the chances of pregnancy. Besides, you or your partner may not like girl-on-top, sitting, or standing positions at all. Thus, listen up.

Never occupy the lying position after sex. Stand up, walk around the room, or go and do some household stuff. Otherwise, the sperm that is left in your body may swim to the uterus and your carefree life is ended.

But, the best way to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy has always been abstinence from sex, of course. No matter what positions you opt for, or how thick your condom is, there’s always a chance to conceive a baby.

Be careful, make your health a priority, and good luck!

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