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In the spirit of master artist Leonardo da Vinci, LELO’s ELISE vibe transformed me into the “Moaning Lisa:” The satisfied, half-cocked smile. The delicate positioning of my body. Unabashedly, I look straight at you with sated eyes.

I’m naked, still smiling and might for hundreds of years, just like the recently discovered nude Mona Lisa by da Vinci. This Mona Lisa in the buff is believed to be part of a series of Mona Lisa paintings. I always suspected Mona Lisa was sassy!

Receiving a new sex toy is a joyous occasion in my world. I opened the package from Eden Fantasys expectantly and pulled out a non-descript white box. Inside a gorgeous black gift box, embossed with the LELO logo, was my elegant LELO ELISE Vibe. White satin travel pouch and simple step-by-step instructions, replete with diagrams, included. Nice touch. Why risk confusion at playtime?

lelo elise box

Not only is ELISE pleasing to the eyes, she begs to be touched. A quick overview of the diagrams and instructions and I was ready to roll. — and moan, scream, arc, claw at the air, punch my pillow, stand on my hands or however else I damn well felt like expressing myself.

lelo elise package

Allured by ELISE’s gentle design, two purring pleasure points and five stimulation modes, I tenderly lubed her feel-good elegant femme contours (less friction, more fun, but remember – no silicone lube with ELISE) and sent her on her maiden voyage.

ELISE was surprisingly quiet. Beginning to satisfy my whims, I touched the vibe to my nipples lightly. Mmm. Breathing deeply, I ran her over my breasts, down to just below my navel and back up to my nipples. While ELISE couldn’t kiss me, her sensual smoothness and vibrant stimulation of my enthusiastic nipples were delicious.

I headed south with ELISE’s velvety smooth and slightly rounded peak, running her along my legs and up my inner thighs to tease myself. Yum.

Enjoying my sumptuous and silky arousal, I approached my clit slowly. Once I arrived, I happily “tormented” myself there as long as I could stand it. When the sensations intensified to the point of orgasm, I dialed ELISE down to “pleasure mode” so that I could linger a bit longer in that wet, pre-orgasmic kaleidoscope world.

I slipped ELISE inside me. With her soft curve for easy access to all those magical places, she fit my natural curves beautifully. I played with her different stimulation modes. ELISE felt wonderful sliding in and out; she revved my G-spot to wild. I was impressed.

lelo elise side view

Although I did not experience a G-spot orgasm on this first voyage, ELISE gave my clit wings to fly into vibrant, orgasmic delight. I gently bit my own lip while ELISE worked her magic. Like a tidal wave, I arrived with a roar. I was the Moaning Lisa, painted with ELISE as my brush! I plan to explore the G-possibilities with her again very soon.

In true da Vinci style, LELO understands the art, science and invention of sex toys. LELO also understands women. Grazie, LELO! Grazie mólto, bella ELISE! I’m thrilled to have yet another luxurious LELO toy to add to my collection.


  • Dual synchronized vibrating motors, double your pleasure!
  • Intuitive interface dial.
  • Controls are fully lockable, perfect for discreet travel.


  • No g-spot orgasm, I think ELISE and I shall meet again.


  • Nonporous, hypoallergenic and phthalate free silicone.
  • 8 1/4″ in length of which 5 1/4″ are insertable.
  • 3-hour charge equals 4 hours of play – yay!
  • Available in sweet plum or satin black.


  • 5 patterns of vibration.
  • Vibration speeds that vary from barely there to orgasmically intense.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Two independent motors, one at her base and the other at her tip.
  • Stimulation points can act in unison, or alternate intuitively.


  • Plush travel/storage pouch.
  • 1-year LELO warranty.
  • Detailed instruction manual.

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