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Top 6 Easiest Sex Positions in the World

Are you a young girl or boy getting ready for your first sex? I bet you’re afraid to screw things up and look ridiculous in the eyes of your partner. I’m sure you want to know how to do everything right and deliver pleasure to yourself and your partner, am I right? Then, this article is for you!

Why sex is so good?

Before we dive into the spicy details of easy sex positions, I’d like you to learn about the most common sex benefits. Among them are fat loss, reduced risks of heart diseases in the long run, muscle strengthening, boosted blood flow, improved immune system performance, and higher self-esteem, according to Healthline.

How to avoid the side effects of sex?

To enjoy those benefits and avoid unpleasant consequences of sex such as undesired pregnancy, STIs, and stuff, make sure you use protection. Birth control pills, birth control devices like IUDs, condoms, injectable contraceptives, and other ways of protection are recognized as relevant and modern by NICHD.

Honey, unfortunately, you’re not special which makes you exposed to various risks of unprotected sex just like any other individual. That is why if you want to stay healthy and enjoy sex to the fullest, please, follow safe sex tips, namely using decent protection and learning about the most basic yet pleasant sex poses below!

The Best Easy Sex Positions to Try Out


missionary sex position
Hold on, hold on…I know what you’re thinking about: “As if I didn’t know about it?” But, no matter what you think, this position could be really exciting if you upgrade it a little. For example, the partner on the bottom can put the legs on the shoulders of the partner on top, and penetration will be way deeper.

Missionary belongs to easy sex positions for beginners but it doesn’t make it the least loved by people around the world. Wikipedia says that 9 out of 10 women in the US prefer this very position to any other sex pose in the world. Doesn’t that make missionary one of the best sex positions for women? No doubt it does!

Doggy style

doggy style sex position
Still not surprised, huh? Nevertheless, the doggy style looks so exotic compared to the missionary. Not everyone has sex in this easy sex position to spice it up. Some think it’s highly erotic to hook up in doggy style, others even consider it vulgar or outrageous.

Even though beginners don’t practice anal sex much, doggy style is one of the best positions for anal sex. However, vaginal sex is also great if you’re up to some doggy. So, be ready to stand on all fours to know how it’s like to experience the best sex ever!

Rear Entry

rear entry sex position
If you’ve seen how to perform missionary and doggy style, the rear entry might be a challenge for your imagination. However, it’s just a variation of the doggy style. The only difference between the two is that in the rear entry, a partner who is on the bottom, should either almost lie on the stomach or completely be in the lying position.

This easy new sex position is suitable for everyday sex. Also, it’s great to use it when you’re tired of the doggy style. Rear entry is easier for women but a little bit harder for men since they hold the body on the hands. So, beware, boys, because your girlfriend will certainly be willing to try this pose!

The 69

69 sex position
There’s no such thing as top sex positions without the 69. This fun and easy sex position is one of the best oral sex positions. Besides, it doesn’t require much physical strength and preparation as other oral sex poses like standing 69 do.

You can do the 69 the classic way – when a man is lying on the back and doing cunnilingus for a girl who is on top. At this moment, she’s standing on her knees and elbows and performing a blow job for him. You can go sideways 69, as well. It’s up to your imagination what position for oral sex is the most comfortable.


cowgirl sex position
This one here is certainly not one of the easy sex positions to last longer. If you see your girl naked riding your dick on top of you, you’ll cum faster. However, this is one of the basic sex poses since it doesn’t ask for much effort to perform it.

There are different cowgirl poses such as the reversed cowgirl and stuff. But, classic cowgirl is one of the best in terms of ease. You simply sit on your partner’s cock and jump up and down. If you make it tenser down there and squeeze the cock tightly, your partner is sure to cum in no time!


spooning sex position
The last but not the least, spooning hit our today’s top, as well! To perform this sex position, you both only need to lie on your sides. The partner who is behind is penetrating the one who is in the front. This pose is great to use under the blanket or when you two need a rest after exhaustive sex in other positions.

The beauty of spooning lies in the fact that the partner who is penetrating can touch the nipples or genitals of the upfront partner. Thus, if your girl can’t cum herself during penetration sex, you can help her by gently touching her tits and clitoris. Easy-peasy!


Friends, let’s keep things healthy and safe when it comes to sex, okay? No person experiencing unwanted pregnancy or STIs has never been happy. Thus, no matter if you’re a girl or a boy, be sure to use proper protection to avoid dangerous consequences.

You’ll never go wrong or act like a weirdo if you opt for missionary, doggy style, rear entry, the 69, cowgirl, and spooning during your first sex. Trust me, even if it’s your first time, have sex in at least one of those positions and you’ll know what to do next instinctively. Good luck!

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