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Best Positions for Anal Intercourse

Anal sex might be pretty exotic for some heterosexual and lesbian couples. If gay love birds engage in anal often, others may not share their passion for this type of sex and avoid it. Moreover, some people consider anal sex as taboo and freak out at the very thought of it.

It usually happens if a person has wrong associations about anal sex or has had a negative experience with anal in the past. To overcome the psychological barrier for anal sex and open up to more powerful orgasms and sensations, one has to be well-prepared for this sexual activity.

There’s no smoke without fire when it comes to stereotypes about anal sex. That is why it is important to douche before anal to make yourself 100% clean. Besides, it will be great if you use lubes during anal. The anus doesn’t produce natural lubricants like the vagina.

If you spit on the anus, your saliva dries out the skin on your genitals. The following penis or sex toy movements inside of the anus chafe the inner walls and lead to friction and injuries. It not only kills the sex drive but also discourages from having anal sex anymore.

Besides, if you feel like something is tearing down inside during anal, begin from rimming, fingering, or sex toy stimulation. Fingers and tongue can relax the muscles in your bum and prepare them for something bigger to come in.

The research posted on NCBI says that almost 80% of the surveyed women who had engaged in anal intercourse had suffered pain. However, about 60% of women who had suffered pain but continued having anal sex regularly eventually experienced high levels of pleasure.

If you’re all set and ready to have anal sex with your partner, it’s time to study anal sex positions for beginners and experts that always work for everyone. We have come up with a list of 6 poses for the type of sex that anyone who is up for no good should try. Fasten your belts and let’s go!

Best Sex Positions for Anal Sex

Doggy style

doggy style sex position
You’re not surprised, are you? Anyway, this is the best position for first-time anal sex. First of all, it’s a no-brainer. When you two occupy your positions (one is on all-fours, and the other one is on the back), you intuitively know what to do next.

The pose is not painful, nor is it difficult. The penetration can be easily controlled that is why doggy style is recommended for anal newbies. If you use a condom, your sex will be 100% safe, and you will not be experiencing any drawbacks.


cowgirl sex position
Have you heard of the cowgirl position? I bet you have. Maybe you have even tried it yourself. The kinky cowgirl is the same, but it is the bum of the partner who is on top that gets penetrated.

This is the most comfortable position for anal sex because the one who is on the bottom doesn’t need to hold his/her partner or move the hips too much. It takes 5 seconds to occupy the ‘seats’.


lotus position
The lotus position is not only great when it comes to yoga, but also when you want to reach another level of orgasmic feelings in sex. The idea is that one partner sits on the butt, while the other one sits on the penis or toy on top. This position is great for heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples.

Lotus becomes the best position for anal sex if the person who is on the bottom uses an anal toy for his or her butt stimulation. This way, both partners can enjoy anal sex at the same time.

The Face-off

the face-off position
This one here is hands down the easiest position for anal sex since you two only have to sit. One of you sits on the chair, the other one takes their place on the one who is on a chair. You will get hooked on this position once you try it.

The best part is that you can hug or hold each other in the process of orgasm-mining. You can also see the partner’s face and hear the sound that he/she makes. Besides, this is a super erotic and passionate position since it quickly gets you exposed to orgasmic sensations.


g-whiz position
Who asked for the best anal sex position for a woman? Here it comes. However, G-whiz might not be the best choice for beginners since the penetration is pretty deep, so it can hurt. That is why use it only if you’ve tried anal sex before and you liked it!

What is it? In this position, one partner (usually, a woman) lies on the back with legs on the top partner’s shoulders. When your anus is ‘ready for it’, you receive unbelievable sensations along with orgasms.

Scoop Me Up (Spooning)

spooning sex position
This position is perfect for those who are looking for a sex coffee break if you know what I mean. When you’re into long, passionate intercourses, you know that it’s difficult to keep it going the wild way. Besides, it takes a lot of effort and physical strength to last for a long time.

In scoop me up, both of you lie on your sides (pick either left or right) so that the one who is behind can penetrate the ass of the one who is forward. The movements can be both slow and fast, but don’t expect crazy movement speeds from this position. This is a relaxation we are talking about.

Of course, this is not the full list of the positions that are suitable for anal sex. Moreover, you can come up with them yourself if you try out these 5 positions in different variations.

The rules for successful anal sex are simple:

  1. It must be your decision and not someone else’s;
  2. Use a douche to keep things clean back there;
  3. Relax and let the lube in;
  4. Start from toys or fingers;
  5. Use positions that are suitable for anal.

Good luck!

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