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LELO GIGI 2 Review

I got this new toy from LELO called the GIGI 2 and it’s fabulous! Marketed as a G-spot stimulator it is perfect for exploring your special little spot.

Now, before I go any further I think we need to have a little chat. Guys, this includes you.

Here are a few questions that are important to know the answer to when it comes, yes, pun intended, to the G-spot.

How much do you know about your G-spot?

Do you know you have one?

Have you found it on yourself?

Has your partner found it?

g spot location

The Gräfenberg Spot, more commonly known as the G-spot, is located about 1 to 3 inches inside, up the front, or anterior, of the vagina. It can be described as bean-shaped and feels a bit rough or ridged, like a soft walnut shell. When the G-spot is stimulated it can lead to strong, powerful orgasms and sometimes female ejaculation.

The G-spot has been studied by many researchers, physicians and sexologists and not all of them agree that it actually exists. Whatever! I know that it’s there and I like it stimulated.

The G-spot causes vaginal orgasms, which are different than clitoral orgasms. Vaginal orgasms are much more intense. If you have not had a vaginal orgasm, it’s time to do something about that and I think the Gigi 2 can help you.

First, I believe you need to explore your own body. Play with yourself, touch yourself, see if you can find it. Figure out what you like and how to arouse yourself — personally, I need to be really turned on for my G-spot to be engorged and ready for play. Stimulating your G-spot can help you experience a whole new kind of orgasm.

Then talk to your partner. I can find my G-spot on my own but it’s much better when stimulated by my husband. For me, the best way for him to find it is from behind and with his fingers so that he can hit it hard and fast.

And ladies, the orgasm that is produced. Well, let’s just say this girl will not be walking to the kitchen to make anyone any sandwiches.

I must admit, this is by far my favorite orgasm with him, but I’ve always struggled to produce this on my own until I tried the Gigi 2.

I need to pause right here and say, Wow!

I was at work one day when my husband texted me to say “You’ve got a package.” I rolled my eyes because I figured he was talking about his ‘package’. I have had his package for years and really wasn’t in the mood, but then the phone beeped with a picture.

A smile spread across my face, my GIGI 2 was here!

lelo gigi 2 with package

It had been a particularly bad day at work, and I NEEDED a good release.

Being the good man that he is, my husband told me he had plugged her in to charge. Toys that are rechargeable are the best and I love this feature on the Gigi 2. When I got home from work, she was ready and waiting for me. He sent the kids to bed and I scurried off to take a bath.

I quickly skimmed the directions to find what I was looking for – “water safe”. Gigi 2 can be completely submerged in water. Can I get a “hell yes”! I started the bath and tried to figure out how to turn her on.

For some reason, this is the part I struggle with. It’s probably because I don’t read directions very well and I just start pushing random buttons. The Gigi 2 is actually really easy to operate with 4 centrally located buttons. Two that control the intensity of the vibrations and 2 that control the variation of the vibration.

She is made from silky smooth silicone and has a curved shape with a flattened tip that is designed to directly massage the G-spot. There are 8 different vibration levels that vary in speed and intensity to produce an extremely orgasmic experience. The package also included some personal lubricant but since I was in the bath, it wasn’t required.

Once in my tub, I began to play. I turned her up to the medium-high setting and just let her rest on my clit. This allowed me to be very aroused and get my G-spot ready for play. Then I slid her in. Her smooth silicone glided in nicely. I would have liked a bit more girth but I soon forgot that as she began to work her magic.

I turned up the vibrations to the highest setting and pressed her against my G-spot. Then I leaned back and just let the pleasure wash over my body. To intensify things, I did move her in and out, hitting my G-spot hard, until I was fully satisfied.

Yes, the Lelo Gigi 2 made me one very happy girl!

My advice to you is to get to know your body, find your G-spot and learn what it takes to stimulate it. Whether a G-spot play is new to you or you’ve been enjoying vaginal orgasms for years, adding the Gigi 2 to the mix will make reaching those orgasms even more fun and enjoyable.

*If you do use her in the tub just make sure that it isn’t overfilled unless you enjoy mopping up the bathroom floor after your orgasm.

Gigi 2 Upgrades:

  • Softer Silicone
  • Fully Waterproof Design
  • 100% Increase in Power!

Gigi 2 Features:

  • Specifically Designed for G-spot Pleasure
  • 8 Sensational Modes
  • Fully Rechargeable
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Lockable – Perfect For Traveling
  • Fully Waterproof Design
  • Ultra-smooth FDA Approved Silicone
  • 1 Year LELO Warranty

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