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Stronic Eins Review – The First Ever ‘Thrusting’ Sex Toy!

The Stronic Eins is here and thrusting its way into toy boxes around the world!

The geniuses at Fun Factory clearly spent a lot of time researching and testing because they’ve got a winner on their hands in so many ways.

It’s a PULSATOR, not a vibrator

What does pulsator mean, you ask? It means that rather than buzzing like a chainsaw or spinning in circles like a drunk donkey, the Stronic thrusts forwards, backwards, in and out and hits all the hot spots along the way. This is the most realistic thrusting motion from a toy that I have ever experienced. Stronic is the first toy of its kind and it’s obviously been crafted by a team that loves vaginas. I mean a vibrator is nice and all but there’s nothing like getting a pounding and that is what the Stronic will do for you. You really need to watch the video below to get a better understanding of what a pulsator is. I wish I could put one in your hands right now so you can be as happy and satisfied as I am. You will not forget the first time you hold a pulsating Stronic Eins in your virginal hands or anywhere else you choose to hold it.

Press “FUN” to play!

The Stronic is adorable and available in pink or violet (mine is pink, it’s totes cute!) with a three-button control system that could not be any easier to use. Press ‘Fun’ to get the pulsating started. It’s that simple. The On button is labeled Fun because yes, Yes, YESSSS! Two additional control buttons are a Plus sign and a Minus sign to, you guessed it, scroll through nine additional rhythms for a total of ten rhythms of varying speeds and thrusts. This puppy can be locked for travel too. Just hold down the Fun and Minus buttons to lock the Stronic before tucking it into your suitcase or purse. When you’ve arrived at your masturbation destination simply hold down the Fun and Plus buttons to get the party started! Woo woo!

Hellooo G-Spot!

The shape of the Stronic is perfect! The tip is tapered and angled slightly up making insertion a breeze no matter how much lube you’ve got going on in your goodies. Not to mention Hello G-spot with that turned up tip! There’s a horn near the handle of the Stronic that is exquisitely placed for maximum clitoral pleasure. Easily positioned in the right spot, I was able to get both the G-spot and clitoral stimulation and fireworks, People! Fire. Works. I have never had a toy that can make me so happy! Oh, so very, very happy.

Whisper quiet

Did I mention how quiet the Stronic is? Well it is. It’s super quiet. You don’t need to worry about waking up the roommate, the kids or even your husband or whoever is in bed right next to you. That is how incredibly quiet, sleek and discreet this toy is! The Stronic is really intuitive and easy to use so you won’t be fumbling around in bed trying to turn it on, off or scroll through the different pulses whilst not waking your man or woman or both. In case you do get interrupted mid thrust, there’s an emergency Off button. Hold the Fun button for half a second and it switches off. This works as an emergency On button too.


  • Quiet! Nearly silent pulsator, not a vibrator!
  • Waterproof and made of 100% medical grade silicone.
  • Rechargeable with Fun Factory’s magnetic charger that is compatible with all Fun Factory toys = buy more Fun Factory toys, you already have a charger.
  • Simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation.
  • Easy lock and unlock features for safe (and not embarrassing) travels.


  • None that I could find.

The people at Fun Factory have done a bang up job creating a unique sex toy. So unique, in fact, that

The Stronic Eins is in the Museum of Sex in New York City. You should own this hot little piece of history.

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