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njoy Fun Wand Review – Stainless Steel Beauty

Dildos keep it simple, and sometimes, when you’re caught up in a hectic day and feel like “Stop the ride, I wanna get off!”, simplicity is exactly what you need. No detailed instructions, no buttons, no power requirement, no waiting. But as I’ve come to learn by testing toys, it’s easy to be misled into thinking that simple means inferior, and that just because a dildo is low maintenance and doesn’t come with a lot of flashing bells and vibrating whistles, its orgasmic intensity won’t rate up there with toys of more complex design and function. With its body-specific curves, perfectly formed ends, and unyielding firmness, the njoy Fun Wand proves otherwise.

I was popping around online, seeing what the coital Candy Man had on offer, and got stuck gazing at the blindingly beautiful mirror finish and intriguing design of the Fun Wand. It is yet another in the stunning collection of sleek, contoured, and brilliantly engineered toys from njoy, who has been keeping it simple since 2005. A mere 12 ounces, the njoy Fun Wand is half the weight of njoy’s Pure Wand (see review), but don’t let its size fool you. This is a unique, dual functioning toy with a 1″ g-spot stimulating ball on end and on the other, a trio of bulbs measuring from ¾” to 1″ that specialize in anal pleasure. Talk about being on the business end of a dildo that means business.

Like my Pure Wand before it, the njoy Fun Wand arrived in style, nestled in fuchsia satin inside a starkly sophisticated black wooden case that looks like a jewelry box. 1. Open box. 2. Remove dildo. OK, I was done with the instructions. Lifting the Fun Wand reminded me of the incredible subst316-grade njoy toy, whose pure, solid 316 grade stainless steel is corrosion resistant and nonporous. This stuff is nearly invincible-waterproof, friendly with any type of lube, and cleans up with warm water and mild soap (just don’t use abrasives). My first touch of the wand also reminded me how cold steel is! But that only means a higher level of sensation play, as you broaden your horizons by trying a fridge-cooled toy “No freezer please! Love, njoy”, or one soaked in warm water. And my experience with the Pure Wand taught me that even in its natural state, this material wastes no time reaching body temperature.

My week had been on work overload and I had decided to stop the ride for a hard-earned break, veering off the fast lane on a detour to some afternoon delight. To warm up this gorgeous piece of stainless steel finery, I put it under my pillow and made a wish for a visit from the orgasm fairy. Lying back, I let the tingle of anticipation wash over me, and relaxed with a warm-up from my LELO Nea (see review). With the heat rising in all parties, I drizzled Liquid Silk lube over my njoy Fun Wand, left the Nea visiting my clit, and inserted the single ball end. The warm metal pleased me very much, as I guided the wand to my g-spot. I was going to see what this toy was made of.

I wanted this ride to last a while, so I started nice and slow … moving the njoy Fun Wand in and out of me with short, gentle strokes. WOW. The angle at which njoy placed the ball is simply perfect, its firmness tenderly and consistently massaging the g-spot in a blue ribbon manner. Intense is an understatement for the stimulation I was feeling. I turned up the speed and pressure of my thrusts, but realized with pleasure that the Fun Wand doesn’t need that much help from me. Its hard steel turns even the slightest movement into substantial motion and brings a commanding level of control to navigation.

You could’ve knocked me off the bed with a feather. Before I could fully comprehend what was happening, I was having an enormous gushing orgasm! Ahhh … it felt amazing! This was almost surreal, truly like waving a magic wand over my g-spot and poof! Now, if I could only get my good fairy to wash the sheets.

njoy fun wand side view

So much for my long ride. Not that I’m complaining! But next time, unless I’m in it for a quickie, I will know to dial down the intensity on this astonishingly effective toy so I can make the trip last a while. I didn’t have a chance to try the other end. You can flip the Fun Wand and give yourself a delightful bootie call, or spin your partner round and treat him to some premium-grade prostate stimulation. Funtastic!


  • Crafted of pure, hypoallergenic, medical-grade stainless steel.
  • Will not corrode or degrade.
  • 8″ end to end.
  • Weighs 12 oz.


  • Waterproof for play in hot tub, pool, shower, etc.
  • Ultra versatile-use with any type of lube.
  • A little lube on the Fun Wand goes a long way.


  • Classy storage case.
  • njoy pamphlet describing the Fun Wand.
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