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LELO IDA Couples Massager Review

I think playing with sex toys is always more fun with a partner. Whether it’s just him watching me put the toy to good use or having him use that toy on me while I just lay back and relax, it’s all good fun in my book.

While I do enjoy being pleasured what if there was a toy that could be used together as a couple, stimulating both him and me? Helping us both reach a new level of fabulous orgasm.

And that is why I was so excited when I heard about IDA.

IDA is a “couples massager” that is worn by the woman, that not only vibrates but rotates. IDA is said to provide a thrilling new sensation for him and her by rotating and vibrating at the same time. She can be controlled by a remote for a whole new level of fun in and outside the bedroom.

IDA is one of the first toys to be made with the new Sensemotion technology. What this means is that you don’t have to push buttons to make her work, you can move and shake the remote to create different patterns of vibrations and increase the power of those vibrations.

Christmas Comes Early!

When IDA arrived, I tore into the package like a kid on Christmas. I couldn’t wait to just touch her and see her in action. The first thing that I noticed was how smooth she felt. The silicone is super soft.

lelo ida box

I tried to turn her on but no combination of button pushing produced any rotation or vibration. I decided that maybe reading the instructions, as much as I hate doing that, might be a good idea. And what do you know, I found out that IDA needs to be charged for 2 hours first. I guess reading first is a good thing.

“What are you doing?” I asked later that night when I found my husband standing in our bathroom. He turned and I saw IDA in his hands.

“I wanted to see how it worked,” he said as he turned her over in his hands. Then suddenly he pushed a button and the rotation began.

“Oh my!” I said with a coy smile. “That looks fun”.

He handed me the toy as he took the remote and tried to figure out how to work it. He fumbled with buttons more but nothing was happening. He grabbed the remote and the instruction book and sat down on the bed.

I followed.

“I just don’t understand how it’s supposed to work,” he finally said after a while. “I think I got it but I’m not sure.”

He leaned over and kissed me taking full advantage that I was wearing a loose shirt and no bra. I melted into his kiss.

lelo ida package

Turning Her On

“Let’s see how this works,” he said in between kissing me and playing with my breast. Before I knew it, I was laying on my back, pants off and legs open. He moved from kissing my mouth to slow licks on my clit.

“Door…. door…” I breathed between moans of pleasure.

He handed me IDA and walked over to the door, “Put this in.” He commanded as he closed the door and the click of the lock could be heard in the room.

I fumbled with IDA and slide her into place. She felt awkward, small, like she didn’t want to stay in.
“Ok, there,” I said. “I think she’s in.”

He kissed me again and brushed his hand over my hard nipple and grabbed the remote that was next to me. I wanted more, I was ready for more but he sat up and began pushing buttons.

“Is it on?” he asked, “It should be on.”

“I don’t feel anything,” I said.

“It should be working,” he said.

“I don’t feel anything,” I said again.

“I can hear something going,” he said.

“Yeah, I hear that too but I don’t feel anything,” I said.

He picked up the instruction book again and read. “I don’t get how to make the vibrations go,” he said reading and trying to push buttons.

Then out of the blue the buzzing of the vibrator cut the silence in the room.

“Um… you found it.” I said with a gasp.

Frustration Sets In

As he played with the remote more to try and figure out the Sensemotion technology, I reached down and tried to re-position her so that the vibrating disk was more on my clit. I moved, shifted and pressed but I just couldn’t get it without pulling her completely out.

The whole things was a bit frustrating and complicated.

I sighed.

“We need to get the kids in bed,” I said looking at the clock. “I… could leave it in and you can tease me.”

He nodded.

I closed my legs together and began to get up but the IDA felt awkward and a bit wide to be wearing while upright and walking. And actually, she kinda hurt.

“This is not going to work,” I said and I pulled her out.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “And it’s a bit loud. Like if we used this in a quiet restaurant people could totally hear.” I nodded in agreement and left the room to get the kids in bed.

One More Shot

With the house now quiet and I more relaxed with a glass or three of wine, we decided to give IDA another chance. I slid her back in place and he decided to try her out during the actual act of sex.

He turned on the rotation, which I still didn’t feel, got the vibration working then he slowly glided inside me.

I was hoping that with his cock inside, that would be enough pressure to push IDA onto my g-spot so I could feel the rotations but that was not the case. I tried to move her around so that maybe I could get the vibration on my clit but nothing worked.

Not A Complete Loss … Kind Of

“Do you feel anything different?” I asked, hoping that maybe this was really good for him so that the whole thing wasn’t a complete loss.

“Not really… kinda… Ok, yes” he said, “You feel good. Damn.”

I smiled and let him continue slowly fucking me until he found his orgasm.

He leaned down and kissed me. “Sorry, babe.” He said.

Frustrated and unsatisfied, I pulled IDA out. “That was dumb.” I sighed.

I watched him leave the room and then return. “I have something that isn’t,” he said pushing my favorite toy against my clit. “Let me help you.”

I closed my eyes and smiled, “Oh yes, please.”


Power Source: Rechargeable
Performance: Vibration and Rotation
Controls: Remote control with SenseMotion technology
Special Features: 100% Waterproof with Travel-lock mode
Vibrations Levels: 8 Stimulation modes (6 Standard & 2 Motion-Sensitive)

Ins: Interesting sensation for him.
Outs: Awkward to wear when not laying flat. Could not feel the rotations. Did not produce an orgasm.


Material: Silicone
Texture: Ultra smooth silicone
Safety Features: Body-safe silicone (5 out of 5 for body safety)
Colors: Deep Rose, Cerise, Black
Manufacturer: Lelo


Insertable Length: 3” long with a 1” wide shaft (This leaves room for a penis or dildo to also be inserted)
Cost: $199
Warranty: 1-year warranty, plus a 10-year quality guarantee

Overall Rating

**Based on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not so great and 10 being awesome.
Noise Level: 7
Performance Satisfaction: 4
Value for the Price: 1
Intensity Level: Her: 1 Him: 6
Overall Rating: 4

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