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Lovense Hush Review. A Perfect Butt Plug for Couples

Today we’re going to reviews the smartest, the most feature-rich and the most luxurious butt plug. The one that rises above all anal plugs. The one to rule them all.

Meet Lovense Hush. Yeah, there are other plugs that can rival Hush in terms of design, power and overall quality but none of them have such a quality app and long-distance potential.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the review of this amazing toy.


First of all, Hush was provided for free by generous guys in Lovense. Once again, this fact doesn’t influence the review but just so you know.

lovense hush box
lovense hush box open

The package I received was, as you’d expect, absolutely discreet. It included the toy itself, charging cable and user manual with setup guide. So it’s quite standard and minimalistic. There are no storage pouches or any other accessories. This can be a bit of a disappointment but hey, the package includes the best anal plug currently available. What else do you need?

lovense hush box with charger

Design and Features

I personally love the design of this butt plug. It looks stylish and actually ergonomic. The main features design-wise worth talking about include the flexible neck with spirals on it and the base design itself. The spirals are meant to prevent the lube from running out of your bootie so the removal process is easier after you finish. The flexible neck also adds to the overall usability and makes sure the toy stays inside. And the base is designed in the way that it’s extremely comfortable to hold the toy during the removal process. And of course, it prevents any unwanted travels of the toy inside of your beautiful inner world.

lovense hush toy

The toy is 100% made of medical-grade silicone, is waterproof and uses a rechargeable battery. It takes about an hour and a half to fully charge the toy and it should be enough for 2 hours of play, which is definitely more than four uses for me per charge.

lovense hush charging port

Hush comes in two sizes. They are the same in all dimensions except diameter. 3.80 inches of insertable length (with 4.76 inches of total length) should be enough for any butt plug lover. Actually, it’s even longer than the majority of butt plugs. Base length is 3.15 inches and the neck width is 0.75 inches. Most likely you don’t really care about these dimensions and only care about the diameter. Just like me.

The two diameters available are 1.5 and 1.75 inches. Before sending the toy, Lovense kindly asked what size do I prefer. I thought that I’m not a faint-hearted so of course I’ve asked for a 1.75 version. Turns out, I am faint-hearted as this thing looks frightening to such an anal novice as me. I own some small anal toys including a prostate massager, small butt plug and anal vibrator and I didn’t have any problems inserting the toys until I’ve got 1.75-inch Lovense Hush. But more on this later.


If you’ve read some of my previous reviews, namely about Lovense Max 2, then you already know that I’m an absolute fan of their control app. There is simply nothing to compare on the market. Not even close. Oh, there is OhMiBod Remote app I’ve tried several years ago which wasn’t that bad but still far from Lovense Remote.

I’m going to discuss all the options offered by the app in the next section but just so you have some insights before reading the next section, in Lovense app you can use predefines patterns, patterns created by other users, control the app live, use voice to control the toy, let the toy react to the music, and of course let you partner to control the app by using the long-distance mode.

Now that we’ve covered all the basic things you should know about Lovense Hush, let’s dive into real-life test results!

My Experience

First of all, as with any sex toy with a rechargeable battery, you need to fully charge it before the first use. So I did with Hush. The toy had some juice in it so it didn’t take an hour and a half before the toy was fully charged. While charging, there is a light indicator on the bottom of the toy which is, at the same time, the button you use to control the toy. The light is really dim due to its location beneath black silicone so you may have to peer to figure out if it’s charging.

After the toy was fully charged it was time for some testing. Tu turn it on, you need to hold the button at the bottom for three seconds (the same for turning the toy off). The blinking red light identifies that the toy is on, but it will also vibrate once so you’re sure it’s on.

If you can’t use the app, or don’t want to, you can control the toy by this button. I’ve counted seven different modes you can use without the app, which already is enough for the majority of anal play lovers.

But the toy truly begins to shine when used with the Lovense Remote app. The connecting process is a piece of cake so you shouldn’t have any problems with that. There are some predefined patterns like pulse, wave, fireworks and earthquake. Though they are all good, it’s way more fun to either create your own or control the app in real-time. Lovense Remote app works similarly for all Lovense products so it will be a pain to review all the features every time. Also, you can check some videos below so you’ve got a general idea.

lovense lush patterns
lovense hush custom control
lovense hush music

The only feature I want to discuss in this review is a remote control. The reason for that is because a) I’m currently in a long-distance relationship and b) it’s one of the two Lovense toys you can discretely use in public (or relatively discretely).

In order to get this mode working, your partner also needs to download and register in the Lovense Remote app. Then you can add the contact inside the app by using your partner’s username. Actually it was surprisingly easy. After that you can start enjoying the toy together. You can share the patterns with the partner or just let him/her control the app using the “Live Control”.

What I love about long-distance mod in Lovense app is that you can chat, call or even make a video call with your partner. So, while you share the toy, you can see each other, which adds A LOT to the experience. And all this within the app.

If you’re a long-distance couple and still doubt – don’t. It doesn’t get any easier and more feature-rich than that.

A number of users complain that Hush isn’t really discrete, that it’s loud and overall bad for using in public. I have to disagree by the most part with these claims. Sure, it’s not whisper-quiet but the toy packs the punch and otherways users will complain about the vibration power (there is always something to complain about, you know). Also, if you plan on using it in public on mid-high settings, that’s not an “innocent play” to spice your life, it’s already public masturbation.

I agree that the toy isn’t quiet on the predefined settings, but if you use the remote control panel and set the power to the lowest, it’s relatively quiet, especially when inside your butt. Yes, there are some quieter toys for public play (like Lelo Tiani), but Hush is still usable unless you plan to play with it during a family gathering and turn the awkward silence into awkward butt play. Overall, you should be fine with some quick play on the streets or subway.

Now we’re coming to the part when I started to regret that I’ve got a 1.75 version. I’ve got some small butt plugs and an anal vibrator so I thought that I’m no longer a newbie in anal play. Of course, I was wrong. It took me an incredible amount of lube, patience and swear until I finally was able to put this thing inside. But after I did – it was more than worth the struggle. I’ve already discussed pretty much all the features available in Hush so there is not much to talk about here. I played with it and I loved it.

Hush is waterproof so the cleaning is as easy as you could imagine. Nothing to discuss here either. Just follow the general rules, common for the majority of sex toys (like never wash it in boiling hot water or use a strong detergent).


I definitely recommend trying Lovense Hush if you’re into an anal play. But most likely you shouldn’t repeat my mistake and order the smaller version first. 10 out of 10.

Timej Bališ

Author: Timej Bališ

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  1. I’ve owned this toy for a few years and agree its pretty great. I was thinking s out the size as mine looks pretty intimidating when ihsbent used butt toys in a while. Turns out I did order the 1.5″! Maybe some day I’ll work myself up to the bigger one.


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