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LELO BO Review – The Elegant Cock Ring

Oh yes, BO knows. How do partners in the mood for energized stimulation find a toy that pleasures them both simultaneously? BO knows. How does a penis, vibrator or dildo get even more sensational through intensified pleasure for all involved? BO knows. How do you prolong a rock hard erection that culminates in a riveting succession of body jolts? Oh yes, BO knows.

I had never tried a cock ring before. But as with a growing number of toys these days, they have come a long way in design, compactness, efficiency and body health. And I am always looking for palette-wetting options in couple toys that I can enjoy with my sexy sweetheart.

I saw the LELO BO at Babeland, touting its attributes of not only the pristine reputation of LELO, whose products I love, but also a smart design that finds the ring encased indiscretion right along with its charger, perfect for storage and traveling.

BO’s design is super user-friendly, with a simple slide interface to engage the hearty power supply, which is set to go for four saucy hours on just a one-hour charge.

So $79 later, I had my own LELO BO on schedule for delivery. It arrived in a rich looking burgundy box with LELO on top, a logo that is fast becoming a classic in the world of luxury sex toys.

lelo bo box

The two simple steps start with the lightweight, body safe silicone ring, generously stretchy to accommodate any girth, applied around the erect penis or around the whole package.

Next, the heartbeat, the power source that once on the ring, turns on. And turns you on. And then turns your partner on. And so on, and so on. Humming softly, LELO BO is ready to show you what he knows.

lelo bo package

Hubby and I work from home, which holds the benefit of ducking out now and then for a little afternoon delight (and if we’re lucky, some skyrockets in flight). With BO prepped on the sidelines, we took our time working our way into the yum zone. Kisses, caresses, and other various contact fueled some very delicious mutual arousal.

At full mast, he stretched the ring over his “mista” and balls, which he found neither time consuming or awkward. Sliding the power component onto the ring, his erection was amped up, meeting with our wholehearted gratitude to LELO. Nice, very nice!

With the vibrator centered on his balls, I indulged us both in a Popsicle treat for me, which he told me postcoitally was simply amazing with BO’s added stimulation. We were both ready for the main feature. He slid the power source due north and entered me, each thrust teasing my clit with BO’s vibration as it surrounded his penis with constant stimulation.

We mixed it up good, experimenting with BO’s effect on different positions. I always get a thrill out of trying toys with my man, and LELO BO treated us to a racy romp that left us both spent on the bed.

lelo bo side view

As a couples toy, the LELO BO did not do very much for me. The only position that made an impact was missionary, and even then, the contact time of the vibe to my clitoris was insufficient to rile me up.

However, if you are down with some titillating intermittent tease time, BO knows. In the male camp, it was love at first buzz. My hubby’s erection lasted longer, was much firmer, and his final thrust preceded multiple, uncontrollable spasms. Two thumbs and a penis up from the male reviewer at this session! As for me, next assignment: A solo flight with BO amping up one of my fave dildos or vibes.


  • Material – body safe silicone.
  • Charging Time – 1 hour for 4 hours of play.
  • Colors – An entrancing Deep Blue or very sexy Bordeaux Red.


  • Only one vibe level but surprisingly powerful.
  • Rechargeable.


  • Travel/storage case.
  • Charger/storage case combo.
  • Instructions.
  • One-year warranty.
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