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The Oz Wand Review

My very first sex toy ever was a Hitachi Magic Wand. Before there were toy stores that women could shop in comfortably, and before the internet, the easiest way to get a toy was to purchase a muscle massager. Yea, I’m talking a long time ago. I got mine at the local drug store. That old muscle massager from the 70’s that was advertised to massage your shoulders and back, well, it was much better suited to be used to get off and have mind-blowing orgasms!

This toy has an awesome history. Read more about how the Magic Wand got to be one most popular sex toys ever at this article on EnGadget.com.

I’m sure most of you have tried the magic wand, which is now known as the Magic Wand Original, sometime in your life. We did a review of one a couple of years ago – How to Get Off in 2.5 Seconds. No lie – 2.5 seconds! I still have one, actually have gone through a few of them over the years. And it’s still mind-blowing, kept plugged-in and under my bed at all times.

If you have never tried the truly “magic wand”, have this be the next toy you buy! I promise – mind-blowing orgasms await you. You will not find another toy with this much horsepower. It has a few speeds, ‘get off fast’ and ‘get off super fast’! Really, take some time to get used to this guy, it will take your body some time to get used to the intensity. And be careful cause it can be addictive.

Problem is, there are tons of knock-offs. And we all know knock-offs are never as good as the original and usually don’t last long, so go with the best, and that is the Magic Wand Original.
And, now there is a new wand that was launched in Australia, the Oz Wand Massager.

The Oz Wand is a massager and vibrator very similar to the Magic Wand; about the same in shape and size. It’s the most powerful massager at 5000 to 8000 rpm, and has 10 speeds and vibration patterns. Wow – 10 different speeds to crazy wild fun!

This thing is electric and you plug it into the wall. It uses 240v voltage and comes with an Australian plug. So no batteries to slow this baby down. Nothing worst then the vibrator with dying batteries right when you’re so close to getting off, right?

And for easy cleaning, there is a removable and washable spongy head.

oz wand with box

The best way to use the Magic Wand is to put the head of the wand right on your clit. In fact, 97% of women prefer to use the magic wand for clitoral orgasms. But if you prefer to stimulate your G-spot, there is the G-Spot Stimulator attachment that fits on the head of the wand. And actually, you can use the attachment several ways; use the back, round part for a more diffused stimulation, use the tip of the attaching right on your clitoris for an intense pin-pointed orgasm, or use the entire attachment internally for deep G-Spot fun that will rock your whole body. The attachment is stiff and just the perfect texture and angle. And the attachment can be used on the American Magic Wand also.

Really – you will not need another toy!

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