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We-Vibe 4 Plus Review

By now, the We-Vibe has become a household name. These cool little vibrators combine a powerful clit stimulator with an insertable side meant to stimulate the g-spot. Great for solo play, or as it’s designed, partnered pleasure. I had used and loved an early We-Vibe model, so when the chance came up to try out the newest edition with an iPhone app, I was all over that!

It’s a tiny little powerhouse of a vibe. As far as fit goes, this generation of We-Vibe fits a bit more snuggly. As far as vibes go, the We-Vibe feels good, it’s potent enough to get you off with no problem. The sexiest feature may be the fact that you can wear the vibe during sex. Which is awesome. Since most women can’t orgasm from vaginal penetration alone, having a hands-free clit vibe is very nice indeed.
But let’s skip all the stuff you can read anywhere and get to the fun stuff! I’ll start with the important part: yes, this vibe is that good, and yes, the app is really that cool. Is it perfect? No, but nothing is.

The idea behind the We-Vibe 4 Plus is simple. You can control your vibe via an app on your smartphone. Or… here’s the fun part. Your lover can use their smartphone to control the vibe. You both need to be running the app, so they can’t suddenly hijack your vibe without your knowledge.

we-vibe 4 plus with the box

Let’s get the downers over with, shall we? The app can be finicky to load, and (on the iPhone at least) the app has to be open to actually function. No running in the background. Which means if you’re multitasking, you can’t change the vibe settings. If your lover has control, you both need to have the app open. Like many bluetooth devices, there are occasional connectivity issues and limited range of function. The phone often needs to be very close to your crotch for things to work, as in mere inches. The app is more than a little intrusive with its pop-up notices of lost connections that require I do something before it attempts to reconnect. When using it partnered with my husband at the controls, his techy side was getting noticeably frustrated by the design.

That’s the end of the downsides.

It is easy to use, and despite the technical difficulties, fun as hell. The fact that you can pair your device with your lover’s is a terrific feature. The app offers a total of ten vibe modes (five more than the remote) plus a really cool feature called “My Vibe” that allows you to program a series of your favorite vibe patterns. Kind of like a vibe playlist. Just push play and go. Awesome!

we-vibe 4 plus package

Self-control over the vibe was fun with the app. I found myself playing around with it just to see what different settings would do. Letting the hubby control it was a different sort of fun! Long-distance control was interesting, though the technical difficulties made it frustrating. Him running the controls while we were at dinner had me jumping in my seat and ready to rip his clothes off the minute we walked in the door.

Yes, the vibe is enough to get you off, but probably not while you’re out and about. You’re not likely to completely lose control while walking through the grocery store. Though the clerk may wonder about that smile on your face! It’s discreet enough to wear in public, no visible lines or anything. But, as quiet as it is, it’s not silent. In a quiet room, others can hear the subtle humming. In a room where there is some ambient noise, it will not be noticeable. And if you’re sitting on a bench-seat with others around, they’ll feel the vibrations. Don’t ask me how I know this, just trust me.

Wearing during sex? Yep! Enjoy! The vibe itself is waterproof (though the remote and app controls won’t work while it’s submerged, so use the “My Vibe” function). A little note, it can be uncomfortable if your partner is a bit girthy. The vibe does sit over the pubic bone, and some women find pressure there uncomfortable. It took us a little wiggling and trial and error to find a comfortable position that worked for both of us. But… he also liked the feel of the vibrations. A little bonus.

Bottom line? Totally worth it and despite the few technical issues, one of the best remote-control vibes we’ve ever tried.


Power Source: Eco-friendly rechargeable battery with USB connection.
Performance: Clitoral and G-spot stimulator worn by the woman during intercourse.
Controls: Wireless remote and/or smartphone app – the app has additional vibe modes!
Special Features: 100% Waterproof, Couples Vibrator, 2 Powerful Motors, Wireless Remote, Long-distance control with the app.
Vibrations Levels: 5 on the remote, 5 more on the app, plus a customizable “My Vibe” feature for endless variety.


Material: 100% Medical grade silicone
Texture: Silky smooth silicone
Safety Features: Body safe silicone
Colors: Slate, Pink or Purple
Manufacturer: Standard Innovation®


Total Length: 2.9”
Total Thickness: 1.6”
Width: 1.2”
Warranty: 1-year warranty

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