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Njoy Pure Wand Dildo Review

I was skeptical, to say the least. No vibration?! Firstly, I prefer a sex toy that moves, but I have tried the still variety and they performed perfectly (or so I thought) without costing me anything near the $100 stores are asking for a non-vibrating, cold piece of crescent-shaped steel with balls on the end that is somehow supposed to pull off a G-spot orgasm. C’mon! But in my constant effort to avoid a rut and reach outside my comfort zone, I didn’t close the web page just yet. I scrolled down to see what the ladies had to say about Njoy’s Pure Wand. I now consider that decision to be a very wise one.

Elegance Defined

My Pure Wand came decked out in a jewelry-like box of rich black with the Njoy logo on top in silver, beckoning as it glistened. Inside, this gorgeous piece of sleek stainless steel was presented in a lush lining of fuchsia satin. Very classy. I liked it so far. I just stared for a few seconds, somewhat bedazzled by this unique dildo that was said to make women gush-literally. Lifting the Pure Wand took more effort than I expected, but its 24-oz. weight and firm substance would soon prove to be very justifiable.

njoy pure wand box

Mmmm … Temperature Play

And, it was cold! No no no … why would I do that to my warm special place? I believe in “to each her own” so a steel dildo gets points for pleasing both warm and cold thrill seekers (although no freezing allowed). But as for me, I took the instructions upon their consent to soak the waterproof wand in warm water. You can also wrap your new lover in a warm towel, or have your rendezvous in a hot shower.

The anticipation was building, but, trying to keep my wits about me, I performed my new toy ritual of good hygiene. Cleaning the Pure Wand is low-maintenance. Its medical-grade, corrosion resistant stainless steel is nonporous and asks only that you don’t use abrasives.

njoy pure wand side view

My “green room” before I took center stage was my Little Chroma, which did a wonderful job of warming me up in more ways than one. By then, my Pure Wand was cold again, but I was hot enough for the both of us. The obedient rookie, I started with the smaller, 1-inch ball end of the Pure Wand, still skeptical and curious as to how this toy was going to rock my world sans vibration. “Snap!” That steel sure was cold! But I was quickly diverted by the feel of the ball against my G-spot, which the wand’s perfect curve found immediately. Warmed by my body heat, the wand was now pure pleasure at my fingertips, the ball’s firmness keeping it anchored on my G-spot. Ahoy! I wanted more.

Goodbye Vibrator – Hello Pure Wand!

I turned the wand around and went for it with the large ball. The girth, weight and hardness delivered an intensity that took my breath away. Moving in and out of me, it felt amazing, surprising, and extremely stimulating. The sturdy and consistent weight of the ball rubbing against my G-spot was incredibly intense. I was blinded by the light bulb going off over my head; so this is how the Pure Wand conjures up its magic without vibration!

And there was no need for me to labor with “jackrabbit sex”. The wand was doing its job without speedy thrusting, and there was no need to apply pressure to my G-spot.

njoy pure wand size

Simplistic Design = Intense Orgasm

You could have knocked me over with a feather … virtually without warning I had a gushing orgasm! Wow! I’m still not over the fact that a toy of such seemingly simple design and manual operation can deliver mind-blowing intensity and summon up my very own Niagara Falls. My initial impression of the Pure Wand had been wrong all over and I am thrilled about it. Thank you, creators, for my 11 inches of pure njoy!


Power Source: Manual.
Performance: G-spot stimulator. Extremely effective!
Controls: N/A
Special Features: 100% Waterproof. Great for temperature play. Heat it up or cool it down for different sensations!100% non-porous.
Vibrations Levels: N/A

Ins: The most effective and efficient dildo I have ever used. Performs fast and with stunning expertise. No charging or batteries.
Outs: If you’re inserting the smaller ball for any length of time, holding and moving the larger ball can become tiring.


Material: 316 medical-grade stainless steel
Texture: Hand polished, luxuriously smooth stainless steel.
Safety Features: Body safe – 316 medical-grade stainless steel
Colors: Silver
Manufacturer: Njoy


Total Length: 8.0” end to end and 10.0” along the curve
Balls: 1.0” and 1.5” balls at each end
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Cost: $110.00 (prices subject to change)
Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so great and 10 being awesome.
Noise Level: 10 – The only sound you’ll hear will be coming from you!
Performance Satisfaction: 10 – Helloooo G-spot orgasm!
Value for the Price: 10
Intensity Level: 10
Overall Rating: 10 – This is my all time favorite dildo!

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