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Tenga Flip Zero EV Review – The Spacecraft Among Male Masturbators

This review is likely to be short, as the amount of time I’m able to last inside the Tenga FLIP ZERO EV because this toy is freaking amazing!

So, the toy is the successor of the original Flip Zero and the main innovation (as you could have already guessed) is the vibration. Honestly, I have never owned the original Flip Zero so it’s difficult for me to compare these two, but more experienced folks say that besides vibration, new Flip Zero was improved in a number of ways, like packaging, texture and suction power.

Although EV isn’t fully hands-free masturbator like, for example, Fleshlight Launch, it delivers an amazing sensation and actually the vibration alone can bring you pretty close to the climax (or maybe even to the finish line for some folks).

Packaging And Design

tenga flip zero box

The package itself looks good and feels like the one used for high-end tech (which EV actually is). Inside you’ll find the actual toy in a nice plastic casing, charging cable, manual, warranty and two samples of Tenga lube.

tenga flip zero package

The toy doesn’t actually look like a sex toy and personally, I think it’s way more discreet than Fleshlight.

When you start to read the manual and get yourself familiar with the toy you actually come to the realization that it’s a spacecraft in the world of male masturbators. Personally, I was just amazed about the amount of small (and not so small) details Tenga engineers took into consideration.

The EV arrives in a clear case standing on the charging base. The case feels really sturdy and is very practical as besides keeping the toy secure it prevents any dust getting on the toy.

tenga flip zero package 2

The charging base is quite unique. You don’t plug the actual toy, like with almost all other toys, but the base charges the toy through special contacts that look like a silver strip. Also charging works even if you put the toy upside down. Actually, you don’t even need to put the entire toy on the charging base. The battery is located in the detachable arm. If you’re familiar with the original Flip Zero, it has the same arm which you need to detach to open the toy, but now it actually includes the battery.

tenga flip zero with charging base

Probably the multifunctionality of the arm amazes me the most. As I didn’t own the original Flip Zero, the ways the arm can be used to dry the toy was an eye opener for me as well…like…how do you even come up with such brilliant ideas? Also, while EV has motors and the arm houses a battery, the toy is completely waterproof (except the charging base of course).

tenga flip zero open

Now to the “insides”. To open the toy, you need to remove the arm, press the joint a bit and pull it apart. The texture is interesting but as other reviewers are stating a bit simpler than the original Flip Zero due to the need to place two motors (duh). Two motors are smartly placed in both ends on different sides so that the vibration distribution is equal through the toy. The inside material is TPE and feels quite different from Fleshlight, but is soft and nice.

tenga flip zero open 2

EV offers five different vibration patterns: Low, High, Pulse, Alternating and Random. Low and High are just simple vibrations and only different in intensity. Pulse is…well…pulsing, you know. Alternating means randomly switching between two motors and Random cycles the previous modes randomly. More on vibration modes a bit later. On the 90-minutes charge, Tenga Flip Zero EV will provide you 40 minutes of play, which is actually a good deal compared to Fleshlight Launch (6-8 charging time for 2 hours of play).

Preparation and Usage

Preparation is very easy but still a bit more complicated than with the Fleshlight (are you already sick of me comparing Tenga to Fleshlight?). You need to open the toy and lube the inner sleeve well. Tenga suggests using about 10ml of lube which is actually more than I usually use with Fleshlight so I’d say it’s a “lube-hungry” toy.

If you got used to warming your masturbators, it’s not something you can expect with Tenga as it’s forbidden to use hot water on the sleeve material. Still, it’s said that you can use warm water, but it’s a mystery warm to what extent, so I’m not risking my toy for that.

So, I lubed my Tenga well and started experimenting with the toy.

First, the sleeve feels nice and soft. I’d say it’s softer than the one in the Fleshlight and feels different. It’s a tough call to say whose sleeve feels better. I’d say that I love some of my Fleshlight sleeves a bit more than the Tenga sleeve. But still, it’s really close. Don’t make me do such a difficult choice!

Because of two motors, you could expect that they would “steal” the “useful” area inside the toy but in reality, they don’t cause any inconveniences and the toy feels just like a normal sleeve.

Right from the start, I decided to try if vibrations alone can do the job so I just relaxed and started cycling through different vibration patterns. They all feel nice but personally, I enjoyed the Low and Pulse the most. They feel consistent and were able to bring me very close to climax. After enjoying the vibrations for some time, I decided to add manual movements and…it was an embarrassment. Two or three jerking moves were enough. I was caught by surprise as I clearly wasn’t expecting that. This battle was totally lost but we had a war ahead.

When the vibration is on you can’t really feel the sleeve that well so the next time I decided to test the Tenga EV in a “manual mode”. So, as I mentioned before, the sleeve feels soft and nice but the thing that makes it amazing (at least for me) is the suction power. It feels like a professional swimmer is trying to suck all your juices through the urethra. It’s really next level and due to the design, the toy is sealed and doesn’t lose the vacuum. You can regulate the suction power by the pressure pads during the process but I think it works better when you simply squeeze them to the maximum and then enter the toy. Also, the toy tends to emit a funny noise similar to gaggling. It may be irritating for some, but those who love deep throat sex will find it arousing.

The only thing I found that can be considered as a small downside is that if you want to keep exiting and entering the toy constantly during the act (like you can easily do with the Fleshlight), it doesn’t work that well as the entering point is just too soft.

After testing the toy in a manual mode for some time I decided to add the vibration and guess what…I was embarrassed again. 2:0 Tenga. For now.

I feel even more ashamed knowing that there is a more intense, Black version of the toy. Anyways, there was no one to witness the moment of my defeat so who cares. It was fun, a lot of fun.

Cleaning and Drying

Cleaning is extremely easy. Just open the toy and rinse it with cold or slightly warm water. You can also use a mild detergent but be careful with that. As the toy has many ridges, I’d recommend going through them with your fingers to make sure everything was washed out.

tenga flip zero stand 3

Tenga brought drying to the next level with the ability to dry and charge the toy and the same time. The slide arm can be placed vertically on the charging base and the open toy can be left on it. If you don’t need to charge the toy, you can also lay the arm horizontally and let the open toy stand on it (using small holes on the arm to fixate the toy).

tenga flip zero stand 2


In my personal opinion, the Tenga Flip Zero EV is absolutely 10/10. It feels amazing, the suction is exceptional and the vibration… well, just defeats me every time. Does the vibration is worth the price difference? I think that yes. It makes the toy a whole lot more versatile and adds drastically to the intensity. Overall, a must-have toy.

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