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Fun and Crazy Sex Positions To Enjoy

Most people dream about having wild passionate sex, but they are too afraid to come out of their comfort zones and try something new and exciting. Crazy sex is about experiments. You need to know your body and the body of your partner well to engage in crazy sex.

Missionary, cowgirl, doggy style, and other sex clichés are not what is worth your attention if your soul and body are up for something bad and horny. Nevertheless, when someone asks people what sex positions for great sex do they know, they name these three poses.

Is passionate sex an obligation?

Unfortunately, sometimes couples tend to lack sex drive after years of living together. BMJ Open published a study that showed that around 35% of women and 15% of men lose interest in sex after living with their partner for a year. Sex is a major contributor to the development of romantic relationships and must be treated with due respect.

The more important thing to decide is whether you have ‘obsessive sexual passion’ or ‘harmonious sexual passion’. The former is characterized by the lack of self-control in terms of sex and disintegration from any romantic relationship over time, while the latter is responsible for maximum sex control and high-quality sex life in general.

Sex harmony, or how not to be too obsessed with sex

‘Harmonious sexual passion’ excludes forced sexual interactions with your partner, putting sex higher than enjoyment and making yourself do what you don’t want. To achieve this kind of passion, one has to be honest with oneself and never engage in sex when there’s no sex drive.

Once you’ve fought this obsession about sex and developed a real sex taste and a thirst for it, you need to know what positions are the best for achieving unbelievable orgasms or at least highly arousing and pleasant sensations. Nope, you won’t need any additional equipment or toys, unless you want to yourself.

What crazy sex positions are the best?

Talking about fun sex positions, we usually imagine sex on sex swings, unrealistic bending of the body, and uncomfortable movements that are hard to repeat. But, that’s merely stereotypes. Sex is about fun and not hard labor. To shed some light on some of the most fun and easy sex positions, we’ve decided to make a list of the top 6 poses for crazy sex. Let’s do it!

The Socket

the socket
The Socket is about relaxing, yet it’s not common and widely known. If you want to try out this exotic position, one partner should be lying on the back, while another is standing in a plank on the penis or strap-on faced off.

A great thing about The Socket is that the partner who is down can enjoy a nice view of the butt of the upper partner and spank that naughty ass if they want to. So good, so passionate and so crazy!


waterfall sex position
Another fun sex position to bear in mind is the waterfall. This is a variation of a cowgirl. But the partner who is down is sort of lying with the head down and legs up. The body of the partner who is down reminds a curve, hill, or waterfall.

Besides, this position belongs to the best fun sex positions for her since a woman who is on top is comfortable enough to jump and move how she wants. This position can be tried out on a fitness ball.

The Cross

the cross sex position
This one here is a real devil in G-spot hitting. Not only is it easy to do but also effective and fun to try. One of the partners is lying on the back (a man or a woman with a strap-on). Another partner is lying on top in a crossed direction. The two of you form a cross, hence the name.

The Cross is one of the best sex positions for fun because it’s one-of-a-kind and requires minimum training and physical strength. Also, it looks super-hot if you look at it in porn or imagine this horny cross in your head.

Sit on His Face

sit on his face sex position
Maybe the 69 is the best oral sex position because partners can simultaneously receive pleasure, but Sit on His Face is so exotic that it can blow your mind and the mind of your partner in seconds. This position is one of the fun sex positions for him because men love to be dominated.

When you two are in the process of having wild sex, try this pose to spice things up and relax a bit. After rough vaginal or anal sex, your bodies need to wind up, and Sit on His Face will help them do so without losing the sex drive.

Crab Walk

crab walk sex position
Previous crazy sex positions were pretty light compared to this one. Both partners are sitting on the bed or floor faced to one another knees bent. The one who is penetrating the other is sitting a little bit lower, while the one being penetrated is sitting on the penis or strap-on a little higher.

Crab Walk is great to employ after you’re done with face-off positions like doggy style or spooning since you finally get to see your partner’s face. This is highly arousing and stimulating. Your orgasm will quickly be on its way.

Kneel Together

kneel together sex position
This position seems to have escaped from the Dirty Dancing movie or might remind you of Fifty Shades of Grey and other books of the type. The two of you are on your knees. The one who is behind is penetrating the other and can hold the front partner or touch the tits.

Mmm, what could be better than this? You’re tired after exhaustive sex and mind-bending orgasms. You two are standing, breathless, on your knees, and finish your crazy sex with Kneel Together to play this last act and go to rest. So horny…

You might try using all of these positions or master one and hit it whenever you feel like having rough sex. No matter what you choose, remember that there is so much more you can find out about rough and passionate sex, you can’t even imagine!

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