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Liquid Silk Lubricant Review

I feel pampered just by hearing the word “silk.” We’ve all run our fingers across the smooth, soft, exotic fabric form of this rich gift from China. Now imagine that silken sensation being massaged across your body, ambling down to your erogenous zones where it will catapult your sexual experience through the roof. If you don’t know it yet, I am a lubricant advocate all the way. I find great comfort and pleasure quite literally in lube with my play, be it with a vibrator, dildo, or my partner’s built-in attribute. The name Liquid Silk itself made me want to bask in a dollop or two of this luxury lube.

Bodywise makes Liquid Silk, as well as Maximus lube, and adheres to the most rigid health and safety guidelines. Not to mention that the company randomly selects and analyzes a sample of its lube from each of its product runs. I was ready to discover if this exceptional quality lube of a lovely name could get down to serious business and slide me into orgasmic orbit.

The first feature I simply must mention about Liquid Silk is that although it’s the wonderfully versatile water-based variety that is compatible with all sex toys, it has proven to me through experience that it’s also delightfully non-tacky. This is far from your normal find in the world of water-based lubes. You usually have to stop progress to reapply this type of lube as it dries and wants to stick to things you don’t want stuck. Another nod to this lube: it conditions the skin, leaving it supple and toned, so it’s ideal for intimate massage as well as the foreplay you know you deserve on the way to extremely intense intercourse a la Liquid Silk.

Engineered to the point of amazing, this luxurious lube is touch sensitive and designed to reduce the risk of skin breakage. It’s also formulated to be bio-static, meaning it will stop the spread of bacteria, yeast infection or fungal spores. Bodywise satisfies any lube appetite by offering Liquid Silk in a variety of sizes: pump bottle, squeeze bottle, and individual sachets. You read it here: this lube is my personal favorite, and definitely scores the throne on my luxury lube shelf!

Ins and Outs


  • Tastes bitter. Keep wipes handy for areas of the buffet you may want to sample.


  • The name says it all. “Liquid Silk” is exactly how I would describe it.
  • Non-tacky unusual and awesome for a water-based lube.
  • Can use with any and all toys. Such liberation!


  • Comes in varying sizes and dispensers.
  • Squeeze bottle, pump bottle or single use.


  • Formulated to be bio-static.
  • Wonderful skin conditioner too!
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