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Best Lesbian Sex Positions

Any couple happens to face troubles when it comes to diversity in their sex life with a partner. Lesbians are no exception! In fact, for some girls, it may seem dispiriting that there are only so many sex positions to try with a girlfriend. But don’t worry, we are here to break down this myth!

View of Scientists on Homosexuality

According to the survey conducted by the Williams Institute in 2011, 3.5% of the Americans were lesbian, gay, or bisexual. As the movement for the LGBTQ+ rights has been gaining more popularity and support among people across the globe, many have come out only recently, and, therefore, the number of people who have acknowledged being gay has grown dramatically.

If we take into account more recent surveys, such as a poll carried out by Gallup in 2017, 5.1% of women identified themselves as LGBT. What does this mean? It is an indicator that our society consists of people of various sexual orientations. If you look around closely and read the signs, you will notice that there are many more gay, lesbian, and bisexual people than it seems! Your friends, neighbors, groupmates, or colleagues, some of them are just shy to let the world know what they truly feel.

Moreover, it has long been the general truth that the representatives of the LGBTQ+ community are mentally healthy people with no psychological or physiological peculiarities linked to their sexual orientation. Scientific research conducted by highly interested and motivated people in the realm has resulted in homosexuality being dropped from the list of mental illnesses so that no one can ever use that silly idea as an argument against queer people ever again!

But What Do Lesbians Need in Particular?

Speaking of our fellow lesbians, just like any other human being, they need love, affection, and some quality sex in their life! For this purpose, there is a huge and impressive variety of toys you can use to please your partner and experience satisfaction yourself during intercourse.

As we are going to discuss best lesbian sex positions, please bear in mind that you can always spice up the routine by adding dildos, clitoral and vaginal vibrators, strap-ons, anal toys, womanizers, etc. There are no restrictions, and you can always bring the house down by adding variety to your intimacy!

Now, let’s dig into the marvelous world of lesbian sex position variations and ways to reach orgasm with your female significant other!

Best Sex Positions for Lesbians

The daily grind

It’s so surprisingly simple to feel pleasure in this position where both of you participate and enjoy yourself! All you need to do is lie on your belly next to each other and acquire a cat position with your legs widespread. Both you and your partner do the work with your hands from your partner’s back, as your genitals are open for pleasing and teasing! Mutual hand grind is the key here, so make sure you know how to use those fingers!

Double trouble

This is where you go hard and all equipped to provide maximum satisfaction to your loved one. Womanizers will definitely come in handy if you want to take it a step further! Let your partner lie on their back and spread their legs while you massage their clitoris with the toy or your bare hands and carry out vaginal penetration with a dildo. You can either be gentle or make them moan by getting in deep with some intense movements to it!

The lean in

We all love a good tongue job, right? If you are the one to get pleased, take it easy and relax on your back, while your girlfriend works her tongue down your vulva, making your clitoris grow in size and toughen. Penetration with a finger or two makes the intercourse richer in sensations. Make sure all the sensitive points are involved to make your partner go to cloud nine!

The all-hands meeting

Are you into anal play? Then this one is the right option for you! Your partner gets ready in a cat position on their fours, whereas you use lube (a lot of it!) to play with their anus, better use your thumb here, and make them cum by vaginal penetration as well. You can also massage breasts with a free hand or put a fin-ger into your valentine’s mouth for extra sensations!

The rocket

Eating pussy comes in a variety of forms, including sitting on your partner’s face and making them sweat it for you! Kneel over their face and shoulders and locate your booty on their breasts. Let your partner put their hands on your hips while you sit straight on their face, but be sure to half rise to make it convenient and not as difficult for them to breathe freely. This one is great for clitoris stimulation!

The lazy girl’s 69

What a legend! Used in all kinds of sex in any couple, this position has earned the trust of many for a reason. One of you on top, the other lying underneath while you simultaneously play with your tongues, head inside each other’s inner thigh. Here you can also go higher or lower and lick their anal hole as well if you feel like it. The magic is that both of you get pleased and can orgasm at the same time!

Back that ass up

Similar to a doggy-style position, your partner gets on their four in front of you while you stay behind on your knees. Go in and use your fingers to play with their clitoris or penetrate them vaginally, at the same time carrying out some extra activities, like nipple play or pulling back their hair in a ponytail. Roleplay works just well here too!

These are top sex positions for lesbians that will add spiciness and new sensations to your sexual life. Always remember to get mutual consent and use lube so that you don’t traumatize each other, sex should be pleasurable! Don’t hesitate and ask your partner what they like so that everyone gets what they want!

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