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Lovense Max 2 Review

To start with, I want to say that initially, after a few days of testing, I was a bit disappointed with the toy and planned on giving it 6-7 out of 10. What a fool I was. Now I can claim that it’s at least a solid 9. Read on to find out why I changed my mind (hint: mostly because I’m stupid).

Max 2 is an upgraded version of the original Max (duh) which was released in 2013 so Lovense took their time to refine the toy. I don’t own an old Max so I can’t compare the two, but from what I understand the main differences are: bigger orifice, better battery life, better vibrator and 360° contractions.

Max 2 isn’t considered a hands-free device but actually it’s possible (at least for sensitive me) to climax without stroking the toy manually thanks to vibrations coupled with contractions. So without further ado let’s snap into action.


max 2 box
Max 2 was sent to me be lovely folks at Lovense but be sure that it’s an absolutely honest review (like all of my reviews) and I tried my best to find all possible flaws (and I did!).

The toy arrived in a discrete package, as you’d expect with all adult toys. The first thing you notice is that the package is quite big. Not big like the one of Fleshlight Launch but way bigger than Tenga Flip Zero EV. The toy itself, as you could guess, isn’t small or discrete either. It’s quite a hefty device actually.

max 2 open box

The package also includes a magnetic charger (nice!), a short setup guide and a user manual. That’s about it. Not even a sample lube. Why Lovense, why? Considering that they sell their own lube.

max 2 with cable

The toy itself looks VERY nice. The design is simple, clean and very stylish. I bet no one would guess that it’s actually a masturbator. Maybe a thermos? Actually, it’s even possible to store some tea there (no idea who would actually do it though).

Max 2 comes with a clear sleeve with a neutral orifice (another difference compared to original Max) which is a huge plus for guys who are not fond of a pussy. You can also buy a pink sleeve with a vagina orifice separately if you wish.

sleeve and case

On the back of a toy, you can see an air vent to control the suction, quick air release button (to release the contractions), air pump vent (must be open during the use and closed during cleaning) and a charging port.

max 2 back

Do you see what I see?

max 2 back 2

There are also two buttons on the toy’s body. One responsible for vibrations, and the other for contractions.


Max 2 is loaded with cool features. First, it offers seven vibration patterns (Low, Medium, High, Pulse, Wave, Fireworks and Earthquake). This is accompanied by three contractions settings: Subtle, Mild and Deep. This already gives you 21 possible combinations which is nice but Lovense Remote App brings variation to another level as you can download patterns from other users or create your own. The possibilities are endless.

It takes 100 minutes to fully charge Max 2 and it provides up to 3 hours of work which is great if you ask me. Also, I like the charger being magnetic.

Besides, Max 2 can be paired with Lovense Nora vibrator (or another Max/Max 2) which makes it a must-try toy for teledildonics lovers.

If to consider suction power control a feature, it’s there but I don’t like it too much. More on this later.

Lovense also developed a VR game called Mirror Life specifically for Max 2. While it’s not something groundbreaking, Lovense definitely deserves praise for an effort. Unfortunately, you need a Lovense Bluetooth dongle in order to connect it to PC and it doesn’t work with other BT adapters. Considering the low price of the dongle (often $5), it would be nice if Lovense included it with the toy.

My Experience

As recommended, I fully charged Max 2 before the first use. The battery was pre-charged on the arrival so I didn’t have to wait 100 minutes.

Preparing Max 2 for the use is a piece of cake, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the sleeve has a sort of a groove that is meant to match the bullet inside so make sure you insert the sleeve correctly. Second, make sure the air pump vent is open. Other than that, there is nothing to worry about. Just lube it and go.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the entrance is very tight. Probably it was done to maintain the suction but it’s too much for my taste. I must say that I’m 5.7 in circumference, and it’s not just me as other reviewers also found the entrance to be too tight.

While the entrance is tight, the sleeve inside actually feels very loose. It’s loose to the point that it’s difficult to climax without using the vibration. Regarding the sleeve quality, it’s ok but I’d rank it lower than fleshlight and the one in Tenga Flip Zero. But honestly, for the price, it’s more than decent.

I turned the Max 2 on and cycled through all the vibration patterns. Actually, I was surprised that just one bullet was able to deliver more than worthy level of vibration. Also, you can feel vibrations through all the length and without knowing, I wouldn’t be able to say where the bullet is located and that there is only one. Vibration patterns are all good but nothing extraordinary. As usually, I prefer constant steady vibrations (Low and Medium in this case). But, Lovense Remote app opens new boundaries here. You can create your own patterns or download the ones created by other users. I downloaded the one called “Milf Hunter” (it seems to be the most popular) and I must confess that it was the experience of a lifetime (it also included a pattern for contractions).

Contractions. That’s where I was totally disappointed at first. As I said, the sleeve is loose but most likely the reason why Lovense did this, was to control the tightness with the contractions. But when I tried the contraction settings on the toy itself, they were very weak and didn’t do anything. I wasn’t able to feel any difference except for the loud noise they produce. So I was underwhelmed for a day or two and then decided to try the app (I dunno why I didn’t do it from the beginning). And with the app, when you set contractions to the max, the toy actually becomes quite tight. It becomes tight to the point that it pushes your penis out of the toy during the contraction. Do you remember me saying that you can cum without manually moving the toy? That’s the main reason why. When you combine vibration with high levels of contractions, your penis will actually move a bit. So there is the motion, vibration and squeezing (contractions). Very often it will be enough for you to orgasm. At least it was enough for me.

max 2 inside without sleeve
lovense max 2 contractions

Also, after a week, I found out that you actually can achieve stronger contractions using the button on the toy if you cycle through the modes several times. It’s not something obvious and probably worth including in the user guide.

Suction. That’s where I’m still disappointed. There are basically two modes: “no suction” mode (with air vent open) and “I’ll suck your urethra” mode (with air vent closed). With the vent closed, the suction is so strong that it’s actually difficult to thrust the toy or pull out the weiner. While with the vent open it’s like fucking the air. What if you make the vent “half-closed” you asked? There’s still no suction but with Roger Whittaker’s whistling on top of that. Not something that helps you cum, honestly.

What I like to do with Max 2 in terms of suction, is to control it by closing/opening the vent hole with your finger. It’s really an interesting experience, just try it.

Also, I want to note that while the toy is big, handling it is very easy and the case isn’t slippery.

Overall I had great times with Max 2 and despite a few flaws, it’s able to deliver eye-rolling orgasms.


To clean the toy, you need to remove the sleeve, close the air pump vent and wash everything with water. The process isn’t difficult overall but could be better. As the sleeve is open-ended, your cum will end up at the bottom of the case and you just need to believe that rinsing it a few times will remove it. For some reason, drying time also isn’t the best. Inside of the case dries really slowly but that’s not critical. I actually was surprised when the sleeve was still a bit wet after 2 days. Maybe it was my fault, maybe I positioned it in a wrong way, I don’t know but here it is.


Max 2 has its flaws: the sleeve could be better, suction is too powerful, it’s noisy. But overall, it’s a great toy packed with features. Also, if you consider the price ($119 most of the time) it’s a no brainer that you have to try it. All similar toys cost two or three times more so for a fraction of a price you can experience some of the most high-end features modern male masturbators have to offer. Final verdict – 9 out of 10.

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